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UEN's Bob Slater reaches 25 years of service
IVC Tier II Engineer, Bob Slater, was recently recognized for 25 years of service with Utah Education Network. The IVC staff was joined by Ray Timothy, UEN Executive Director, and Jim Stewart, UEN Tech Services Director, for a short presentation ceremony and lunch to mark the occasion. Bob is known throughout the state for his knowledge of the IVC system and his great customer service. Congratulations on this impressive milestone, Bob!

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2014 Events

The UEN IVC system continues to grow in number of sites and events broadcast over IVC. For the calendar year 2014, there were 36,515 events scheduled in the IVC system. This total is a combination of 2747 administrative meetings and 33,768 classes, in both Higher Ed and Public Ed. That is an average of over 3000 events every month, and over 700 events every week! Students all over the state are receiving quality classes thanks to the dedicated and skilled UEN IVC Community. A big Thank You to all the users and supporters of this important system in Utah. 

IVC Meetings for March 4, 2015

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