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End-of-Year Celebrations and Activities
A Teacher's Guide to Creating Memorable Moments
by Kayla Towner

End-of-year school activities are a time for celebration, reflection on accomplishments and fun! However, it can be challenging to coordinate and schedule these activities amidst end-of-year testing, college prep, sports and final assignments. 


To make everyone’s end-of-year experiences memorable, consider the following tips:

  • Choose a theme or themes: 

    • Celebratory and Reflective: Recognize academic accomplishments and personal growth. Encourage students to reflect on their learning experiences. Help students navigate changes and transitions.

    • Creative and Artistic: Unleash creativity and make learning enjoyable. Create lasting positive memories.

    • Intellectual and Skill-Based: Challenge students to put their skills to the test with physical and mental experiences.

    • Outreach Activities: Find ways to help others and support the community.

    • Outdoor Activities: Blend play and education for younger students.

    • I’ve started a list of activities to go along with each of these themes but I’d love to hear your ideas.  If you’re doing something great in your classroom, add it to the list!
  • Select materials that go with your activity: 


To see these tips in action, check out the video below:


Watch & Learn:

Helpful Resource:

Kayla Towner is the Utah’s Online School Library (UOSL) Product Manager and a Teacher Fellow for Hope Street Group. She’s passionate about learning that focuses on student agency and encourages educators to expand their comfort zone. Before her work at UEN, Kayla was an elementary school teacher in Utah (Davis) and South Korea.

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