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Art and Science

7:00 PM on December 5th, 2021
1:00 AM on December 12th, 2021

Every year during the holiday season, an origami holiday tree is displayed at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Volunteers from origami USA fold paper into a variety of inventive designs to decorate the tree. Jordan Wong, aka Wongface, is a graphic designer, illustrator, and artist. His artwork is full of imagination, whimsy, and movement. We travel to the Akron Art Museum in Ohio to view his outdoor exhibition “The 10,000 Things.” In Reno, Nevada, artist Kathryn Howard demonstrates how making soap is both an art and a science. She handcrafts one-of-a-kind bars of soap with care and attention. We meet watercolor artist Arthur Dillard. Based in Bradenton, Florida, we find out how he went from being an engineer to a professional artist who has exhibited across the country.


7:00 PM on December 12th, 2021
1:00 AM on December 19th, 2021

Jim Deyoung is the senior conservator at the Milwaukee Art Museum in Wisconsin. In his role, he preserves artwork from around the world, so that it can be appreciated for years to come. Formed in 1971, M Ensemble Company is the longest running African American professional theater company in Florida. They bring impactful stories to the stage for audiences. We visit the Peabody Essex Museum in Massachusetts to see an exhibit focused on women’s groundbreaking influence on fashion and design. We meet artist Lea Gray. Inspired by nature, she transforms paper into realistic, intricate sculptures of plants and flowers. We travel to the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Ohio to see an exhibition of her art.


7:00 PM on December 19th, 2021
1:00 AM on December 26th, 2021

In Ohio, the Bach Society of Dayton honors seven centuries of classical and contemporary music. This group of volunteer singers join together and embrace the power of song. The Solace Tree is a non-profit organization that provides a welcoming space for those struggling with grief. Art becomes a means of helping individuals share their feelings. The exhibit “New Industry Contemporary Visions of the Industrial” explores the industrial aesthetic. The show features artwork that reflects on mechanics and the urbanscape. Through her art and activism, Los-Angeles based photographer Dana Gluckstein highlights the indigenous persons living in our world.

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 The African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists, otherwise known as AfriCOBRA, was founded in 1968. We meet one of the co-founders of the movement, Wadsworth Jarrell. Gordon Campbell is an aerial photographer. From above, he captures the impressive landscapes of the eastern shore with his camera. In Utah, the exhibit “Up Close and Far Away” at the Springville Museum of Art allowed students to artistically reflect on their experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. We travel to the Florida Keys to see the sculpture “Red Nun.” Designed by multidisciplinary artist James Emerson, viewers are invited to step inside and become part of the artwork.


In Ohio, the Weavers Guild of Miami Valley is a nonprofit Organization that embraces handweaving, hand spinning, and the textile arts. At the University of New Mexico, the computer Program Art1 gave artists the opportunity to use technology to render works of art. One of these artists was Frederick Hammersley who made over 150 groundbreaking illustrations in this manner. We take a trip to Reno, Nevada to see how art is being incorporated into the commercial space. Businesses and artists are working together to bring art to the community. Responding to the covid-19 pandemic, artist Talle Bamazi created a series of paintings that visualize the virus and its effect on the world


With wood as her medium, Oklahoma-based artist Ebony Iman Dallas created the mural “Greenwood Imagine.” Based off a poem, the work imagines a world in which the 1921 Tulsa race massacre never happened. We meet the community of roller skaters in Tampa Bay, Florida. Each time they go around the rink, they dance to the music and show artistry in their movements. Since she was a teenager, artist Judy Holley has been practicing the art of quilt making. With skill and concentration, she renders colorful quilts rich with pattern and design. We visit “Monet and Boston: Lasting Impression” at the Museum of Fine Arts in Massachusetts. For the first time in 25 years, the museum exhibited its entire collection of Monet paintings.


In Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Repertory Theater’s professional training institute prepares the next generation of performers. The program gives local high school students the chance to work on their craft and express themselves. For Jennifer Angus, insects are her medium of choice. We visit St. Petersburg, Florida to get an inside look at an installation of her work. The Art Signals project in Reno, Nevada, gives artists the chance to transform ordinary signal boxes into works of art. We find out more about the project and see some of the lively designs. Each year at the Winter Star Party in the Florida Keys, astronomers gather together to photograph and gaze at the stars. 

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