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  • Leading Schools Summit
    JUNE 20-23
    UEN invites school leaders free of charge to participate in this unique professional learning summit. Participants will be guided alongside their peers through a design-thinking process to work on self-selected problems of practice across three days. This year the Leading Schools Summit will take place in the Utah Silicon Slopes area on June 20-22, 2023.
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Katie Blunt takes you to the Utah Coalition for Educational Technology (UCET) conference, where she meets with some of the winners of the UCET Innovative Teaching Award.
Homeroom: Students from the American Indian Resource Center
Anisha Marion and Leonard Almero from the American Indian Resource Center discuss ways to support Native American learners in K-12 classrooms. From cultural sensitivity to awareness training,...
Adobe Spotlight: Adobe Animate from Audio
Get ready to take your school projects to the next level with the “animate from audio” tool in Adobe Express! In this step-by-step tutorial, Rob shows you how to turn a simple voice...
Canvas Corner: How to Float Images on Canvas Pages
In this Canvas Corner episode, Val shows how to use the HTML editor in Canvas to adjust images and improve the look of your courses easily.
PDTV: Critical Thinking
In this episode of UEN PDTV, host Katie Blunt travels to Launch High School in Iron County School District to visit English Language Arts teacher Cody Christensen and his students.

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