Distance Education
Bridging Distances
U of U’s Tanner Dance Arts in Education Long Distance Learning Dance Project
The UofU’s Tanner Dance Arts in Education is getting ready to start their second year of a long distance learning dance project between two 3rd grade classrooms. Learn More...

IVC Pulse
New Alias Search Feature

A new feature has been added to the "Contacts" and "Tools" sections of this Distance Ed web page; the Alias Search! By typing in the name of any UEN affiliated IVC site, you can get the 4 digit alias used to place an IVC call to that site. It is as easy as it can be. You don't even need to type in the full name; a partial name will bring up a list of results matching your entry. Let the Logistics team know if you have any questions. 

IVC Classes and Meetings for May 23, 2017

No meeting information available, please contact TSSC at 1-800-863-3496, option 1, option 1.
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