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New Employee: Eric Sparkman

Like most people, Eric Sparkman was born. He was so mad about it, that for two years he barely spoke. Raised in Ogden Utah with brief relocations to Salt Lake City and Cape Canaveral Florida, where he saw multiple alligators and caught a shark. He is currently enrolled at Western Governors University, pursuing a degree in Software Development. When asked about Eric, his professors all responded with a glowing, “Who are you? Get out of my house!”

Eric enjoys spending his time with his wife and daughter, horror movies, video/board games, reading, Cajun food, and doomsday prepping an underground shipping container on the outskirts of Panguitch. Recently he has adopted a plant-based diet; not because he is against eating meat, but because he really hates plants.

Most evenings you can find him yelling at trees to, “get off his lawn”. Eric is very excited to be joining the UETN team and looks forward to microwaving Brussel sprouts in communal break rooms.

IVC Classes and Meetings for September 21, 2021

No meeting information available, please contact TSSC at 1-800-863-3496, option 1, option 1.