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Learn to Draw!

Over 300 short videos to help students learn to draw basic objects.

You can view these titles and more by logging into eMedia and clicking on "New in eMedia".


Here's a quick look at what we're highlighting during October. To view these videos please login to eMedia.


Box Yourself - Pumpkin Head
Get ready for some cardboard boxing! Creativity guru Øistein will demonstrate how to make all kinds of cool stuff from big cardboard boxes. Have fun!


Digital Science Online: Earth's Rotation and Revolution
What causes day and night? Why do we have seasons? Through easy-to-understand animations, as well as live-action video footage, these difficult concepts are easily explained.

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Power Tips for Pros
Do you feel like a pro when it comes to using eMedia? Here are a few advanced tips, tricks and tools you might not have known about!

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