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VOC Staff Spotlight: Kristen Bleazard

Kristen came into being at the U of U hospital. After that, she wandered through the Black Hills of South Dakota and West Valley, Utah.

There, she fell in love with space, mainly focused on space engineering and technology. Her growing interest with interstellar communication inspired her to shoot for the stars and get a tech degree. Her journey took her to SLCC, the U of U, and finally Weber State.

After graduating with a degree in Network Management Technology and a minor in Computer Science, she found out the U was hiring and applied for the position she is happily in now at UETN. Oh, and she has a cat named Chico De Gallo and there's an urban legend she once built a robot cat made of cardboard that was powered by a lemon. You'll have to ask her more about that one when you meet her.

IVC Classes and Meetings for June 14, 2024

No meeting information available, please contact TSSC at 1-800-863-3496, option 1, option 1.