New Podcast: UEN's Homeroom
Check out our new podcast - UEN's Homeroom.  This podcast is UEN’s chance to tell your stories and talk about the issues impacting Utah’s amazing teachers.
BYU Independent Study Resources
UEN has partnered with BYU Independent Study to provide over 100 complete Canvas high school courses. To learn more watch this video.
Poetry Out Loud
If you are a 9th -12th grade student participate Poetry out Loud for for a chance to win a $20K scholarship! Sign up by January 31st. 
The Presidential Primary Sources Project
The Presidential Primary Sources Project is a free, interactive classroom videoconferencing program for grades 6-12. View schedule and register today.


Into The Book : Behind The Lesson
Visualizing - Behind the Lesson includes nine 10-minute professional development programs in which teachers demonstrate how they are using specific strategies...

MHz Worldview

Turkish for Beginners
Lena tries to figure out why she's jealous of Axel, and Yagmur punishes herself for inadvertantly eating pork. Directed by Oliver Schmitz, 2006.


Art Zone
Bronson and Kimmy create sponge paint art and add an oversized chair to their playhouse using recycled materials. Guest Sonny shares his art...

NHK World-Japan

Journeys In Japan
Rebekah Deep explores Hagi, Yamaguchi Pref., the town that gave rise to modern Japan. On this program, get to know the real Japan and discover useful...