Professional Development

Upcoming Events

  • Adobe Create Utah Teacher Jam LIVE
    Jan 15-22
    Join high school teachers across the state of Utah in a real-time Creative Jam competition to learn how to create the most unique narrative story in 60 seconds! Use your phone, tablet, or laptop with Adobe Premiere Rush to easily tell narrative stories and create a project of your own. You will also learn all you need in order to host an Adobe School Jam for your students in 2020.

  • C-Forum
    Feb 07
    Join us for our C-Forum meeting this month. Our host will be the Washington School District and the Southwest Educational Development Center (SEDC). C-Forum helps Technology Trainers and Staff Developers across the state of Utah learn new concepts, share resources and network with colleagues.

  • 2020 Utah Rural Schools Conference
    JUL 08-10
    Professional educators from all over the State of Utah will gather at the Utah Rural Schools Association’s Annual Conference in Richfield, Utah July 8-10, 2020. This is the conference for dialogue, learning, and exploration of topics critical to districts, schools, and individuals dedicated to the education, development, and growth of students in Utah’s rural communities. Attendees will include district and school level administrators, teachers, and school-based mental health professionals in grades pre-K through 12.  All subject areas will be represented. We traditionally offer a varied conference in which the professional educator can find what they need to support their professional learning goals.

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UEN PDTV is on demand, YouTube hosted, streaming professional development for teachers in the state of Utah. These 10 minute episodes will focus on the latest tech tools and resources built around standards-based technology integration in the classroom. View all episodes on the UEN PDTV YouTube Channel or episodes are also available in UEN's eMedia.

On this episode Jami and Michael take us through the essentials of Adobe Rush, a video editing app. All Utah teachers have access to Adobe products and grades 7-12 have them in their schools. Learn more with UEN Professional Development!

UEN Homeroom

UEN Homeroom
Welcome to UEN Homeroom. This podcast is UEN’s chance to tell your stories and talk about the issues impacting Utah’s amazing teachers. We plan to feature educators and leaders from across the state of Utah in a fun and informative bi-monthly podcast.

This week Fernando break free from behind the mixing board, as he joins Jared to host our conversation on creativity. We welcome our special guest, Tacy Towbridge, Leader of Adobe's Global Education Programs. In our discussion we cover topics like: what does creativity look like in the classroom, how to help solve challenges using their personal creativity, and how Adobe tools can promote creativity for students.