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Tech Tools to Enhance Effective Classroom Management
Incorporating Tech to Upgrade Your Classroom Dynamic
by Rob Bentley

As educators, we've all experienced the classroom chaos before or after a holiday break. Creating a positive and focused learning environment is key, but it's easier said than done. Have you considered using technology as your digital classroom assistant?

Here are three tech tools that can make classroom management smoother and more enjoyable.

  • Adobe Express: Crafting the Perfect Seating Chart

A well-organized seating arrangement plays a significant role in boosting productivity in the classroom. With Adobe Express, specifically the Express Seating Chart template, you can design and customize your seating chart effortlessly. Drag and drop desks, add student names and soon you'll have a visually appealing seating arrangement tailored to your classroom dynamics. 

  • Bouncy Balls: Managing Noise Levels in Style

Loud classrooms can be a sign of active collaboration, but there are times when a quieter environment is essential. Enter BouncyBalls.org, an interactive tool that uses your device's microphone to visualize noise levels with bouncing balls. As noise levels rise, the balls bounce higher, providing a real-time visual cue for students to self-regulate. 

  • ClassroomScreen: Your All-in-One Classroom Management Hub

Having a reliable multi-functional platform can be a time saver. Fortunately, ClassroomScreen.com provides a wide range of classroom management tools right at your fingertips. You can explore display widgets like a timer, noise level meter (similar to Bouncy Balls) and even a random name picker on your screen. 

Check out the video below for a quick tutorial and get started using these tools today!


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Rob is the product manager behind Adobe’s educational solutions. He specializes in empowering teachers to harness the full potential of multimedia for effective instruction, while also nurturing students’ ability to create captivating educational content like computer games, animations, web pages and much more. Previously Rob taught Spanish and language arts in Granite School District.

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