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Making Technology-Aided Music with Your Students

May 21, 2024

Don't miss a beat - learn about 3 readily available tools making it easier for teachers to incorporate music into lessons!

End-of-Year Celebrations and Activities

May 7, 2024

Need a little help planning year-end celebrations? This article by Kayla Towner guides educators on creating unforgettable end-of-year activities, from choosing meaningful themes to selecting the right tools for virtual excursions, artistic projects and more.

Empowering Secondary Students Through Media Making Challenges

April 22, 2024

Tired of boring class projects? Try media projects to engage your students. PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs offers StoryMaker, a free resource for educators to integrate media-based challenges into any subject area. Learn more in this UEN Teacher Tip Article by Katie Blunt.

Fighting Mis, Dis and Mal Information

April 9, 2024

In our digital age, equipping students with information literacy is key to their future success. This article provides a quick guide to help you empower your students to navigate the complex information landscape, preparing them as critical thinkers.

Revolutionize Elementary Math

April 1, 2024

Nearpod is a must-have tool for elementary math education! Learn how to turn lessons into engaging and accessible experiences that captivate young learners with this UEN Teacher Tip.

Using Nearpod's Draw-It Tool for Formative Assessment

February 26, 2024

Want to improve formative assessments in your classroom? Learn how Nearpod’s “Draw-It” tool can elevate your assessments by encouraging student creativity and providing valuable insights into their learning progress.

Tech Tools to Enhance Effective Classroom Management

February 12, 2024

Even the most seasoned teachers have struggled with classroom management at some point. Let’s explore some of the many tech tools available to help you create a positive and focused learning environment in your classroom!

The Art of Note-Taking

January 29, 2024

Where do you start when teaching students how to take notes? In this week’s Teacher Tip, Kayla Towner shares note-taking strategies for K-12 students, including using Microsoft OneNote and Canva templates to take these strategies online.

Better Discussions, Better Engagement

January 15, 2024

Discover the benefits of online discussions and how they can supercharge your lessons and create a dynamic learning environment for all students. From boosted engagement and deeper understanding to accessibility and inclusion, explore the advantages of incorporating online discussions into your teaching strategy.

Get Ready for UCET/UELMA 24 with UEN Tools

January 2, 2024

Utah Coalition for Educational Technology is excited to partner with UELMA, Utah’s librarian association, for an amazing 2024 conference. Join UEN, along with speakers from across the country, on March 19th-20th at the Salt Palace.

UDL: Flexible Expression of Learning (and Instruction!)

December 18, 2023

Forget one-size-fits-all! In this article, you’ll learn how Canvas provides a variety of tools that enable both teachers and learners to access learning materials and demonstrate mastery in an engaging and truly personalized learning experience.

Utilizing Student-Generated Resource Banks

December 11, 2023

Have you ever been mid-lesson when a student who's been absent asks, "What did I miss?" Or maybe you see a few students struggling, wishing you had extra resources on hand. This article explores how Student-Generated Resource Banks can support all students, from those catching up to your high-achievers seeking extension opportunities.

Three Ways to Ensure All Students Have a Chance to Answer Content Area Questions

December 4, 2023

Research has shown that active student participation, such as engaging in class discussions, leads to improved learning outcomes compared to passive listening to lectures. In this article, we explore three effective strategies to ensure that all students have the opportunity to actively participate in class discussions and share their insights.

Five Tips for Embracing the Holidays in the Classroom

November 27, 2023

Celebrating holidays in the classroom can be an exciting and fun experience, albeit somewhat exhausting. In this article, Kayla Towner shares five tips for incorporating holiday celebrations into your classroom. Learn how to foster an inclusive learning environment, introduce students to new cultures and traditions and make your lessons engaging and educational throughout the school year.

Screen Time: It’s About Quality

November 20, 2023

As educators, we often struggle with the question of screen time for our students. Instead of focusing on time limits, let's reframe our approach and focus on the quality of screen time. High-quality screen time aligns with the 4 C's: creating, collaborating, critical thinking, and communication, by prioritizing these we can transform screen time from a passive activity into an enriching learning experience.

Safely Try Out AI Tools in Your Classroom

November 13, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in education, but many educators are unsure how to use it safely and effectively in the classroom. In this article, we'll discuss a few safe ways to explore large language models and generative AI tools using tools that may already exist in your classroom technology toolset.

Time-Saving Tips for Finding Premade Teaching Resources

November 6, 2023

Finding time to make high-quality teaching resources can be challenging. In this tutorial, Katie Blunt demonstrates how to find engaging learning materials in an eMedia collection. eMedia is a digital library that provides access to a wide range of educational resources, including videos, images, articles and more.

Grading Strategies and Reteach Opportunities

October 30, 2023

Looking for ways to streamline your grading and enhance your students' comprehension of their scores in Canvas? Join Val O’Bryan to learn a few tips for grading student work and providing substantive feedback.

Tips For Building a Supportive Classroom Culture

October 23, 2023

It's important to check in with our students regularly to see how they're doing and ensure that they're feeling supported. In this UEN Teacher Tip episode, Nicole Johnson shares four quick and easy check-in activities that you can use in your classroom to enhance student well-being and promote a positive classroom experience.

3 Surefire Ways To Increase Student Engagement

October 16, 2023

As we settle into the school year, it’s sometimes hard to keep students engaged. Luckily, Rob Bentley has some great ideas to keep students motivated. Join Rob as he explores educational games, animations and artificial intelligence.

How To Evaluate Online Sources To Find Credible Information

October 9, 2023

In this quick tutorial Kayla Towner shows you how to find and use Utah's Online School Library Nearpod Scavenger Hunts. These scavenger hunts are a fun and engaging way for students to learn about the different resources available in the library and how to evaluate them for credibility.

5 Tips To Talk About Digital Citizenship Every Day

October 2, 2023

Need ideas for talking about digital citizenship in your classroom? UEN Product Manager, Dani Sloan, suggests making it a daily practice. In this episode, learn five ways you can model digital citizenship every day.

Helpful Tools For When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

September 25, 2023

The first few weeks of school were always some of my favorite weeks of the year. The getting-back-to-school energy always made me so excited to be an educator! However, these weeks can also be overwhelming, especially for new teachers. There’s so much to do and plan, and finding time to create engaging lessons can be hard