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Justin BrooksbyJustin Brooksby

justin [at] uen [dot] org (Email Justin )
My Web Page

Justin manages the professional development department for UEN. Justin began working at the University of Utah in 2005. Before joining UEN he was Associate Director for the University Guest House and Conference Center. His expertise is in learning strategies, technologies, business management and process improvement. He is passionate about using technology as a learning tool. Justin has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a Master of Education degree in Instructional Design and Educational Technology from the University of Utah.

Emma LangeEmma Lange
Administrative Assistant

emma [at] uen [dot] org (Email Emma )

Emma began work at the University of Minnesota in student services and when she moved to Utah, decided she enjoyed working with teachers so much she joined the team at UEN as an administrative assistant. She has a background in various areas including fashion, blogging, and music management, but education is her passion. Her Bachelors degree is in Communications and she is currently working on her Masters of Education in Educational Psychology at the University of Utah.



  • Create Online Educational Media
  • Effective Teaching with Visual Media
  • Online Tools for Flexible Formative Assessments
Rob BentleyRob Bentley

rob [at] uen [dot] org (Email Rob )
My Web Page

Rob specializes in multimedia projects and resources for the classroom. He focuses on how teachers can effectively use video, images, and other media to teach their students, and also how to get students creating exciting media of their own such as educational computer games, animations, mashups, comics, zooming presentations, infographics, and much more. Rob also teaches courses that help teachers learn the basics of computer usage. Previously Rob taught Spanish and language arts in Granite School District. His Bachelors degree is in Spanish education with an English minor, and he also holds a Masters in Instructional Design and Educational Technology from the University of Utah.


  • Cloud Classrooms with Chromebooks
  • Google for Educators
  • The Innovative Educator: Makerspaces
  • The Connected Educator: Develop your PLN

Jared CoviliJared Covili

jared [at] uen [dot] org (Email Jared )
My Web Page

Jared Covili specializes in teaching strategies for classroom integration of technology such as Google tools, geospatial learning, social media, and digital devices. Jared's background is in secondary education where he was a Language Arts teacher at the secondary level. Jared received his Bachelors degree in English and his Masters degree in Instructional Design and Educational Technology from the University of Utah.

Besides his work at UEN, Jared is also an adjunct faculty member of the College of Education at the University of Utah, where he teaches technology integration classes to undergraduate students. Jared served as the president of Utah Coalition for Educational Technology for 2011-2012 and currently serves on the UCET board, moderating #UTedChat and organizing Edcamp Utah. Jared is the author of Going Google and Classroom in the Cloud.


  • Community Mapping (CMaP) Workshop
  • Canvas for Online Learning
  • Project-based Learning: Transform your Class
  • Technology to Improve Student Research
  • Sparking Curiosity and Creativity Using Genius Hour

Jared FawsonJared Fawson

jfawson [at] uen [dot] org (Email Jared)
My Web Page

Jared Fawson combines innovation and practical application to help educators effectively integrate technology in the classroom. He holds a Bachelor’s in Social Science from the University of Utah and has eight years’ experience teaching at-risk students and seven as a Geography teacher and student government advisor. In 2013, Jared was honored with the Davis School District Technology Teacher of the Year Award and was also named Teacher of the Year by the Utah newspaper Standard Examiner.


  • College and Career Readiness with UtahFutures
  • Immersive Learning with Breakout EDU
  • Utah's Online Library: Research and Resources

Jami GardnerJami Gardner

jgardner [at] uen [dot] org (Email Jami )
My Web Page

Jami Gardner specializes in helping teachers effectively use the website. She has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Southern Utah University and was a Business and Financial Literacy teacher for three years serving at-risk students. Prior to teaching Jami was the Marketing Director for one of the largest credit unions in Utah and also ran her own online business.


  • Digital Photography in the Classroom
  • Engaging Online Learning with Canvas
  • Teaching Online

Michael HakkarinenMichael Hakkarinen

michael [at] uen [dot] org (Email Michael )
My Web Page

Michael Hakkarinen specializes in helping teachers engage students in the classroom with technology such as Mac Tools, Google Apps for Educators, iPads and more. He earned a Bachelor’s in English from the University of Maryland at College Park and a Master’s in Elementary Education at Mount Saint Mary’s University, where he also taught Instructional Technology at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He was a Technology Resource Teacher in Frederick County, Maryland, where he taught elementary school, and an EdTech for Canyons School District in Utah before joining the UEN PD team in 2014. He currently serves as an elected member of the UCET Board.


  • Creating Critical Thinkers Through Coding
  • Teaching and Learning with iPads
  • Utah's Online Library: Preschool & Elementary

Dani SloanShannon Ririe

shannon [at] uen [dot] org (Email Shannon )
My Web Page

Shannon specializes in classroom implementation of Chromebooks. She has a Bachelor's in Elementary Education and a Master's in Instructional Design and Education Technology.​ She most recently worked at Granite School District as a technology specialist and taught fifth grade for five years in Granite and Wasatch districts. Shannon is passionate about engaging students through technology and helping them develop critical thinking and problem solving skills through learning computer coding.


  • The Innovative Educator: Makerspaces
  • Utah's Online Library: Secondary Grades
  • Teaching Digital Citizenship

Dani SloanDani Sloan

dani [at] uen [dot] org (Email Dani )
My Web Page

Dani Sloan is a technology specialist with expertise in using social media in the classroom. She has a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Instructional Design and Educational Psychology from the University of Utah, where she is currently an Adjunct Instructor teaching technology integration to educators. Dani was a member of the organizing committee for Utah’s first EdCamp and is enthusiastic about sharing new online tools, using iPads and Chromebooks in classrooms, and learning to unplug at home.