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Nearpod News: Navigating the New Teacher Dashboard

September 27, 2022
Kicking off the new season of UEN Nearpod News, instructor Jami Gardner walks us through how to navigate the new Nearpod teacher dashboard.
Adobe Spotlight: Adobe eMedia Hub

September 21, 2022
Learn how to navigate the new Adobe Hub, now available in eMedia! In this episode of Adobe Spotlight, Rob shows you how to access the different resources in this hub that can help you add creativity to your classroom.
Homeroom: Building Positive School Culture

September 15, 2022
Principal Robert McDaniel and Assistant Principal Aaron Bodell from Cyrpus High School share insight into how they’ve approached creating a positive school environment at Cyprus High School and how it’s helped their...
eMedia Update: USBE Parent Guides

September 14, 2022
In this eMedia update, host Katie Blunt walks us through the new Parent Guides available in the eMedia library. 
Homeroom: Creativity in Education with Adobe

September 1, 2022
In the first episode of the new UEN Homeroom season, hosts Matt and Dani are joined by a team of Adobe Creative Educators who are inspiring educators to reignite creativity in the classroom. 
Nearpod Summer Series: Nearpod in Your Specialty Classroom

August 24, 2022
 In this session, DLI teacher, Marty Chen, and Music teacher, Katie Ross, will show us how they’re using Nearpod in their specialty classrooms to engage and assess students!
Homeroom: The Science of Reading with Claire Son

August 23, 2022
Listen to learn about the science behind early childhood language development and get expert insight on how parents and educators can support young learners.
Nearpod Summer Series: Differentiation in Nearpod

August 5, 2022
Differentiating instruction is important to meet the needs of all learners. In this session, we will explore how Nearpod can help you easily differentiate lessons and provide data to help you make informed decisions.
Homeroom: The Power of Place with Nicole Walker

August 4, 2022
The Power of Place: In this episode of Summer Reading with UENLitFlix, Matt and Jenn are joined by author and professor Nicole Walker. 
Nearpod Summer Series: Google Add-On in Slides

July 28, 2022
Streamline lesson creation, enhance student participation and receive real-time formative assessments while using Nearpod and Google Slides.  
Homeroom: The Music of Words with Heidi Czerwiec

July 26, 2022
Join Matt and Jenn in a conversation with poet and essayist Heidi Czerwiec to discuss the crossover of literary elements into classic films. See how genre, form, and imagery offer a new perspective on film.
Nearpod Summer Series: Nearpodizing PD

July 21, 2022
 In this workshop, instructional leaders will explore the advantages of using Nearpod to engage educators and stakeholders. 
Homeroom: How History is Made with Cassie Clark

July 8, 2022
In this episode of Summer Reading with UEN LitFlix, Matt and Jenn are joined by Cassie Clark, a Public historian for the Utah Divison of History, sharing her expert knowledge on the importance of understanding how history is...
2022 Adobe Education Summit Live Virtual Conference

July 5, 2022
This July 26th-28th, discover hands-on activities to bring back to your classroom and receive a PD certificate for your attendance. Register now...
Nearpod Summer Series: What is Nearpod?

July 23, 2022
Are you curious about what Nearpod is and how it can enhance learning in your classroom? Come discover teaching with Nearpod while experiencing an interactive lesson.