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Teacher Tips Videos:

Three Ways to Ensure All Students Have a Chance to Answer Content Area Questions
Premiered: December 4, 2023

In this video, Rob Bentley shows us three effective strategies to ensure that all students have the opportunity to actively participate in class discussions and share their insights.

Five Tips for Embracing the Holidays in the Classroom
Premiered: November 27, 2023

Join Kayla Towner as she shares five tips for incorporating holiday celebrations into your classroom. Discover how to navigate school policies, introduce new holidays and foster inclusive learning experiences. Plus, gain valuable insights on selecting engaging activities and celebrating throughout the school year.

Screen Time: It’s About Quality
Premiered: November 20, 2023

Join Dani Sloan as she guides you through practical strategies to transform your students' screen time into a valuable tool for learning and growth. Discover how to foster creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and effective communication through engaging digital activities.

Safely Try Out AI Tools in Your Classroom
Premiered: November 13, 2023

In this UEN Teacher Tip, Matt Winters will show you how to explore large language models and generative AI tools in your classroom using tools you may already have. Learn how to use these powerful tools to create engaging and interactive learning experiences for your students.

Time-Saving Tips for Finding Premade Teaching Resources
Premiered: November 6, 2023

In this quick video tutorial, Katie Blunt will demonstrate how to search within an eMedia collection. eMedia is a digital library that provides access to a wide range of educational resources, including videos, images, articles and more.

Grading Strategies and Reteach Opportunities
Premiered: October 30, 2023

Looking for ways to streamline your grading and enhance your students' comprehension of their scores in Canvas? In this video, Val O’Bryan will guide you through the different feedback methods available in Canvas.

Tips For Building a Supportive Classroom Culture
Premiered: October 23, 2023

It's important to check in with our students regularly to see how they're doing and ensure that they're feeling supported. In this UEN Teacher Tip episode, Nicole Johnson shares four quick and easy check-in activities that you can use in your classroom to enhance student well-being and promote a positive classroom experience.

Text to Image In Adobe Express
Premiered: October 16, 2023

Increase student engagement with a new Adobe Express feature, Text to Image. In this episode of UEN Teacher Tips, Rob Bentley shows you how to create unique images using the built-in generative AI tools in Adobe Express and shares ideas for incorporating them into your presentations, language arts and world language classes

How to Evaluate Online Sources to Find Credible Information
Premiered: October 9, 2023

Teaching students how to evaluate online sources for credibility can be tricky, but it's essential for success in school and life. One way to practice this skill is to use a secure online database like Utah's Online School Library.

5 Tips To Talk About Digital Citizenship Every Day
Premiered: October 2, 2023

Need ideas for talking about digital citizenship in your classroom? UEN Product Manager, Dani Sloan, suggests making it a daily practice. In this episode, learn five ways you can model digital citizenship every day.

Tools for Helping with Feeling Overwhelmed
Premiered: September 25, 2023

Feeling overwhelmed or in need of inspiration? Join UEN's Senior Technology Trainer, Matt Winters, as he shares tips and essential tools to support your classroom. In this episode, we explore three adaptable resources that will be helpful even on the toughest days.