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Governor's Monthly News Conference
Governor's Monthly News Conference
"We want to be the best-performing education system in America and we're well on our way towards achieving that goal..." Governor Herbert
Crowd and the Cloud
Crowd and the Cloud
Discover the world of citizen science.  Mondays at 9:00 p.m. on UEN-TV.
More educational programming in eMedia
More educational programming in eMedia
Great news! Thanks to recent legislative decisions, all Utah teachers and students now have access to the media licensed by the Utah Instructional Media Consortium.

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Desert Speaks

Hummingbirds: from Desert to Jungle - Beginning in the Sonoran Desert and finishing in Ecuador's mountaintop preserve of Loma Alta, this episode examines the life of the hummingbird....

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Don Matteo

After he accidentally runs over a boy, Marshal becomes so guilt-ridden he goes day and night to the hospital to amuse him, Patch Adams style. When...

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On Native Ground: Youth Report

In Episode 7 we focus on strong women advocates. Mrs. Utah Globe speaks about her life quest, goals and a foundation that focuses on Women in Need. ...

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