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Revolutionize Elementary Math
Using Nearpod to Enhance Student Learning
by Val O'Bryan

Nearpod is a game-changer for engaging elementary students in math. With its potential for digital manipulatives, Nearpod transforms math lessons into interactive experiences that captivate young minds.

Here are three reasons why Nearpod is a must-have tool for every elementary school teacher:

  1. Hands-On Learning: Nearpod's digital manipulatives offer a hands-on approach to learning math concepts. Students can manipulate objects directly on their devices, bridging the gap between abstract ideas and concrete understanding. 

  2. Visual Representation: Visualizing math problems is crucial for elementary students to grasp abstract concepts. Drag-and-drop digital manipulatives provide dynamic visual representations that bring math to life, making mathematical concepts more accessible.

  3. Real-Time Feedback: Nearpod helps teachers monitor students' engagement with manipulatives in real-time. This enables teachers to provide targeted feedback and adjust instruction on the spot, ensuring every student receives the necessary support to succeed in math.

For tips on designing digital manipulatives in Nearpod, check out the video below.

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Val specializes in helping educators enhance online learning experiences. She holds a doctorate in curriculum and instruction from Kansas State University and a Master’s in Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Media studies from Northern Arizona University. Most recently, Val worked as an English and Concurrent Enrollment teacher in the Washington County School District.

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