Network Services Filtering


Internet access brings extraordinary educational resources to schools, but it can also expose minors to inappropriate content. While no solution is guaranteed to block all unsuitable websites and cyberattacks, UETN offers filtering software to make online learning safer for students and teachers. This document describes how school districts and K-12 teachers can work with UETN to keep students safe while enjoying the benefits of the internet.


Internet Filtering, also known as Internet Content Management, protects devices from accessing unwanted material such as viruses, pornography or advertising. Schools and libraries are required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) to have measures in place that protect minors by blocking content that is not age-appropriate or while allowing adults to un-block restricted content.


    1. The dynamic nature of the internet means no filtering solution can be 100% effective. Utah educators must take the initiative to:
      • Allow Internet access only to those students who have signed the District Acceptable Use Policy.
      • Take time to review and discuss the details of the District Acceptable Use Policy with each student.
      • Always monitor and supervise students who are accessing the Internet.
      • Educate parents, community members and other stakeholders about the challenges that Internet Filtering entails.
    2. Teachers and librarians are encouraged to help children safely find the information and resources they need by using UEN resources such as Utah's Online Library, avoiding commercial search engines, and teaching students to evaluate online information by identifying and analyzing its author and source.

    3. Educators should contact their district technology department if a relevant educational website is found to be blocked or a website that should be blocked is discovered.

Questions: UETN Operations Center at 800-863-3496 or 801-585-7440.