Distance Education

IVC Self-Test
UEN IVC has added a useful tool allowing end-users to self-test their video and audio connection. By dialing uetnivc@selfie.vc from the address bar of either the CMA client or on any IVC Codec, users can connect and test both their incoming and outgoing audio and video. Once connected to Selfie.vc, the user should be able to see and hear the pre-recorded message. For the return audio and video test, the system will prompt the user to read a phrase into the microphone, which will then be played back to ensure audio and video are being received at the far end. Go ahead and try it out! If you have any questions or encounter a problem, please contact the Operations Center at 800-863-3496 option 1.

IVC Classes and Meetings for January 21, 2019

No meeting information available, please contact TSSC at 1-800-863-3496, option 1, option 1.