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I. Foundations of American Government I. Foundations of
American Government

II. Creation of
the Constitution

III. Formation of the Federal System

IV. Development of the Bill of Rights

V. What Does the Bill
of Rights Protect?

VI. Citizen's Role in Democracy

Teaching Strategies


Helpful Web Sites:

The Patriotic Post
Includes great links to primary documents relating to philosophical foundations of the Constitution and other historic documents.

Second Treatise of Government
This U.S.  Constitution page of this particular web site breaks down John Locke's Second Treatise of Government down into chapters. This is easier to navigate and look for Locke's opinions on a wide variety of  constitutional topics.

Text and Commentaries
The Library of Congress is a very helpful site. This particular page has links to annotated copies of the Constitution, historical  documents, and other documents from France and England that shaped the  U.S. Constitution.

In Search of Tocqueville's Democracy in America
Take the Alexis de Tocqueville Tour Exploring Democracy in America.

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