How big a conference is UETN Tech Summit?

Last year’s summit saw more than 300 participants representing about 122 organizations from K12, Higher Ed, Healthcare and IT Exhibitors.

Do presenters get free registration and/or other benefits?

Primary Presenters will have free registration with the same benefits as all regular attendees with the added benefits as follows:

  • Conference Staff Polo Shirt
  • Access to presenters lounge and conference logistics

Co-presenters will need to register and pay normal conference fees ($150) and will get the same benefits as all regular attendees as follows:

  • Entry to all Keynotes, Presentations, Workshops, Demos, and Trainings
  • Food: Breakfast, Drinks, snacks, and Lunch
  • Conference Swag (included in conference fees)

What if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel your UETN Technical Summit registration, you may do so for a full refund until May 17, 2020. If you are unable to attend the event, you may transfer your registration to someone else. Please send your cancellation and/or transfer requests to

What sorts of topics are of interest to UETN Tech Summit attendees and organizers?

Suggested Topics:

  • Safe UT: Developing Advancements in Utah Mental Health
  • Lessons Learned with DAS (campus cell Coverage)
  • Cellular Wireless right of ways on campus (Senate Bill #189)
  • e-911 Laws
  • Artificial Intelligence and Automation
  • Internet of Things issues in the Academic Enterprise
  • Cybersecurity: Minimum Viable Product
  • Agile Development Basics
  • Data Integration & API
  • Cloud Portable: Modularization of Apps and Platforms
  • Cloud Platform & Infrastructure options
  • Patch Cycle Planning
  • What you must know about Identity & Access Management
  • What ever happened with IPv6 anyways?
  • Google Chrome: Tuning under the hood
  • Student Success as a technology requirement
  • Principles of IT Strategy & Governance
  • Data-Enabled: Business Intelligence & Analytics to answer the big questions
  • Education Affordability through Technology
  • Principles of ITIL Change Management
  • IT Staffing & Organizational Models
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Disaster Recovery Strategies
  • Logging & Monitoring on a budget
  • Digital Transformation of Education
  • Blockchain: How it may affect the future of Education & life.
  • Drones: Coming to an airspace near you. (Practical, industrialized uses)
  • Extreme Management Center and Access Control
  • Palo Alto Firewall
  • Hyper-V including Hyper converged storage
  • Windows Server 2019 new features
  • Google Admin tips and tricks, tools beyond vault
  • AI - Ozobots and Spheros (Robotics in the Classroom)
  • VR Hardware Deployment
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Deployment and Maintenance
  • AutoCAD Deployment and Maintenance
  • Windows 10 Deployment
  • Windows 10 Policies
  • Windows 10 Security
  • Windows 10 Microsoft Store
  • Datacenter monitoring
  • Backup ... datacenter and clients
  • Latest classroom robotics and AI learning tools
  • Supporting Raspberry Pi and Arduino Devices in a Classroom
  • Supporting and Maintaining Blockchain Labs
  • Python and JavaScript teaching tools and classroom maintenance for them
  • Ekahau/NetScout
  • MDM Securly vs iBoss for Chromebooks
  • Fiber optic splicing (FOA training and certs)
  • Ubiquiti (UniFi Controller / UNMS)
  • Merging Physical vs Digital Security
  • eduroam - education wireless connectivity wherever you go

What length of presentations do you want?

Consideration will be made for:

  • Presentations - .5 to 1 hour
  • Workshops or trainings - 1 up to 3 hours
  • Operational demos - can be included in presentations and workshops or could be done separate for periods of .5 up to 2 hours