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Adobe’s Creative Suite provides Utah's grade 7-12 students and Faculty/staff access to Adobe tools. Want to learn more about Adobe? Return to this page often for updates, ideas and tips for using Adobe to add creativity to the classroom.

Adobe Spotlight: New Adobe Express Video Tools
In this tutorial, Rob guides you through Adobe Express' powerful yet easy-to-use video creation tools. Learn to seamlessly edit clips and images together into high-quality, engaging videos - no prior experience required! Whether you're looking to enhance classroom videos or support your students’ creative projects, this step-by-step Adobe Express walkthrough has you covered.

Get Your LEA Involved

Adobe Create UT, is for students in grades 7-12 and all Utah faculty/staff whose school or district has completed and returned a Participation Agreement with UETN. Learn more about Adobe Create UT. (Note: Licensing for Higher Education is under a separate agreement.) View a list of districts and schools with Participation Agreements...

School/District Participation

Onboarding begins with a signed Participation Agreement. Participating charter schools or districts should complete the Agreement Request Form listing the person authorized to sign an agreement on behalf of the district or charter school. A Participation Agreement will then be sent for electronic signatures.

Agreement Request Form
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Product Information

Take advantage of Adobe Creative Cloud through Create UT to get access to:

  • The desktop and mobile creative tools like Photoshop, InDesign, Rush, Capture, and many more
  • The ability to create, collaborate, and distribute engaging digital class projects, assignments, and presentations in print, on the web, as an app, and with video
  • In-app libraries full of easy to use “how to”'s
  • Easy to use digital storytelling apps (Spark Video, Spark Page, and Premiere Rush)
  • A learning portal filled with hours of free training tutorials that are short and to-the-point, so you can get to work and expand your ability to tell your story



Each participating institution will identify a local Adobe software administrator responsible for authorizing accounts and providing front-line support.

Onboarding Support 
Teacher Support 

For Adobe support all Teachers should contact their local School or District IT support teams. If your issue needs further troubleshooting your IT teams have access to Adobe Support.


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