Instruction becomes interactive when using Nearpod! Start with lessons you already have and add interactive elements to engage and assess learners. Want to learn more about Nearpod? Catch a new episode of UEN Nearpod News every month for updates, ideas, and tips!

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Lesson Bundles: VR Field Trip

Take a Virtual Field Trip to amazing locations across the world with Nearpod VR. With over 500 pre-made VR lessons in Nearpod your students can explore the Grand Canyon, Egypt, the bottom of the ocean, historical sites, and more!

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Get Your LEA Involved

UEN has a statewide agreement with Nearpod for their Student Engagement Platform with five optional add-on products. This exclusive discounted license is for K12 districts and schools.

News Release
How to Participate
Most LEAs have signed agreements and are participating. To see if your LEA is participating click here.

To get your LEA involved:

Next Steps
After receiving your request:

  • UEN will send an agreement to the authorized LEA administrator.
  • Complete the agreement and return it to UEN.
  • Explore Nearpod training and support (listed above)