Helpful Tools For When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed
Feeling overwhelmed or in need of inspiration? Join UEN's Senior Technology Trainer, Matt Winters, as he shares tips and essential tools to support your classroom. 
Orange Shirt Day
September 30th is Orange Shirt Day in the US and Canada. Reflect on the history and impact of Canadian residential schools and US Indian Boarding Schools. Explore resources for teaching and learning about this day.
PDTV: Culture of Learning
Join us as we kick off a new season of UEN's PDTV! Host Katie Blunt travels to Midvale to meet Maxwell Eddington, an 8th-grade math teacher and Canyons School District's Teacher of the Year. 
Students in Focus: Tumbleweeds Festival for Kids Special
In this episode of Students in Focus, our host, Katie Neal, is accompanied by Ramona from the Utah Film Center to interview the finalists of the 2023 Tumbleweeds Film Competition for Kids. 


Discovery Road
Honor, Valor & Heritage - In this episode Discovery Road travels along the road in search of military history with connections to heritage along the highway 89 corridor in...


LIVE! Coverage of the Hatch Closing of the Soyuz MS-23 Spacecraft at the ISS
Coverage of the hatch closing of the Soyus MS-23 spacecraft at the International Space Station. Hatch closing scheduled at approx. 12:20 a.m. EDT.

NHK World-Japan

Newsline Asia 24