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Making Technology-Aided Music with Your Students
Easily Accessible Tools to Open Up Musical Possibilities with Your Learners
by Matthew Winters

Exploring music is an excellent way to engage learners with new materials, content, or to connect them with the subject matter. Whether using a song to help provide context for a historical event or discussing guitar strings in science class, music is a great tool for exploring our world with learners. It is now simpler than ever to create music with learners thanks to the availability of digital music creation tools.


Foster musical creativity and allow students to create music independently without being a music pro using these easy-to-use digital tools: 


  • Google Chrome Music Labis a great tool for learning about and creating music. Students can learn about basic music tools and ideas and then implement them with the Song Maker tool. All of this without a login!

  • Utah’s Online School Library offers Soundzabound, a collection of thousands of copy-right free music and sound effects learners can use to provide background music for podcasts or other multimedia projects. 

  • Adobe Podcasts is a free tool that helps students create their own podcasts and vocal recordings on any browser. With AI-infused tools, students can record, edit, add music and share their podcasts with their fellow learners. 


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Matt Winters, aka @teacherwinters, is a former high school and college ELA teacher and current co-host of the UEN Homeroom podcast. He’s the UEN Google leader, President of the Utah Coalition for Educational Technology (UCET) and was recently named to the ISTE 20 to Watch in 2023. Matt loves stories, creativity, technology and the intersections where all three topics grow together.

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