Faraday Lectures
It’s a tradition to ring in Christmas with a bang – well, at least in the University of Utah chemistry department. Come see the power of chemistry. 
Utah Studies: Primary Source Sets
Our Past Their Present offers primary source sets on Utah history topics such as Japanese Internment and Women during World War II.  Created by the Utah Division of...
CPB Spotlight – KUEN
As part of its American Graduate: Getting to Work project, KUEN launched two multi-platform campaigns to help more Utahns make well-informed decisions about education and...
Dec. 14: Annual Food and Clothing Drive
Bring food and warmth to the cold and hungry. Drop off food, coats and gloves to the Eccles Broadcast Center, 101 Wasatch Drive,  - a project of UETN, KUED and KUER.


Prohibition: Wet Vs. Dry
From the days of early settlement in the late 1800s, the struggle between the "Drys" -- those who sought to ban alcohol -- and the "Wets" -- those...

MHz Worldview

Italy as a peninsula of health and wellness, a visit to Sardinia, sports and wellness in the Sicilian islands and adventures in the mountains of...


Sharing Circle
Incan prophecy foretells of a day when the condor of the South and the eagle of the North will fly together and spirit will descend on the land once...


Science View
Initiatives to produce electricity using hot spring water as well as sea water are beginning across the country. We'll look at the technology called...