Sept. 17-23: Constitution Week
Explore UEN's growing library of Constitution related resources.  You will find web sites, books, videos, lesson plans and more.
New Podcast: UEN's Homeroom
Check out our new podcast - UEN's Homeroom.  This podcast is UEN’s chance to tell your stories and talk about the issues impacting Utah’s amazing teachers.
September is Attendance Awareness Month
Governor Herbert declared September as Attendance Awareness Month. Visit Attend Today Achieve Tomorrow for information and tools.
Easy Access to UEN Resources
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Curiosity Quest Goes Green
Weights and Measures - Have you ever wondered how we can be sure that grocery store scales and gas station meters can always be correct? Find out on this in depth episode...

MHz Worldview

The Georges Simenon Mysteries
A quiet couple in a small town near Orleans is overwhelmed when a young English girl who was hosted in their house is found dead after being...


Tiga Talk
Tiga the wolf pup, Gertie the Gopher and Gavin the Goose are stuffed toys who live with Jodie and Jason, their Dad and Grandmother Kokum. The toys...