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Capsaicin Addiction
Monday, January 23rd, 2017 at 8:30 p.m.
Can you develop a tolerance to spicy foods? Dr. Marco Tizzano once believed so, but as a chef and researcher in chemosensory sensations, he now understands the body’s chemical reactions to eating spicy foods. Serial entrepreneur and digital media executive, Brian Hecht, shares some tech startups that are moving fashion forward. We learn about the climate history on Mars. And cyber security experts explain the need for protecting ourselves from digital invaders.

Monday, January 30th, 2017 at 8:30 p.m.
We take a look at a new and innovative product that helps parents administer medicine to babies. We sit down with Sharon Abreu, the executive director of Irthlingsz Art-Based Environmental Education, to discuss her new project, The Climate Monologues. We dive into the software that helps estimate the likelihood of a man-made earthquake. And we learn how fireflies synchronize their flashing light patterns.

Amazing Pop-ups
Monday, February 6th, 2017 at 8:30 p.m.
We take a look at the science behind the mysterious fight or flight response of goosebumps. We look at the quest to understand our human genes and how and why indigenous and minority populations are underrepresented in gene research. A psychology professor encourages people to accept uncertainty. And we discover the great engineering feat that goes into creating the perfect popup book.

Past Episodes

Martian Surface
Meet the citizen scientists who are tracking the flight patterns of hundreds of American White Pelicans that are appearing in Washington’s Puget Sound. We discover how NASA is using augmented reality to train astronauts and explore the surface of Mars. We visit with an all-female group of engineering students who set out to design and build a hybrid racecar. And we check out a STEM fair for 6th graders based on the PBS math series, Cyberchase.

Let's Chat
We explore how tech companies are racing to offer the slickest, most efficient smart devices and digital assistants. Founder and publisher of CivSource, Bailey McCann discusses the future of fingerprinting technology. Join Dr. Katherine Luker as she works tirelessly to answer the question: What is breast cancer? And we uncover how proton therapy is a new, less invasive, way to combat cancer.

Turtle Talk
We travel back in time at an attraction in New Jersey that is helping visitors picture their backyards with the dinosaurs that used to inhabit them. Discover how a new device, goTenna, allows you to communicate even when you don’t have cell service. We see how geneticists and biotech researchers are working together to breed cattle without horns. And we tag along with researchers in Florida as they inspect Loggerhead Sea Turtle nests and learn why the nest numbers were so high in 2016.

Fat Bikes
Come along as we explore a new winter sport that is designed to adapt to climate change. We talk to a mechanical engineer and a physical therapist who teamed up to develop a device that makes it easier for stroke victims relearn to walk. We talk to the grandson of Charles Lindbergh who shares how he’s pioneering clean, quiet, sustainable flight. And we see how video games are helping patients cope with chronic pain.

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