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Safely Try Out AI Tools in Your Classroom
Ways to explore Artificial Intelligence with students and parents
by Matthew Winters

Artificial Intelligence has become a hot topic in education. Although many educators may have questions about what AI is (for more information, visit UEN’s The AI Frontier), a natural follow-up question is: How can I use it in my classroom? And how can I use it safely with learners? 

In this UEN Teacher Tip, we’ll delve into a few safe ways to explore large language models and generative AIs using tools that may already exist in your classroom technology toolset. 

Let’s check out a few of them: 

  • Perplexity is a large language model chatbot that doesn’t require users to log in. It uses ChatGPT as its foundational model and cites its sources within the text, providing links for further exploration.

  • Adobe recently launched an AI image generator as part of its all-in-one creativity app, Adobe Express. Learners and educators can practice their prompt writing skills and explore the diverse range of images generated by the AI-powered tool.

  • Canva, a popular graphic design platform, also offers a built-in AI image generator to help you turn your words into images. 

  • AI-powered games in Google Arts & Culture can help ease learners into using AI in learning projects. 

  • Finally, help your students learn AI concepts and how AI fits into their daily lives by exploring Google’s Applied Digital Skills lesson, “Discover AI in Daily Life.” 


Check out the video below to learn more about these lessons and activities.

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Matt Winters, aka @teacherwinters, is a former high school and college ELA teacher and current co-host of the UEN Homeroom podcast. He’s the UEN Google leader, President of the Utah Coalition for Educational Technology (UCET) and was recently named to the ISTE 20 to Watch in 2023. Matt loves stories, creativity, technology and the intersections where all three topics grow together.

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