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The Utah Education Network, in collaboration with the Utah State Board of Education, has established a partnership with the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation to offer the research-based, job-embedded Leadership in Personalized and Digital Learning program for school leaders. Principals who complete this program are are eligible for Southern Utah University Credit and the Utah Education Technology Endorsement.

The Leadership in Personalized and Digital Learning (LPDL) program offers a job-embedded professional learning experience to prepare you to lead a personalized learning transition in your school. As a participant in the program you will have face-to-face and online opportunities to work with trained facilitators and other principals. This program goes deeper than traditional sit-and-get professional development because it:

You will be guided through a planning process to produce a road map for transforming your school: Program components include:
  • Developing a shared vision for personalized and digital learning
  • Leading an effective personalized and digital learning transformation
  • Building a strong teaching workforce
  • Fostering a school culture that supports personalized and digital learning

You should expect to spend at least one day per month working face-to-face with your colleagues and about four hours online before and after the session.

In reflecting on their experience in the North Carolina program, past participants have highlighted the following:

“All of the educators discussed the need for a culture that supported risk taking, mentioned the need for comprehensive, yet flexible, professional development in digital integration, and the need for more device access among students. So, we are really all fighting the same battles and can assist one another through collaborative efforts…”
“I have become reenergized by participating in the DLP and have been able to voice and reiterate our goals for a Digital Teaching and Learning environment to my staff and to our local Board of Education. I have become even more knowledgeable of how to successfully implement change and have been able to better communicate the steps necessary to accomplish this change…”

Participating facilitators will be prepared to deliver the following content:

Orientation: This session provides an overview to the program and course infrastructure, introduces a major data collection activity, and provides an opportunity for participants to introduce themselves.

Session 1: Knowing Your Why and Developing Your Vision
Topics include personalized learning models (competency-based, blended, etc), Leadership and an introspective look at yourself as a leader, establishing your needs and the needs of your schools, and identifying your allies

Session 2: Culture and Change Management
Topics include: Understanding culture, considering the culture in your school, leadership & culture interactions, leading change; framework for leading change in your school, engaging stakeholders

Session 3: Shifting Teaching and Learning
Topics include: personalized learning and teaching, supporting the whole student and all students (learner agency, SEL), the leader’s role in observing and evaluating

“Presenters were strategic, well planned and activities were things that I can immediately bring back to school. This was an awesome session! I’m excited about what lies ahead for my school and community.”
- Previous participant

Session 4: Human Capacity and Professional Learning
Topics include: elements of effective professional learning, digital learning competencies, examining your school’s professional learning, distributed leadership & coaching teachers, professional learning models

Session 5: Systems for Transforming to Personalized and Digital Learning
Topics include: technology & infrastructure, systems (human and technological), devices & approaches, rethinking current structures

Participation in Leadership in Personalized and Digital Learning will enable principals to:

The LPDL was developed by the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at NC State’s College of Education in collaboration with NCPAPA. Initial program development was funded by The Learning Accelerator.

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