Professional Development

Upcoming Events

  • EdCamp Utah
    FEB 03
    Edcamp Utah brings together educators from across Utah. Edcamp Utah is February 3, 2024, at TBD in Salt Lake, Utah

  • EdCamp St. George
    JAN 06
    EdCamp St. George brings EdCamp to the southern part of Utah. Edcamp St. George is on January 6, 2024, at Desert Hills Middle School.

  • UCET and UELMA 2024 Conference
    MAR 19-20
    UCET and UELMA are combining our conferences together this year and will take place on March 19 -20, 2024, at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City. 

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Teacher Tip: Screen Time: It’s About Quality
As educators, we often struggle with the question of screen time for our students. Instead of focusing on time limits, let's reframe our approach and focus on the quality of screen time. 
PDTV: Canvas for Elementary: A Flexible Learning Tool
Learn how Mary Wade, a 5th-grade teacher at Provost Elementary, uses Canvas for Elementary (C4E) to create a flexible learning environment that supports all students.
Teacher Tips: Time-Saving Tips for Finding Premade Teaching Resources
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in education, but many educators are unsure how to use it safely and effectively in the classroom. In this article, we'll discuss a few safe ways to...
Homeroom: What is Digital Equity?
To kick off the season, Matt and Dani turn to the community and educators to gather their definitions of digital equity. Join them as they uncover the diverse perspectives that shape our...
Teacher Tips: Time-Saving Tips for Finding Premade Teaching Resources
Finding time to make high-quality teaching resources can be challenging. In this tutorial, Katie Blunt demonstrates how to find engaging learning materials in an eMedia collection.