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Adobe Connect/my.uen Quick Start Guide

Every Public K-12 Utah Educator with a my.uen account with premium status is eligible to host an online meeting via Adobe Connect. These instructions demonstrate how to access Adobe Connect from your my.uen portal.

Launching Adobe Connect

You will enter your Adobe Connect meeting space as a meeting host from your my.uen portal (personal page). It’s very easy to connect:

  1. Log in to and go to your Personal Page.
  2. In the Services / Tools section, click on the Adobe Connect icon in the Premium Services column. This will sign you on to your Adobe Connect meeting space and launch your meeting.

The first time you access Adobe Connect, you will need to agree to the Adobe Connect Participant Terms of Use and other provisions.

Adobe Accept changes

After accepting the terms, Adobe Connect will open in your browser window or the Adobe Connect Add-in (if installed). This is your personal my.uen Adobe Connect virtual meeting space.

Inviting Others to Join Your Meeting

Other people will log in as guests to join your Adobe Connect meeting through a unique URL (similar to your my.uen URL). You can use this unique URL on a personal or school website or blog, your my.uen page, or invite participants via your e-mail client.

Your unique URL will look something like this:, where xxxxx is your my.uen id number.

You can get the exact URL for your Adobe Connect meeting by going to the Meeting menu, select Manage Access & Entry, then Invite Participants…

Guests may also use this URL to join your meeting from the Adobe Connect Mobile app available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.

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