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Empowering Secondary Students Through Media Making Challenges
Harness the power of media to foster learning
by Katie Blunt

Are you tired of traditional class projects that fail to engage your students? Embrace media projects as a way for students to explore content while developing creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills.

You might think, "But I'm not a digital media teacher," don't worry! PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs has developed a free resource called StoryMaker to help educators integrate media making challenges into any subject area. Consider these tips to utilize the full potential of StoryMaker challenges:


1. Tailor Challenges to Your Content

From social studies to math, the versatile media making challenges accommodate teachers across different curricula, all while fostering valuable cross-curricular collaboration.

2. Adapt Challenges to Your Timeline

StoryMaker offers flexible project timelines, allowing seamless integration into your curriculum.

3. Foster Civic Dialogue

Encourage students to explore perspectives on current events through the media making challenges, promoting critical thinking and empathy.

4. Customize Participation

Incorporate media making challenges as mandatory curriculum components or optional assignments, tailoring the experience to align with your students’ needs and interests.

5. Access Media Making Tutorials

If you're new to media production, StoryMaker offers tutorials to guide you through the process, ensuring that all students can create high-quality projects.


StoryMaker challenges allow students to meet curriculum standards while sharing their unique perspectives on important topics. By integrating media-making challenges into classrooms, students can transform learning experiences and develop 21st-century skills.


Watch the video below for a tour of StoryMaker:


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Dr. Katie Blunt is UEN's product manager for eMedia. She is a former 6th-grade teacher and Ed Tech Specialist and has earned numerous teaching endorsements. Katie is an accomplished singer and supportive aunt to numerous nieces and nephews.

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