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Web Conferencing Services

Adobe Connect, a web-based conferencing application, is now available through my.uen to all Utah Public K-12 educators. (View Adobe Connect / my.uen Quick Start Guide.)

Utah higher education or private institutions may elect to license this product on their own.

The Adobe product works on multiple platforms including mobile apps like iOS, Android and Blackberry.

Adobe Connect Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I use Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect is a full-featured web conferencing system that works on computers or mobile devices (iOS, Android, and Blackberry). Adobe Connect is easy to use and doesn’t require any client software downloads (uses Flash), so users can connect to meetings quickly and easily. Adobe Connect uses voice over IP for audio and allows for an unlimited number of high quality video streams in an event. Share your screen or other content easily using Adobe Connect, and your meetings can be recorded and played back later.

Why can't I use Adobe Connect at my institution?

Participation in the UEN licensing agreement for Adobe Connect is optional for higher education institutions. Since there are other conferencing options available through Canvas (such as Big Blue Button), not all institutions have chosen to participate in the UEN license agreement for Adobe Connect.


What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect is a full-featured web conferencing system that offers most of the functionality that Wimba Classroom offered, with a few exceptions. In addition to using a computer to connect to conferences, you can also use mobile apps (iOS, Android, or Blackberry) to participate in Adobe Connect meetings from a mobile device.

Adobe Connect does not require additional client software. Apps for mobile devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry) are available for free. It uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) for audio. Dial-in telephone access can also be provided (for an additional cost). You can have unlimited number of video streams in a meeting. The application is hosted by Adobe (self-hosted licensing option is also available for higher ed).


How do I use Adobe Connect?

You use Adobe Connect much like you used Wimba Classroom, either through my.uen (Public K-12) or Canvas (Higher Ed). Through my.uen, Adobe Connect is available through your personal page.

How do I get training to learn to use Adobe Connect?

Clarix Technologies (our Adobe value-added reseller) offers free training the first four Mondays of each month (registration required). UEN Professional Development offers additional training as well. For the basics of Adobe Connect, see the Adobe Connect/my.uen Quick Start Guide, the Adobe Connect Meeting Overview video (embedded above), and Managing Recordings in Adobe Connect.

Who do I contact if I have a question or problem?

Contact  the Utah Education Network (800-866-5852) if you have further questions or a problem with Adobe Connect.


Where can I find out more information about Adobe Connect?

There are several good resources available online for learning more about Adobe Connect. Here are some of them: