UETN Field Engineer Dies from COVID-19
Ron Titcomb, 62, extended educational access to rural communities
UEN Contracts with Zoom
Utah educators can get licenses for Zoom or Webex thanks to a 5-year agreement between UEN and these providers.
PDTV: Canvas Templates
On this virtual episode, Jared Fawson explains to viewers how using Canvas templates makes customizing your Canvas page easier than ever!  
Online Coaching Tool
On-demand coaching to answer your questions at any education level. Chat with an EdTech coach from 3 - 9 p.m. daily.


Quilting Arts
Loosen Up! - Let go of preconceived ideas and get ready to play! Meet Sherri Lipman McCauley as she demonstrates her flinging paint technique, plus how to apply...


Wapos Bay
When Raven has to write a school report about her identity, she gets more and more confused when everyone tells her different stories. Talon and...

NHK World-Japan

Ukiyoe Edo-Life(4)
It's late at night, when all are fast asleep. A young man and woman huddle together along the veranda outside of a house, attending to a . .....