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  • 15 Minutes to Mastery: Prevent Learning Loss with your Gale In Context Resources
    May 19
    Inspire and engage students over the summer so that they’re motivated, confident, and ready to tackle any learning challenge in the year ahead! With just a couple of clicks, you can use your Gale In Context resources to share trusted topic overviews, short videos, articles from top publications, and more to spark learners’ interest and encourage summer exploration of quality sources. In this webinar, we’ll explore how to quickly find information on trending topics, send it to students, and keep them interested in learning so that they’re prepared for the new school year.


  • Adult Book Club Support with Gale OneFile Resources
    June 08
    Book clubs promote a love of literature and critical thinking; why not help jump start discussion with in-depth literary criticism, author interviews, and more from your Gale OneFile resources? In this webinar, we’ll explore finding engaging content in two Gale periodical resources-- Gale General OneFile and Gale Academic OneFile. You'll learn how you can share this content with adult book club members to help strengthen discussion and gain new perspectives on book club selections.

  • 15 Minutes to Mastery: Summer Science Projects with Gale In Context: Science and Gale In Context: Mi
    June 10
    Engage kids with fun, educational science experiments this summer! Your access to Gale In Context: Science and Gale In Context: Middle School provides hands-on educational activities and real-world application of science whenever curiosity strikes. In this 15 minute session for librarians, educators and parents, we’ll explore how to find hundreds of experiments to support student learning over summer break and throughout the year!

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UEN PDTV is on demand, YouTube hosted, streaming professional development for teachers in the state of Utah. These 10 minute episodes will focus on the latest tech tools and resources built around standards-based technology integration in the classroom. View all episodes on the UEN PDTV YouTube Channel or episodes are also available in UEN's eMedia.

On this episode of UEN PDTV, Dani Sloan and Katie Garrett from UEN go through some tech tools that help maximize time and keep things organized. Even if you are into the old-school method of writing notes down, they have a tech tool for you!


UEN Homeroom

UEN Homeroom

Welcome to UEN Homeroom. This podcast is UEN’s chance to tell your stories and talk about the issues impacting Utah’s amazing teachers. We plan to feature educators and leaders from across the state of Utah in a fun and informative bi-monthly podcast.

On this episode of UEN Homeroom, Dani Sloan and Katie Blunt welcome past Homeroom guest, Dr. Darren Draper. Their conversation focuses on the lessons learned during the pandemic, how educators can implement those lessons moving forward and how this past year might have changed education for the better.