Some Good Education News Episode 6
In episode 6 we shift our view to higher education! Host Katie Blunt sits down with four student body presidents to find out what it’s been like to lead during the past year.
New Episode of UEN Homeroom
Dr. Nora Wood, distinguished faculty for the LEAP program at the University of Utah, focuses on helping students find a learning community that works for them.
In the Field with UEN-TV
UEN Producers share their insights with your K-12 or Higher Education students via virtual workshops, presentations and more.
Local Content and Service Report
UETN celebrates a year of serving our community in our annual report.


Ocean Vet
Galapagos Shark - Neil and the team are on an emergency call to capture and release a sick Galapagos shark from the Bermuda aquarium. They risk their lives to...


Future History
Kris Nahrgang, and Sarain Carson Fox share their personal origin stories. After visiting Traditional Teacher Isaac Murdoch at Nimkii Aazhbikoong...

NHK World-Japan

3/11-The Tsunami The First Year
After a mega-tsunami hit Japan in 2011, survivors who'd lost everything struggled to recover. Follow their year-long effort after the catastrophe...