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Utah Curriculum Resources
Tenth Grade Core Curriculum

  Accounting I

  Advanced Business Web Page Design

  Apparel Design and Production I

  Apparel Design and Production II

  Business Law

  Business Web Page Design

  Child Development

  Comprehensive Counseling & Guidance Program

  Computer Technology I

  Computer Technology II

  Desktop Publishing I

  Digital Business Applications

  Digital Media I

  Educational Technology - (Grades 9-12)

  English Language Arts Grade 9-10

  Fashion Design Studio

  Food And Nutrition I

  Food And Nutrition II

  Food and Science

  Foundation of Technology

  Health Education II (9-12)

  Interior Design I

  Interior Design II

  Introduction to Communications Technology

  Introduction to Construction Technology

  Introduction to Manufacturing Technology

  Introduction to Transportation & Energy Technology

  Keyboarding Applications

  Life Management


  Project Lead The Way "Introduction to Engineering Design"

  Project Lead The Way "Principles of Engineering"

  Science - Biology

  Science - Chemistry

  Science - Earth Science

  Secondary Library Media (6-12)

  Social Studies - Geography for Life

  Social Studies - U.S. Government & Citizenship

  Social Studies - U. S. History II

  Social Studies - World Civilizations

  Standards for Technological Literacy - Grades 9-12

  Teen Living

  Textile Design Entrepreneurship

  Word Processing

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