eMedia is a digital library of educational resources created specifically for Utah educators. Explore, create, and collaborate with educators around the state to improve curriculum.

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Get started with eMedia Hubs today! Our local eMedia expert, Katie Blunt, shows us how different hubs can suit your needs.

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eMedia Account

The eMedia library includes open and licensed content. eMedia also allows users to create and collaborate. In order to access all these resources and tools, you must have a premium eMedia account. This account is free for all active educators and uses the same login as your my.uen account. If you have difficulty logging in to eMedia, please try one of the following solutions:

Get an Account:

  • If you are an active educator but do not have a my.uen account, log in to my.uen.org and create an account using your educator email address (your district email).

Unable to login:

  • If you are an active educator and you already have a my.uen account but are unable to successfully log in to eMedia, log in to my.uen.org and update your email address to your current educator email address (your district email).

Need Help:

  • If you still have difficulty with your account, please contact eMedia support.


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