CBRS/LTE Project

What is Private LTE/5G

Private LTE/5G is a local cellular network that includes cell radios and core services dedicated to supporting network access that is setup and managed by a organization that meets specific requirements for the organization.

It enables organizations to customize their networks for specific applications and services, optimize the network for low latency and management bandwidth without interference from the often-congested standard WiFI networks.


Our Vision of the CBRS/LTE Project -Vision
UETN will work with you, our K12, college, telehealth and library stakeholders to utilize CBRS and other Private LTE/5G radio technologies to help provide access for students and educators. We will also seek to identify and prove appropriate and highly meaningful use cases for private 5G and LTE services for the current sites in support of the education, and library communities.


Why Private LTE

Education is increasingly occurring on-line, anywhere and at any time. Whether it’s students learning at home or on the go, collaborating over video, or accessing cloud-hosted educational tools, education is now 24/7. Using private LTE can help ensure equitable school network access for students. Using Private LTE across a district is a cost-effective way to connect students, teachers and administrators to each other and school technology resources. Private LTE helps extends access across a wide area without incurring high data usage or infrastructure investment costs.

Map of Participating Sites