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Canvas for All

During the 2018 session the Utah legislature agreed to fund Canvas licensing costs for K-12 public schools as an ongoing appropriation. A one-time implementation fee of $2,500 will be assessed for LEAs that are new to Canvas.

How to Participate

All LEAs that would like to participate in the statewide Canvas License must complete this form. You will then be contacted by an Instructure representative. UEN will send a licensing agreement via DocuSign to the name and email address provided on the online form. The agreement will reflect enrollment numbers as indicated in the USBE enrollment data.

Canvas Support

The statewide agreement also includes at no extra cost to LEAs the Premium + Faculty Tier 1 support.

PREMIUM + Faculty Tier 1

Tier 1 Support Institutions provides Tier 1 helpdesk for students; Canvas provides Tier 1 for faculty and staff.
Contact Admins can call Canvas Support 24/7/365. Admins can escalate tickets to Canvas Support in Service Cloud. Faculty / staff users can contact Canvas Support directly by phone, live chat, or email / webform.
SLAS (80% within time shown) One hour for webform / email tickets; 60 seconds for phone calls; 120 seconds for live chat.
Number of Admins Three*

* More available at $500 / license / year

Implementation Timeline

After the licensing agreement has been signed UEN and Instructure will follow this implementation timeline.

Welcome to Adoption

Canvas Resources

Canvas Online Resources

InstructureCon Videos

BYU Independent Study Materials

BYU Independent Study materials are now in our Canvas Commons Consortium. These resources are available to all Utah K-12 public schools. Use this form to request access to the courses for your K-12 Institution.

The BYU High School Suite blended courses were designed for teachers as a digital resource that supports face-to-face classroom instruction for original credit. The blended set of courses is unique in its offering and value for Utah schools. These blended courses are authored, designed, and published by a Utah-based university and designed by Utah Certified Secondary education teachers and BYU Independent Study Instructional Designers to meet Utah’s Common Core curriculum standards. These courses are natively delivered in Canvas giving teachers a full course or modules that contain content, videos, assignments, quizzes, exams that are fully aligned to Utah State standards. Most courses are self-contained, not requiring an external textbook or other resources, so these courses become a complete solution. Every course is editable, so a teacher can adapt it to include their favorite assignments and activities without needing to create the content or assessment base for the course. The blended course offers teachers great flexibility on how they decide to use the course material. For example, teachers can assign students to study the course content and take the self-check quizzes in preparation for the classroom lesson, use the class time to work on the assignments or the teachers’ custom activities or projects, use the unit quizzes as formative assessments, and the midterm and final exams as summative assessments.

License and Rights
Use of this course and course material is limited to blended teacher-facilitated original credit courses in Utah only. The purpose of these resources is to support face-to-face classroom instruction for original credit for a cohort of students who begin, progress through and end a course together during an established academic time period. Reselling, re-distributing, sublicensing, reverse engineering, as well as the removal of this notice, is expressly prohibited. Use of this course for credit recovery or non-facilitated online instruction is also prohibited, but may be available through a separate license. To request such a license, email

Canvas Professional Development

UEN also has several online Canvas courses available for teacher development.  UEN also provides onsite teacher training for Canvas LMS at no cost to Utah public schools. It is suggested that for first time Canvas implementations that schools dedicate at least one day for teacher training. The training can be delivered in 1 entire day or broken down into 1 hour modules delivered in order over a span of time. To schedule UEN training please complete our online request form.

Module 1 - Intro to Canvas LMS (1 hour)
What is Canvas? And why are we using it? In this first session we cover all the benefits of using an LMS to complement and extend teaching that is already happening in the face to face environment. Specifically we will cover how teachers can harness the power of Canvas to make the use of instructional technology easier and more effective.

Module 2 - Intro to Creating Canvas Content (1 hour)
In this session participants will create their first Canvas course. Once a course is created we will focus on building a course framework and keeping it organized through the use of modules. This session will provide an introduction to Canvas tools including discussions and assignments and how to place them into modules.

Module 3 - Creating Digitally Engaging Content (1 hour)
Now that the basic course is built it's time to start adding pages and inserting content, files, and even multimedia. This session will focus on creating pages using the rich content editor and embedding content through the HTML interface.

Module 4 - Creating Digitally Engaging Activities (1 hour)
Once the new Canvas user is comfortable creating pages to share information with the online learner it's time to step it up a notch and start making activities that will allow students to create and share. First we will cover discussions in-depth where users can share ideas and converse at their own time and pace. Then we will dive into more detail on assignments where Canvas users can start uploading files, images, web links, and more to turn in for quick and easy paperless grading.

Module 5 - Assessing Student Learning (1 hour)
No more paper. No more hours of grading. No more Scantron. Canvas Quizzes virtually grade themselves allowing the teacher more time to teach while students get instant feedback. In this session we will focus on quizzes, surveys, speedgrader and rubrics.

Module 6 - Canvas Communication Tools (1 hour)
It's not "one more thing", it's "the thing"... to make communication between teachers, students, and even parents much easier. In this session we will talk about how to customize Canvas notifications to work best for you, and then review features like the Canvas Inbox and Calendar so that you can use just one tool, Canvas, to connect your learning community.

Additional modules can be requested once teachers have completed modules 1-6

Extension 1: Interior Decorating For Your Canvas Course (1 hour)
Learn how to decorate your Canvas Course with interactive features, tabs, menus, multimedia and more. In this session you'll learn how to engage your learners and simplify navigation within your Canvas course.

Extension 2: Master the Mastery Based Gradebook (1 hour)
Outcomes, Rubrics, and Standards - oh my! In this session we will walk step-by-step through the process of creating learning outcomes in Canvas that can then be used to quickly grade student work in SpeedGrader with easy to build rubrics that will then populate the Canvas Learning Mastery Gradebook.

Extension 3: Advanced Canvas (1 hour)
In this customizable advanced Canvas session we will cover new features available through recent Canvas updates like the New Gradebook, Mastery Paths, and more. Time will also be allotted for troubleshooting tips and for users to ask questions. This session will be for those who are already familiar with the LMS and are looking to further extend their knowledge of Canvas

Extension 4: Canvas and Google Integration (1 hour)
In this session learn how Canvas has improved its integration with Google Apps using a new LTI. This LTI makes it easier for teachers to include collaborations, content sharing, engaging course content, and assignment distribution directly within Canvas. The integration also makes it easy for students to collaborate with instructors and fellow students on individual or group assignments. This is a feature that must be turned on at the district level in Canvas.

Extension 5: BYU Independent Study Materials for Canvas (1 hour)
UEN has partnered with BYU Independent Study to provide over 100 complete Canvas high school courses to be used for blended classes. These courses are aligned to Utah Core standards and are free to all Utah public and charter schools. Participants will learn how to access and review course content. They will also learn how to modify courses to fit their own style, content and preferred activities. Teachers will also learn how to blend their class to take advantage of all available content, assignments and assessments.

Extension 6: Create Digitally Engaging Content Using Canvas LTI’s (1 hour)
In this extension participants will learn how to enrich their online courses with Canvas LTI’s. Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) allows third party learning applications to integrate with educational platforms like Canvas. Participants will learn how to connect favorite tools from Utah’s Online Library, Google, Nearpod, Microsoft, and more.

Extension 7: Gamify Your Canvas Course with Badgr (1 hour)
Learn how to integrate gaming elements into your Canvas courses to increase student engagement. Topics from creating badges with Badgr to inserting Easter Eggs, and taking discussions to the next level will help experienced Canvas instructors rethink their online teaching strategies.

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