Why School Technology Inventory Matters

A series highlighting how the use of technology in Utah classrooms has redesigned the way teachers teach, and students learn. The series is also a reminder why it’s important to complete this year’s digital technology inventory.

2021 2019

About the Utah Education and Telehealth Network:
UETN connects public schools, higher education, libraries, and health care institutions to a robust broadband network, tools, and resources. UETN serves more than 880,000 students, more than 73,000 educators, over 70 hospitals, community health centers and local health departments throughout Utah. In addition, the Utah Education and Telehealth Network operates public media station UEN-TV on behalf of the Utah State Board of Regents. For more information, please visit: uetn.org.

About Connected Nation:
Our mission is to improve lives by providing innovative solutions that expand access, adoption, and use of high-speed internet and its related technology to all people. Everyone belongs in a Connected Nation. Connected Nation works with consumers, local community leaders, states, technology providers, and foundations to develop and implement technology expansion programs with core competencies centered on a mission to improve digital inclusion for people and places previously underserved or overlooked. For more information, please visit: connectednation.org.