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Educational Technology Endorsement Program (ETEP)

Educators are increasingly expected to exhibit skills and knowledge of how to use technology to enhance student learning effectively. The UEN Educational Technology Endorsement Program is grounded in the ISTE Standards for Educators and the Utah Effective Teaching Standards. Educators completing the endorsement will have gained these skills and knowledge.

UEN offers three different paths to the EdTech endorsement including the Traditional Education Technology Endorsement, ISTE Teacher Certification, and the Leadership in Blended and Digital Learning Program. These endorsement programs are designed by UEN and approved by the Utah State Board of Education. Credit earned in the program can also be used for salary lane changes. Coursework can be applied toward a Master degree program from either Southern Utah University or the University of Utah.


Traditional Educational Technology Endorsement

The Traditional Technology Endorsement consists of 18 credit hours of coursework. The traditional endorsement will take at minimum one year to complete. Most participants complete the program in about two years. Courses can be taken in any order but must be completed within three years. The UEN-approved endorsement will only accept UEN courses listed below. UEN will not evaluate or approve courses from other organizations or districts.

To participate in the Traditional Educational Technology Endorsement

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Core Courses (Complete 3)

UEN Essentials (Complete 1)

Digital Citizenship (Complete 1)

Online & Blended Learning (Complete 1)

Digital Teaching and Learning (Complete 4)

Electives (Complete 2)

Conference Attendance


ISTE Certification for Educators

Educators who receive the ISTE Certification and complete a UEN Essentials course are eligible to receive the Educational Technology Endorsement. The ISTE Certification consists of attending a 2-day in-person class, completing a nine-week online course and submitting an ePortfolio to ISTE that is approved and certified. The ePortfolio is due within six months after the completion of the online portion. This path is more challenging than the traditional endorsement primarily due to the ePortfolio requirement. The ePortfolio consists of submitting 9-14 artifacts that provide evidence of competency in 24 indicators of the ISTE Standards for Educators.

To participate in the ISTE Certification for Educators, register for an upcoming class and complete one of the UEN Essentials courses.

ISTE Certification for Educators (Complete 1)

UEN Essentials (Complete 1)


Leadership in Personalized and Digital Learning

School principals can earn the Educational Technology Endorsement by completing the Leadership in Personalized and Digital Learning (LPDL) Program. The LPDL program will prepare principals to plan and implement personalized learning in their schools. It includes a five-session course with online and face-to face-components that will enable principals to experience personalized and digital learning firsthand.

Key questions that will be addressed include:

These questions and more will be explored through online resources, discussions, group activities, presentations, multimedia explorations and hands-on experience with technology tools used in personalizing learning.

Throughout the program, participants will be working on a Personalized and Digital Learning Road Map that will serve as a final product to help principals plan and implement the transition to personalized learning in their schools. At the completion of the course, participants will be supported by an ongoing community with other principals in their district and beyond who are implementing personalized learning innovations. For more information on the LPDL program, please visit


Continued Learning Paths

Continue your education after completing the Educational Technology Endorsement Program. Completion of the required core courses can count toward a Master’s degree from either Southern Utah University or the University of Utah.

Southern Utah University - Master of Education
SUU College of Education offers a Master of Education Degree. Coursework consists of 24 credit hours of core courses and 12 credit hours of elective courses. Completing the endorsement fulfills the elective course requirement for this SUU program. Note that hours must be transcribed as SUU credit.

University of Utah - Master of Instructional Design and Educational Technology
The Instructional Design and Educational Technology (IDET) program is offered by the Department of Educational Psychology at the U of U. The program’s Master in Education (M.Ed.) requires 30 semester hours.

The following courses fulfill core course requirements for the Traditional Educational Technology Endorsement and count toward a Master of Instructional Design and Educational Technology:


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University of Utah Educational Psychology
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Southern Utah University
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