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Managing Meeting Recordings in Adobe Connect

Did you know you can record and play back your Adobe Connect meetings? Recording your meetings is a breeze, but managing those recordings and making them available to others is a little bit more difficult. This guide will show you how.

Recording Your Meeting

Recording your meeting is pretty straightforward. After you’ve launched Adobe Connect through my.uen, go to the Meeting Menu, and select Record Meeting... 

The record meeting box appears, where you can enter a name and summary for your meeting recording.

Then a red dot appears on the right side of your Adobe Connect Meeting window, indicating that your meeting is being recorded. You can pause or stop the recording at any time as well.

To end your recording, click the red dot and select Stop Recording.

How to Access Your Meeting Recordings

When you are in your meeting, go to the Meeting menu and select Manage Meeting Information.

This will open up the Adobe Connect Central Portal, and you can navigate to the Recordings tab to see and manage all your Adobe Connect recordings.

Important Note:
If you are not automatically logged in to the Adobe Connect Central Portal, you will need to log in to my.uen and launch Adobe Connect from your default browser. This problem can occur if you’ve installed the Adobe Connect Add-In (required for screen sharing) and you log in to my.uen and launch Adobe Connect from a browser that is not your default browser.

By default all your recordings are private, so you need to check the box to the left of the recording name and click the Access Type button and change the radio button to Public for each recording that you want to make available to others. You can optionally set a passcode that viewers will need to enter before watching the recording.

By clicking on the name of the recording, you can see the URL that you can post on your website or my.uen page or send via e-mail so that others can access the recording. You can also do some simple editing of your recording from the Actions menu.

How to Save Your Recording as FLV

You can give people the URL to watch your recording directly, but if you want to save a local copy of the recording, you can do that too, in Flash Video (or FLV) format. To create an FLV file from your recording, open your Adobe Connect meeting and from the Meeting menu, select Manage Meeting Information. Then go to the Recordings tab and see a listing of your recordings. In the Actions column, you can click on Actions and select Make FLV. This will play your recording and allow you to save it as a FLV on your computer. You can use other software to convert the FLV to MP4, or you can import the FLV directly into Canvas as a Media item.