Public Library Partners

In partnership with the Utah State Library Division (USL) and with input from library partners, UEN provides network connectivity and resources to benefit patrons and local communities.

Network Services for Utah Public Libraries

UEN supplies a range of technical and administrative services to help public libraries connect securely and more affordably. Contact us for details.

UEN Connectivity
Public libraries throughout Utah connect to the internet through our world-class network (shown in the linked map), often with cost savings and service through local providers.
Public libraries and other community sites may easily add this international service for students, researchers and others with UEN’s guidance and support.
UEN coordinates applications for reimbursement from all eligible participants in the federal program, Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism (E-Rate). Contact UEN by August 15 each year to participate in this program.
UEN Network Operations Center (NOC)
Internet connections for the UEN network are monitored 24/7 for performance and security, and help is always available at no charge to our partner sites.
Content Filtering
While no solution is guaranteed to block all unsuitable websites and cyberattacks, UEN licenses filtering software for sites on our network to make online learning safer.


Additional Resources

Preschool Path
Young learners and their adults can find ad-free online content to make learning and growing fun.
Ed Tech Training for Library Staff
UEN’s award-winning instructors provide online and in-person training free of charge to library staff. Browse the course catalog or contact UEN Professional Development to discuss your needs.
UEN LitFlix
Designed with our public library partners, this UEN-TV program promotes patron engagement with resources for book displays and more.
UEN’s round-the-clock television content for lifelong learners is available by antenna, cable or satellite via a statewide system. Find viewing options for your county here.
The UEN App
Explore content, share stories and watch programs from UEN’s television channels from your mobile device. The app is free to use and ad-free.
Access more than 20,000 non-commercial videos, images and audio files, including open education resources (OER). Explore eMedia Hubs to find resources, join a group and collaborate.
Utah’s Online School Library
Helping a Utah student with a homework task? This online library includes resources that might be different from those in the Utah Online Library.
Educational Software
UEN licenses software for learning, including several for public library patrons. These include Digital Science Library and the EBSCO, Gale, Proquest and World Book research databases.