Teacher Tip: Using Nearpod's Draw-It Tool for Formative Assessment
Want to improve formative assessments in your classroom? Learn how Nearpod’s “Draw-It” tool can elevate your assessments by encouraging student creativity and providing valuable insights into their learning progress.
Tumbleweeds Kids Film Competition
Last call for submissions for the 2nd annual Tumbleweeds Kids Film Competition for 2024! If you're a student in grades K-8 and have a passion for storytelling through film, this is your chance to shine.
2024 PBS KIDS Utah Annual Writers & Illustrators Contest
Students, K-6th grade grab your notepad, pencil, art supplies and let the creativity flow! The theme this year is “Our Water, Our Future.”
2023 Utah School Technology Report
Utah Education Network and Connected Nation Release the 2023 Utah School Technology Report. New report emphasizes why technology is a critical tool in all Utah public and charter schools.


Let's Learn
What's The Middle Sound In Walk? - Take a community walk, explore family culture and customs, read FLYING, learn about middle vowel sounds in words. LET'S LEARN helps children ages 3-8...


JPL and the Space Age: The Hunt for Space Rocks
"The Hunt for Space Rocks" chronicles JPL's pioneering work to understand asteroids and comets as part of NASA's larger effort to protect our planet...


Travel & Delights
In this episode, Chef Kelly is in Combani and the Kahani Forest, Mayotte, to revisit the "Pilao." For her revisit, she meets with Anouar, a farmer...

NHK World-Japan

Japanology Plus
Fresh insights into Japan. Stories behind Japanese life and culture through the eyes of Peter Barakan, a 45-year resident and watcher of Japan.