eMedia Update Playlist

Creating an eMedia Remix
Premiered: November 2021

In this eMedia update, Katie Blunt teaches us how to remix templates! Remixing means that you can find a resource you like and edit it to fit your classroom. Create your perfect lesson today!

November eMedia Featured:

Creating eMedia Web Resources
Premiered: October 2021

In this eMedia Update, Katie Blunt teaches us how to submit a web resource to eMedia. Web resources can be aligned to Utah curriculum standards but must be openly licensed.

October eMedia Featured:

Using the UEN Lesson Plan Template
Premiered: September 2021

UEN has a new and improved lesson plan builder! Building and remixing lesson plans is easier than ever with eMedia. Katie Blunt, PD Trainer and eMedia expert, shows us step-by-step how to use the new tool.

September eMedia Featured:

Creating Resources Using Open Author
Premiered: July 2021

Katie Blunt is back to teach us how to create your own Open Educational Resource through eMedia. These resources are easy to create, share and remix. Start building your resource today!

July eMedia Featured:

eMedia Hubs
Premiered: June 2021

Get started with eMedia Hubs today! Our local eMedia expert, Katie Blunt, shows us how different hubs can suit your needs.

June eMedia Featured:

Exploring eMedia Collections
Premiered: May 2021

In this eMedia tutorial, Katie Blunt helps you discover curated topics and popular content with eMedia collections. Find out how collections can be useful to you and your classroom!

May eMedia Featured:

Curating Resources
Premiered: March 2021

In this eMedia tutorial, Katie Blunt will guide you through saving resources directly to your computer or to a curated folder through eMedia.

March eMedia Featured:

Exploring the Search Tool
Premiered: February 2021

In this tutorial, Katie Blunt will guide you through exploring the more than 20,000 educational resources available in the eMedia library.

February eMedia Featured:

Reimagine Teaching Hub
Premiered: January 2021

UEN and partners created hundreds of resources with CARES Act funding, so fortunately we have created an eMedia hub where all Reimagine Teaching resources have been collected. Katie Blunt instructs you how to access the hub, how to add resources to your personal collection and more.

January eMedia Featured:


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