Creative Spark 2024 Video Contest
Lights, camera, action! It's time to show off the learning happening in your classroom with the NextVisa Video Contest. Don't miss out! Submissions are due in December.
UOSL Update: Explore the New Resources
New learning adventures await with Utah's Online School Library’s access to Sora, SIRS Discover and more! Check out the latest additions.
2024 UETN Tech Summit
On June 19–20, UETN hosted its annual Tech Summit, a gathering of information technology professionals. The conference, attended by more than 400 people, had three keynote speakers, more than 60 presentations and more than 30 exhibitors. 
Finance in the Classroom
A comprehensive suite of resources designed to help bring financial literacy to life in the classroom including lesson plans that support the Utah General Financial Literacy strands and standards.


1000 Days for the Planet
The Arctic: The Sinking of Traditions - A voyage through breathtaking images in the depths of the Arctic! Jean Lemire and the SEDNA IV crew return to the Arctic to document the devastating...


Hubble Detects Farthest Star Ever Seen
Join NASA scientists live to learn more about a new broken record from Hubble- the farthest star ever seen! We'll discuss how Hubble made this major...


Seasoned with Spirit
The people of the Yurok tribe live off the bounty of the Pacific Coast on the banks of California's Klamath River, harvesting salmon, shellfish,...

NHK World-Japan

Navigating Disasters
Japan's experience of numerous major earthquakes has advanced its disaster prevention research. What is needed in times of emergency? Japan's...