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Art Connection
art connection
Every week meet fascinating artists and hear their stories about how a hobby became a passion. Airs Sundays at 7:00 p.m on UEN-TV Channel 9.

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In Motion
7:00 PM on October 23, 2016
10:30 PM on October 26, 2016
1:00 AM on October 30, 2016

After years of working with the camera, artist David Hockney, creates a work that is referred to as “The Haiku” of chemical photography and is now experimenting with digital photography. Steve Gettle is a photographer who captures his love for wildlife and the wilderness in his images. Cassie Lackey, a senior in high school, shares her story of how her artistic adventures all began with a simple Christmas gift. And we meet Beau Bledsoe, a musician fascinated with music from the Iberian Peninsula.

Visual Sound
7:00 PM on October 30, 2016
10:30 PM on November 2, 2016
1:00 AM on November 6, 2016

Seventh generation Chimayo New Mexican weaver Irvin Trujillo shares the practices of his forefathers, while finding ways to carry the art of weaving into the modern age. “Bass Structures: The Mark of Sound” is a multi-dimensional art, music, and science experience that showcases the visual state of sound pioneered by artistic partners Emmanuel Fritz and Collin Schipper. Photographer Sarah Beth Ernhart captures the personalities of her client’s four-legged friends. And ceramicist and craftswoman Rachel Sevier incorporates natural beauty into her creations, transforming clay into detailed works of art.

7:00 PM on November 6, 2016
10:30 PM on November 9, 2016
1:00 AM on November 13, 2016

Meet Reno, Nevada artist, Michelle Lassaline, who combines painting, performance, and mask-making to inspire the childlike wonder in all of us. We take a look into the Hearst Tower in New York City, where architect, Lord Norman Foster and artist Richard Long, blended materials and styles to achieve a magnificent work environment. We meet the two musicians of the Portland based band, Heli Sequence, and we get a glimpse of their layered recording techniques. And we visit an interactive gallery created with an environmental twist.

Past Episodes

Stripes and Lines
We fall into artist Bryce Widom’s vibrant and mystical portraits he creates using chalk. We go inside the Museum of Modern Arts in New York City, for a look at the sculptures of Pablo Picasso. Artist Charlotte Belland creates a miniature herd of zebras to fill a dollhouse-sized gallery. And we tour the murals of downtown St. Petersburg, Florida and meet the artist behind the large-scale works that adorn building facades.

Artist Takeover
Meet Suzy Taylor, a Watch as a potter from New York creates ceramics that catch your eye from a distance and draw you in with their intricate and unique glazes. Visit downtown Reno, Nevada as local artists’ takeover and display a wide variety of sculptures. The Florida Brewing Company offers their walls to muralists to create unforgettable works of art. And artist Marlene Lewis creates paintings that reflect her fascination with color, form, and the human figure.

Meet Suzy Taylor, a Houston photographer who pushes the boundaries of reality with photography. Escaping violence and fear, CalArts dramatizes the traumatic, but hopeful journey of unaccompanied minors seeking a new life in the U.S. through a student production. Mateo Blanco, an opera singer turned artist, explains why he loves to create art that fascinates, but also tastes good. And we join the students from the Kansas City Art Institute as they come together to show their community how steamrollers can be used to create art.

Art Squared
Meet calculus teacher and artist Harriet Stone Evans, who believe her paintings can help students with math. New Mexico artist, Brandon Maldonado, shares old mythologies in new ways by communicating beyond the confines of spoken language through art. Ceramic and sculpture artist, Ernest Miller, hand alters his pieces and continually pushes himself to make the perfect ceramic pot. And we look at a rarely viewed collection of works from Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Eddie Adams.

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