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History and Inspiration

7:00 PM on August 14th, 2022
1:00 AM on August 21st, 2022

A short walk from the Utah State Capitol, a monument unveiled in 2020 commemorates 100 years of women paving a path toward inclusive voting rights. Katherine Kitterman, Historical Director, and Tiffany Greene, Historical Research Consultant, from Better Days 2020, reflect on the importance of the monument and the historical influence behind its unique design. The installation “Cuban Caricature and Culture: The Art of Massaguer” features the modernist works of caricaturist and publisher Conrado Walter Massaguer. We travel to Miami, Florida to stop by the show. We travel to Cincinnati, Ohio to meet artist Ahmad Darouich. Born in Syria, we hear about his journey to the united states and his passion for painting. The Battleborn Memorial in Carson City, Nevada pays tribute to Nevada’s fallen service members. We meet the artistic team behind the meaningful structure and find out more about its design.

Art and Joy

7:00 PM on August 21st, 2022
1:00 AM on August 28th, 2022

During the Covid-19 pandemic, over fifty artists in Reno, Nevada, collaborated on an uplifting song and music video for the city. We get a behind the scenes look at how this special project developed and the impact it's had. Louisiana Public Broadcasting’s educational puppet series “Ziggy’s Arts Adventure” explores the magical world of art. In each episode, viewers are taken on an exciting journey, learning important artistic and academic concepts. The Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus seeks to preserve the culture, music, and history of Ukraine. By sharing the bandura instrument with people across the globe, the group keeps the rich musical traditions of Ukraine alive.

Connecting with the Past

7:00 PM on August 28th, 2022
1:00 AM on September 4th, 2022

We tour the May-Stringer house, a four story, fourteen room historic home in Brooksville, florida. Built in the Victorian era, it is full of history and character. Founded in 1880 by artist Maria Longworth-Nichols, Rookwood Pottery Company was one of the first female-owned manufacturing companies in the country. Today, its team of dedicated artisans create unique art pottery and architectural tile. We travel to New Mexico to hear how photographer Stacia Spragg-Braude put together a portrait of a Navajo family. Through photography, the experiences of this family were documented, including the reintroduction of the churro sheep to their land.

Past Episodes

A Great Effort

With her large-scale pastel drawings, New York-based artist Zaria Forman documents the destructive effects of climate change. We meet the artist and find out how her visits to remote regions have inspired her work. We take a trip to the Chama Canyon wilderness in New Mexico to experience the “Monastery of Christ in the Desert.” designed by the architect and woodworker George Nakashima, we hear about the church’s construction. The exhibition “Queens of the Heartland” features thirty pioneering African American women who all had connections to Ohio. We travel to the state to learn how a curator and visual artist came together to tell the story of these important historical 

Celebration of Diversity

Will Wilson is a photographer. With his project “The Critical Indigenous Photographic Exchange,” he takes studio portraits of indigenous individuals using a historic process. Since 1999, Westcoast Black Theater Troupe has been highlighting African American history and experience. With their productions, the organization brings memorable theater to Sarasota, Florida. The Multicultural Mural is a cultural education and outreach project of the Moab Valley Multicultural Center in Utah. It is the result of 10 local artists and community volunteers that started in 2014 and was completed in 2017. This collaborative community project is designed to create an outdoor diversity classroom for people of all ages, languages and abilities.

New Opportunities

We travel to Oklahoma to meet Jason Wilson who is a painter of quilts. Inspired by the quilts his grandmother used to make, he rethinks and revives this traditional art form. Forest fire is a multi-sensory, inter-disciplinary exhibition that examines forest fires. Presenting the work of California writers and artists, the installation raises awareness and inspires a conversation about this growing issue. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Vulcan’s Forge Performing Arts Collaborative provides a space for artists with disabilities to express themselves, share their story, and have their work shown to the community. 

Artistic Path

Kids from Wisconsin is a training program for young adults interested in the performing arts. Since its founding, they have performed for over 10 million audience members across Wisconsin and the Midwest. We take a look back to when they celebrated their 50th anniversary. We learn about the art of the Ukrainian Easter Egg. Known as “Pysanka,” artists transform an egg into a canvas full of colorful, complex design. We take a trip to Ohio to learn more about this important cultural tradition. The exhibition “Cuban Pathways” tells the stories of those who traveled to and from Cuba over the last 500 years. Located at the Tampa Bay History Center in Florida, it explores the connection between Tampa and Cuba. 

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