Sign Up Today: Civics and Character Education Conference
Utah educators are invited to participate in a June 26th conference that will give you the skills and tools to deliver civic learning outcomes for your students. Learn more...
April 16-20: Week of the Young Child
Visit Preschool Pioneer to find resources and activities to do with young children each day as you celebrate this special week.
April 22: Earth Day
Celebrate Earth Day with these educational web sites, classroom activities, television programs, videos, lesson plans and more ...
April 22: Vision of Virtue
Watch Art Connection on UEN-TV Sunday, April 22nd at 7pm to discover how a University of Utah professor is showcasing the complexities of faith on stage. 


Investigating The Living World: Cells
This fascinating program explores the smallest, but most important units of life – cells. It begins by highlighting the cell theory, including...

MHz Worldview

Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter
Annika reports on the strange case of a young female police officer who’s accused of killing her husband and hiding their young son. Directed...


Art Zone
Bronson and Kimmy create pot holders and add a boombox and TV to their playhouse using recycled materials. Guest Sharday shares her beadwork with...