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Canvas Corner: Grading Possibilities in Canvas
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to personalize your grading rubrics in Canvas to better suit your teaching and assessment needs.

Utah Canvas Usage Statistics

Get Your LEA Involved

During the 2018 session the Utah legislature agreed to fund Canvas licensing costs for K-12 public schools as an ongoing appropriation. A one-time implementation fee of $2,500 will be assessed for LEAs that are new to Canvas.

How to Participate

All LEAs that would like to participate in the statewide Canvas License must complete this form. You will then be contacted by an Instructure representative. UEN will send a licensing agreement via DocuSign to the name and email address provided on the online form. The agreement will reflect enrollment numbers as indicated in the USBE enrollment data.

Canvas Support

The statewide agreement also includes at no extra cost to LEAs the Premium + Faculty Tier 1 support.

PREMIUM + Faculty Tier 1

Tier 1 Support Institutions provides Tier 1 helpdesk for students; Canvas provides Tier 1 for faculty and staff.
Contact Admins can call Canvas Support 24/7/365. Admins can escalate tickets to Canvas Support in Service Cloud. Faculty / staff users can contact Canvas Support directly by phone, live chat, or email / webform.
SLAS (80% within time shown) One hour for webform / email tickets; 60 seconds for phone calls; 120 seconds for live chat.
Number of Admins Three*

* More available at $500 / license / year

Implementation Timeline

After the licensing agreement has been signed UEN and Instructure will follow this implementation timeline.

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