NHMU Polar DinoFest
This year in conjunction with the HHMU's special exhibition, Antarctic Dinosaurs, the fan-favorite festival will be hosted online over ten weeks to explore the world of Polar Dinosaurs!
New Episode of UEN Homeroom
Rachael Larkin, an AVID teacher from Matheson Jr. High dropped by to discuss helping our students to set goals for their academic and personal lives.
2021 Video Competitions
UEN has partnered with Next Vista for Learning in supporting their 2021 video contests. Using digital video, students and teachers can share stories of service and more. Final Deadline:...
Murray School District’s LTE project
Murray School District and UEN collaborate to bring high speed connnections to all students.


Career Decisions: Nutrition/Dietetics: Professor Ex Interviews
Jessica Torro - Ms. Torro got her Masters degree in Nutritional Sciences at Florida International University and works as a community facilitator and instructor at...


Coyote's Crazy Smart Science Show
Professor Shawn Desaulniers says numbers are everywhere; can you solve a Rubik's' cube?

NHK World-Japan

Tokyo Eye 2020
Must-see Tokyo! Be like a local as you journey through this amazing city. Great food, unique shopping, plus the best and latest things to see and do.