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Tech Tools to Enhance Effective Classroom Management
Incorporating Tech to Upgrade Your Classroom Dynamic
by Rob Bentley

Even the most seasoned teachers have struggled with classroom management at some point. Let’s explore some of the many tech tools available to help you create a positive and focused learning environment in your classroom!



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January 29, 2024

Where do you start when teaching students how to take notes? In this week’s Teacher Tip, Kayla Towner shares note-taking strategies for K-12 students, including using Microsoft OneNote and Canva templates to take these strategies online.

Better Discussions, Better Engagement

January 15, 2024

Discover the benefits of online discussions and how they can supercharge your lessons and create a dynamic learning environment for all students. From boosted engagement and deeper understanding to accessibility and inclusion, explore the advantages of incorporating online discussions into your teaching strategy.

Get Ready for UCET/UELMA 24 with UEN Tools

January 2, 2024

Utah Coalition for Educational Technology is excited to partner with UELMA, Utah’s librarian association, for an amazing 2024 conference. Join UEN, along with speakers from across the country, on March 19th-20th at the Salt Palace.