November Native American Heritage Month
Celebrate diverse cultures, traditions, and histories and acknowledge the contributions of Native people. Learn more about the culture by watching UEN-TV Channel 9.3!
The Changing Classroom in Utah: Technology in Weber School District – From Chalkboards to Chromebook
Just how are students and teachers leveraging technology in Utah’s classrooms? We take you inside one Weber County school to show you.
Students can broaden their perspectives on Thanksgiving with these resources.
New Podcast Episode - UEN Homeroom
Kerri Hopkins and Anne Dibble from the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program discuss how all teachers can bring more of the arts into their classrooms.


Getting to Know The Elements of Art
Color In Art - This entertaining program covers basic information about color in art for early elementary students. The colors of the world around us, the use of...

MHz Worldview

Scent of Rain in the Balkans
Riki goes into hiding as a Serbian peasant, and Blanki and Marko find out that Belgrade wasn't as safe as they thought. Directed by Ljubisa...


Wapos Bay
After watching a movie marathon of old detective films, Talon, T-Bear, Devon and Mushom try to solve the mystery of Raven's missing art piece,...

NHK World-Japan

NHK Newsline
NHK WORLD-JAPAN's flagship hourly news program delivers the latest world news, business and weather, with a focus on Japan and the rest of Asia.