Nearpod is a student engagement platform available at not cost to all UEN k-12 schools. Additional add-on features are available for purchase.

Nearpod News: Collaborate with Think-Pair-Share
Enhance student collaboration with these Nearpod tips! In this episode, host Jami will show you how to utilize Nearpod features to enhance a Think-Pair-Share activity.

Featured Lesson

Featured Lessons are taken directly from Nearpod's library of ready-made content and are free for teachers throughout the state. Click the download button above to save the lesson to your Nearpod account.

Become Nearpod Certified

Nearpod Certified Educators
Are ed tech enthusiasts who love using Nearpod, want to connect with a global educator community, and receive special opportunities. NCEs are eligible for further PD with advanced badges available only to this community.


Nearpod PioNears
Are influencers in the ed tech community who represent Nearpod through speaking engagements at regional and national conferences, thought leadership, and advocacy.


Flocabulary Certified Educators
Are passionate teachers and administrators who have seen Flocabulary's impact, and want to further their professional development.


Get Your LEA Involved

UEN has a statewide agreement with Nearpod for their Student Engagement Platform with five optional add-on products. This exclusive discounted license is for K12 districts and schools.

How to Participate
Most LEAs have signed agreements and are participating.

To get your LEA involved:

Next Steps
After receiving your request:

  • UEN will send an agreement to the authorized LEA administrator.
  • Complete the agreement and return it to UEN.
  • Explore Nearpod training and support (listed above)