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  • What's New in Nearpod
    June 07
    No fluff, just awesomeness! I’ll show you all of the newest Nearpod features and a sneak peek of what’s coming before school starts in the Fall. Come join the fun!!


  • Edcamp Utah
    June 11
    An edcamp is a participant-driven conference - commonly referred to as an "unconference". Edcamps are designed to provide  FREE participant-driven professional development for K-12 educators.  Come join us for a fun day of learning!

  • What is Nearpod?
    June 21
    Are you curious about what Nearpod is and how it can enhance learning in your classroom? Come discover teaching with Nearpod while experiencing an interactive lesson. Participants will have a brief experience as a learner in Nearpod, learn how to log into their own account, know how to find the Nearpod Library of lessons, and add a lesson to their Library.  They will learn how to launch LIVE and Student-Paced lessons.  They will also discover how to find reports to review student learning.

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PDTV: Instructional Design with Nearpod
Katie Blunt is in Moab, Utah where she walks us through the importance of researching and strategizing to find the best ways to use educational technology tools in your classroom. Then, we see it in...
Homeroom: Oleander Initiative with Ray Matsumiya & Iman Al-Omari
Dani and Matt are joined by Ray Matsumiya and Iman Al-Omari from the Oleander Initiative. Listen to learn how they inspire peace education in the classroom by taking teachers from across the world to...
eMedia Update: Accessibility in eMedia
In this eMedia update, Katie Blunt walks us through the different accessibility tools offered on the eMedia site. We learn how to access resources with accessibility features and how to customize the...
Homeroom: Bright Spots in Math Education with McKell Withers and Greenwood Elementary Teachers
In this episode of UEN Homeroom, Dani and Matt are joined by ULEAD program director McKell Withers and the 6th grade teachers at Greenwood Elementary. Listen to learn more about the ULEAD education...
Adobe Spotlight: Level Up with Character Animator
In this episode of Adobe Spotlight, Rob demonstrates new features in Adobe Character Animator. Watch to learn more about the program's exciting possibilities for your classroom!

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