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3 Surefire Ways To Increase Student Engagement
Integrating games, animations and artificial intelligence
by Rob Bentley

As the school year progresses, sometimes class routines and patterns become so predictable that student engagement can begin to drop. To boost engagement, try incorporating these creative tools into your lessons.

  1. Educational games bring fun and excitement to your classroom, while still helping students learn or practice course material. One of the best educational gaming services is Blooket. Enter your content area questions and answers into Blooket and then your students can play a variety of games that help them review and practice the content.

  2. Animations can seem almost magical! Try assigning your students to create an animation that explains or demonstrates something they’re learning in class. Adobe Express is free of charge and has a built-in tool for animating characters called Animate from Audio, which makes it much easier to create educational animations.

  3. Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming one of the hottest technology topics. Adobe Express has a new generative AI tool called Text to Image. You and your students can simply describe an image that you’d like Express to create, and like magic, artificial intelligence composes the image. Your students can then edit the images in Adobe Express and use them in their presentations, papers and projects. 

Watch the video below to learn how to access and use Adobe Express’ Text to Image tool:  

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Rob is the product manager behind Adobe’s educational solutions. He specializes in empowering teachers to harness the full potential of multimedia for effective instruction, while also nurturing students’ ability to create captivating educational content like computer games, animations, web pages and much more. Previously Rob taught Spanish and language arts in Granite School District.

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