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The Utah Education Network, in collaboration with the Utah State Board of Education, has established a partnership with the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation to offer the research-based, job-embedded Leadership in Blended and Digital Learning program for school leaders.

Orientation: providing an overview to the program and a needs assessment designed to be given at the school level to inform planning and action steps throughout the program

Session 1: Defining Blended Learning, this session explores and extends upon leadership research and various blended and digital learning models and definitions from leading sources in the field (Michael Fullan, The Christensen Institute, etc.)

Session 2: Creating a Culture for Blended Learning, with a focus on the important culture shifts for all stakeholders including activities around managing complex change (Knoster’s Model), engaging in critical conversations, and engaging stakeholders.

Session 3: Shifting Teaching and Learning, with a focus on the key changes in curriculum and instruction in a blended learning environment, including frameworks for instruction such as TPACK and SAMR, and other essential topics such as Digital Content and Tools.

Session 4: Supporting Teachers Through Professional Learning, with a focus on the competencies of a blended learning educator and professional learning models which draws on the ISTE and iNACOL standards and also explores various models of professional learning such as competency-based PD.

Session 5: Implementing and Sustaining Blended Learning, with a focus on the nuts and bolts of shifting to a blended learning model and implementation strategies. Topics include budget, space, technology & devices, communications, data, and evaluation.

Research-based curriculum and content that reflects the latest thinking and techniques from the field
Experienced professionals guide your learning and support your continued application of knowledge
Ongoing learning opportunities through webinar series, curated resources, and a dynamic facilitated online community
Hands-on professional learning that models blended and digital learning practice
National community of pioneering organizations and leaders implementing blended and digital learning
Receive an Educational Technology Endorsement and SUU/USBE credit that recognizes your professional growth and skills.

of respondents to the end of program survey rated the pilot program as having a positive effect in preparing them to lead a blended learning initiative and session feedback from the pilot program was overwhelmingly positive across the sessions

“It helped us start thinking about a way to begin the organization of this process. We have been conducting certain elements of BL in various classrooms with different degrees of personalization… but planning helped us become more concrete about our plan and vision. Also going over data from the survey helped us look at certain things we may need to address to make sure all staff are on the same page in particular with our school vision and its use of technology to assist in personalizing learning.”

“Not only did I learn a great deal about the different Blended Learning options, I learned how to go about changing the culture of my school to be more blended. Having other school leaders who were at different stages in the process to discuss and bounce ideas off of was very valuable. The networking experience and the knowledge of the leadership team was a great resource and not one that you get to have very often in school leadership.”


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