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Past Episodes

A 442
Go behind the scenes of a unique ballet company that celebrates the creative relationship between dancers and musicians. Take a trip to the Colorado mountains and visit Dennie Ibbotson, a wood carver who celebrates the Colorado mountains and the wildlife that surrounds him. See what happens when two musicians from the St. Louis Symphony team up with tow members of the jazz-pop Erin Bode Group. And artists Enrique Celaya forces his work to become difficult and uncomfortable as to lead to artistic authenticity.

Finding beauty in discarded items, artist Ramona Audley, transforms lost works into fun, whimsical sculptures that are pure fun. Photographer Kirk Gittings finds the greatest sense of presence in abandoned and unpopulated places. We visit the “Ernest Hemingway: Between Two Wars” exhibit at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York City. And we visit a dance studio that’s teaching students the art of hip hop.

Aerial Artists
Musician Rick Recht, the creator of Jewish Rock Radio, a 24-hour Internet radio station, reaches younger generations and delivers a dose of culture. A DC-based non-profit, Words Beats & Life, strives to teach self-knowledge through the elements of hip-hop. The Fishtank Performance Studio seats about 30 people, but director, Heidi Van sees the theater as a crucial link the Kansas City theater scene. And we meet silk aerial artists who seemingly effortlessly swing overhead while performing graceful movements.

Artist Hugo Medina explores the idea of old vs. new through the changing landscape, architecture, and politics of Phoenix, Arizona. We discover the art of Airigami with Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle, who specialize in creating large-scale installation, entirely out of balloons. Take a look at the “Art of Transformation” series which is part of an annual celebration of urban and civic renewal. And we go inside a custom wedding gown shop and look at the creative process behind the stunning works of art.

An Artist’s Fire
We’re introduced to Kasia Bilhartz, an artist that uses flames to bring her work to life. Suzanne Vilmain proves that books in themselves are a work of art, no matter the subject. We take a look behind the scenes of Britain’s Got Talent winner Paul Potts journey to the top and Scott Hocking shows us how he found art in abandonment.

Alonzo Williams Jr. is a street photographer from Houston who relishes any opportunity to meet new people and learn their stories. Artist Cannupa Hanska Luger use of animals in his artwork believes it helps us reflect on ourselves and the human race as a whole. Illustrator John Martel, crafts work with stunning detail and today his work can even be seen in a Hollywood film. And we visit “The Streets of Old Milwaukee” exhibit that was build 50 years ago, but is still relevant today.

Meet Reno, Nevada artist, Michelle Lassaline, who combines painting, performance, and mask-making to inspire the childlike wonder in all of us. We take a look into the Hearst Tower in New York City, where architect, Lord Norman Foster and artist Richard Long, blended materials and styles to achieve a magnificent work environment. We meet the two musicians of the Portland based band, Heli Sequence, and we get a glimpse of their layered recording techniques. And we visit an interactive gallery created with an environmental twist.

Army Band
The image of the Virgin of Guadalupe crosses boarders and defines a culture. We go inside an exhibit at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana that explores the power and impact of iconic images in religious art. The 323rd Army Band aims to strengthen the pride of Americans, boot soldiers’ moral and provide support for their communities through the power of music. We follow the members of the tap-dancing ensemble Movement Afoot as they prepare for their debut performance. And we sit down with the man behind the CANVASxDetroit organization.

Art & Adversity
Up until 14 years ago, Chuck Weber spent his days in an office. Today we learn what drove him back to his art. Melvin Charles discusses his childhood inspiration and his dream of seeing the Black American Heritage Flag raised at City Hall. We attend the Bonhams Motorcycle Auction along the Vegas strip and we see the most complete collections of early American décor.

Art Cultures
For more than two decades, Clyde Morgan has led SUNY Brockport students in learning about, not only African dance but also its culture. From stage to your living room, "Live from Lincoln Center" brings the best of Broadway home with the thought provoking Tony Award-winning “Falsettos.” Since 2005, the Jafagirls are best known for practicing craft activism, like their yarn bombs – a type of street art that uses colorful displays of yarn rather than paint or chalk to make a statement. Baton Rouge artist Randell Henry takes great pride in his ability to merge varying colors and textures that some people feel don’t go together. He talks about challenging the norm.

Art Legacies
Take a look at “Phoenix,” a monumental project by Chinese contemporary artist Xu Bing, which is installed at The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine in NYC. We learn insights into the appraisal process from certified antiques appraiser Barbara J. Eash. Then, gutsy, talented and one of the boys… Patsy Cline left a legacy despite her early death. Bringing her story to the screen became a labor of love for producer Barbara Hall. And we travel to San Antonio, TX for CineFestival, the oldest Latino film festival in the US.

Art Makers
Colorado Springs artist JD Sell turns Polaroid photos into intriguing screen prints, working with Denver high school students who looked at their own neighborhoods with fresh eyes, developing a sense of place. Philippe de Montebello interviews Dr. Anne-Imelda Radice, Executive Director of the American Folk Art Museum in New York City. Lebanese graphic artist Pascal Zoghbi and Houston graffiti artist DUAL come together to create a cross-cultural mural at The Printing Museum in Houston. Moira Bateman's knowledge of native plants and geologic history inform her work as she incorporates natural materials and processes into the creation of her sculptural dresses.

Art Outreach
Two friends strive to minimize waste and environmental impact in their craft and lifestyle. They've developed alternate power sources for hand making wooden eyeglasses. The Rose Kennedy Greenway has a fresh vision for public art; that includes a soaring sculpture by Janet Echelman that, for the moment, is redefining the Boston skyline. A Tampa Bay artist takes Mandala art to a whole new level by collecting and creating art with candy. And Jane Chu hopes to expand the reach of the arts throughout each and every community.

Art Squared
Meet calculus teacher and artist Harriet Stone Evans, who believe her paintings can help students with math. New Mexico artist, Brandon Maldonado, shares old mythologies in new ways by communicating beyond the confines of spoken language through art. Ceramic and sculpture artist, Ernest Miller, hand alters his pieces and continually pushes himself to make the perfect ceramic pot. And we look at a rarely viewed collection of works from Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Eddie Adams.

Art Uncensored
We explore the challenges and stereotypes of the hip-hop industry through a multi-media theater piece with writer and performer Jeff Campbell. We visit with Barbara Page, a pilot turned artist. We highlight “Dance-The Next Generation,” a program in Sarasota, Florida that not only teaches ballet, but also gives students the discipline to succeed in school. And we stop at The Dublin Arts Council in central Ohio to meet a very special member of their staff.

Artist Takeover
Meet Suzy Taylor, a Watch as a potter from New York creates ceramics that catch your eye from a distance and draw you in with their intricate and unique glazes. Visit downtown Reno, Nevada as local artists’ takeover and display a wide variety of sculptures. The Florida Brewing Company offers their walls to muralists to create unforgettable works of art. And artist Marlene Lewis creates paintings that reflect her fascination with color, form, and the human figure.

Artistic Fashion
Andrew Bolton, curator of the costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art guides us through this year's exhibit "Punk: Chaos to Couture." Giles Clement practices the antique craft of wet plate photography. The Museo de las Americas presents The Legacy Project, curated by Maruca Salazar and we will reveal the identity of the man who drew Captain America.

Artistic Language
We visit the Columbus Museum of Art in Ohio where collaboration with designer Heidi Kambitsch creates an imaginative space where children and adults are invited to play dress-up. Choreographer Rulan Tagen sits down with Hakim Bellamy and explains how dance is more than an art form, but a language with a history. Las Vegas journalist Matt O’Brien and photographer Daniel Robert Mollohan come together to capture the struggles of the city’s homeless and we visit students at Art Night Live in Utah’s Granite School District.

Take a look inside the Utah Museum of Fine Arts in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the Backpack Program is helping families engage with artwork. We visit the Old Globe Theater in San Diego, California to see their rendition of 'White Snake,' a classic Chinese Folktale. The Dayton Ballet and the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra work together to put on a fantastic show. And we meet Violectic, a group that combines the energy and irreverence of rock 'n' roll with the sweet sounds of violins and violas.

Beat Poets
We meet some artist at the recent “Spring Fever in the Garden” festival who use colorful chalk to create their large-scale masterpieces…on concrete. Poet Carlos Contreras shares how self-reflection in poetry can lead to positive change. The Kohler Company gives artist unprecedented access to share studio space with its industrial workers. And we meet a pianist who is taking listeners on a musical journey.

Beauty Doodles
We explore the art of one of the early 20th century’s great photographers of humanity, Edward Steichen. We follow along as a very rare fortepiano undergoes a complete restoration. We see how doodles can be a beautiful and connective force. And entertainer Michael Feinstein gives one UCF student the experience of a lifetime.

Best Costume Design
In this edition of Art Connection, we meet Christine Bossler, an independent metal smith and jeweler whose eclectic pieces have caught the eye of people all over the world. See how the classical training of The Art of Ballet at the Miami City Ballet teaches children discipline, self-esteem and incredible work ethic. We take a look at Edith Head's historic costume collection. And we meet some Sacramento tattoo artists utilizing living canvases.

Best Friend
Thomas Ashcraft shares his love for studying natural phenomena through photography. We meet Jane Walentas, who spent 27 years restoring a carousel and is its namesake, and discuss the carousel’s journey to Brooklyn, New York. We take a look at an original play about a soldier and his dog. And we talk with Brook Hill, a student of University of Central Florida, and what bringing awareness to human trafficking means to her.

Bird's Eye View
Drones take to the skies over Houston and offer a new perspective on the urban intersections. We learn about the late American painter Robert Butler, who created colorful and romantic portrayals of landscapes. A new board-game parlor is in town, and don’t think it’s just a place for Dungeons and Dragons. It’s complete with trained board-game sommeliers on-hand to help you. And we visit Proctor’s Theater in Schenectady, New York to see how actors bring the amazing puppets of War Horse to life.

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Ohio State Ball, the largest ballroom dance competition in the world. Filmmaker Ken Burns speaks with reporter Carrie Saldo about his unique approach to the craft. We visit The Millay Colony of the Arts, which gives artists the time and space to create. And we visit a retrospective of George Rodrigue’s work and his son lends his insight into the man behind the Blue Dog.

Born to Ride
Dive into the first photography exhibit showcasing the Midwest motorcycle culture from those within the community. One group of central Florida performers shows off their skill and ignores the warning of "don't play with fire." Artist Sherry Hill creates bright, multicultural masks out of old computer boxes and colored paper. And we meet a Sacramento collage artist making pictures out of pieces in her creation of work.

Break the Limits
Learn about a Tampa Bay non-profit that provides musical instruments to injured veterans and other service members in an effort to use the power of music to help heal. Meet life-long artist Tim Jackson, who, after suffering a stroke, had to learn to paint with his left hand. What began as the first Hispanic-led public radio station in the country, KUVO celebrated its 30th year in the 2015 as one of the top jazz radio stations in the world. Also, Susie Medhurst and Jenni Quadros make teddy bears and memory pillows; a labor of love becomes a huggable memory for families remembering loved ones.

Break the Rules
Albany NY photographer Connie Frisbee Houde has been traveling to Afghanistan and telling the country’s harrowing and untold stories with her photographs since 2003. Gabriela “Chanchita” Riveros is a recent graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and making a name for herself in the art community through her unique illustrations influenced by her Paraguayan heritage. We meet Cincinnati composer, performer, and community based teacher and activist - Eddy Kwon. We recently stopped into his Price Hill performance space to learn more about his work. We visit an art exhibit in raw warehouse space, where all exhibitors were charged with making art inspired by the concepts of "rough" and "tumble."

Bouncing Light
Today we discover the master works of impressionist, Gustave Caillebotte. Mary Morton, Curator and Head of the French Painting Department at the National Gallery of Art guides us through the artist's career. Artist Nic Nicosia works with sculptures and photography to capture his work's rich narratives. We head to the American Folk Art Museum where artist Asa Ames' piece the "Phrenological Head" is discussed. And we join filmmaker Alicia J. Rose on the cutting room floor as we experience how a film is cut together.

Breaking Out
Today on Art Connection we follow composer Daniel Bernard Roumain to a park where he makes picnickers part of his performance. We also interview three-time Emmy winner actor Bryan Cranston. Paper artist, Tom Balbo passes on his skills to future generations and Rob Stewart talks to Mari Ariola about what makes her Sacramento, California gallery so special.

Breaking Stigmas
Suzanne Seller's art can be seen all around Houston, Texas and today we go examine her creative process and an artistic method for deceiving the eye. We visit The Arbor Opera Theater where artist and dancers perform inspiring pieces and use opera to combat the stigma of depression and other illnesses. Discover how The 3rd Law Dance/Theater is changing the way of traditional performances by combining both musicians and dancers together on stage. And meet visual artist Adler Guerrier whose work is a combination of photography, printmaking techniques, sculpture and video.

The Bright Side
In this episode of Art Connection we discover an eerie way in which children’s pictures were once taken. We walk the halls of Texas Southern University, where over 60 years of student murals tell the distinct story of the black experience in the south. Comedians in Portland, Oregon show us what it takes to nail comedic timing and we go behind the scenes of a local New York production of Spamalot.

Sculptor and installation artist, Martha Russo, hopes her mysterious objects and forms will inspire her viewer’s childlike curiosity. Art meets football in an informative museum exhibit, that celebrates the seventieth anniversary of the reintegration of the National Football League. Daniel Arsham’s installation, “Welcome to the Future,” at Locust Projects in Florida creates and excavation trench in the gallery’s floor, holding artifacts of the 20th century. And we sit down with The Vision Male Ensemble, who focus on creating the bond of brotherhood through music.

Building the Dream
As the country celebrates the birth of one of America's civil rights leaders, members of the Minnesota community get together and re-tell his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. We meet Houston Quilter Kim Ritter whose art is whimsical, ironic and funny. In celebration of their 75th anniversary, The American Ballet Theatre collaborates with filmmaker Ric Burns to present the film "American Ballet Theatre: A History." And we visit the Emerson Burkhart exhibit at the Ohio history center.

Ever get a get a creative block? Meet Tricia Leonard, a creativity coach, and sit in on a session where she helps artists overcome mental blocks and tap into their inner creativity. We take a look at over 65 years with the Sacramento Music Circus. Discover The Showmen’s Museum which preserves the artifacts form circuses, carnivals, and traveling shows, ensuring that the art and culture of these American traditions never die. And we visit The Holocaust Museum in Houston, Texas where children who died in the Holocaust are being memorialized with artfully crafted butterflies.

Celebrating a century of the dreadnought and the wonders of the family biz Chris Martin of Martin Guitars strings us along with fabulous historic notes. Like most working actors, Kevin Farrell held random jobs while pursuing a career in Hollywood where he appeared in small roles in film and television, most notably on “Frasier." when a friend encouraged him to sell Tupperware, in drag. Beehive architect Jarrett Mellenbruch combines community art with a family legacy. Lastly, Cindi Rose, a Silhouette artist creates works of art with just a scissors and a piece of paper.

Camera Truck
We visit with Marilynne Bradley, a St. Louis watercolorist who has a strong sense of place in her work. Photographer Ian Ruhter takes us for a ride as he travels across America in a truck that also serves as his camera. We discover how the performing arts support well rounded students as we look at the Circle Theater Company's 50th performance, "Hello Dolly." And we visit The Doll Museum in historic downtown Worthington, Ohio which features an impressive collection of 19th and 20th century dolls.

Discover painter Thomas Hart Benton, an artist who brings a cinematic approach to the art in his paintings stemming from the days he worked alongside early filmmakers. Get a look inside the Milwaukee Repertory Theater in Wisconsin and the life of the legendary performer Liberace. We visit PlatteForum, the non-profit arts organization in Denver, Colorado that combines working artists with at-risk youth. And artist Larry Vienneau creates visual narratives that tell stories about the Raven and Crow.

Cans, Fractals and Emeralds
Actress Sirena Irwin gives audiences more of the beloved character Lucy Ricardo in the new stage adaptation of "I Love Lucy." We visit "Canstruction," a place where groups gather to create their own designs out of canned goods. Artist Jonathan Wolfe shares his fascination with how fractals mirror patterns in nature and Rahul Kadakia, the Head of Jewelry at Christie’s Americas & Switzerland discusses the significance of emeralds throughout history.

Capture the Moment
St. Louis photographer Angela Vories applies her experience with other visual arts to her pictures, to create effects that elicit feelings and thoughts about the nature of photography. Meet Bernard Gaddis, owner of the Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater, and discover the love for his craft and the art of dance. Artist Rebecca Rose sculptures are both decorative and functional as each ring is crafted with exquisite detail and tells a story. And artist Brian Keeler shares how light and nature are constant themes throughout his work.

Visit the Sideshow of Pamela Joseph that leads viewers through contemporary notions of female power while delivering the underlying theme of tolerance. Go on a photo shoot with Eric Anderson as he captures a world of imaginary creatures and fire. Meet the SMAG Dance Collective that will dance everywhere and anywhere and discover the cultural influence to an artist’s work.

Comic Adventures
The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum's director of 25 years has recently announced she will be stepping down. We chat with her about why it's time to go and the theft that still haunts her. Painter George Kovach, best known for his landscapes of Texas, shares with us that nostalgia is what inspires his work. We talk with notable comic book artist Jason Aaron. And The Urban Conga works to make a difference by getting people out in the community.

Coming Together
A long-standing controversy involves an 18th-century work composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. His St. John Passion has been the subject of protests and boycotts down through the ages. A Sacramento painter recounts her artistic journey. San Antonio’s East Side community is graced with unforgettable performances, innovative pop-up exhibitions, and cutting-edge multi- media works at the ninth annual Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival. Jordan Senarens wants to share art with scientists... and science with art lovers.

A Compelling Story
12 Years a Slave tells the true story of Solomon Northup, a wrongfully enslaved man who fought more than a decade for freedom. The film was made possible by the research of late historian Sue Eakin and we speak with Eakin’s son to learn more about her life and work. We meet the creative duo Barbara and Larry Domsky in Las Vegas. We travel back to the prehistoric age with professional artist John Gurche and we learn traditional dance forms to the beat of African and Caribbean music.

Pianist Lara Downes created a program where young artists could have a platform to gain the skills and experiences needed to build their craft. The Human Race Theatre Company is Dayton's only professional regional theatre company and is one of the few theatre companies in the nation dedicated to bringing new musicals to the stage. We see how Bobby Scuteri has been honing his craft as a balloon artist since 1989. And artist Cat Del Buono describes her inspirations behind her video installation piece, Riders On The 4.

Cowboy Poetry
In the 1960s, Sister Corita Kent found the best way to spread the gospel was through art. She was radical for her time, but was relegated to history. We visit the Harvard Art Museum where they see her as an important pop art figure. We journey to Elko, Nevada to find out how poetry, music, and stories have turned into an annual celebration at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. We visit an early 20th century experimental planned community in Cleveland. And we experience “Sanatorium,” a participatory exhibition from Pedro Reyes.

Creative Hues
Wonderbound is a new American dance company that produces creations to ease boundaries between mediums and engages artists and audiences. We talk with Las Vegas painter Jerry Misko and his love of the Sin City’s neon lights. Meet techno music innovators and see how they are honoring the music today and we visit The Hub in New Smyrna Beach, a unique art gallery that houses over 80 local artists.

The Creative Language
Join us as we tour the iconic amusement park, Disneyland, with Marty Sklar, an Imagineer who worked alongside Walt Disney himself in making Disneyland the happiest place on Earth. Artist Andrea Geer shares her creative journey from painter to clothing designer. Hmong Qeej player, Chai Lee, performs and explains the significance of this traditional wind instrument. And we visit the FRESH A.I.R. Gallery where the creative journey of recovering artists is displayed.

Meet endearing doll-sized creatures reminiscent of cast-off children’s toys and ill-conceived taxidermy experiments. An Arizona man uses his engineering skills and the connection he has with his brother to create custom wheelchairs. We visit the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum with a redesigned permanent exhibition “A New Deal for a New Generation” and we meet an artist whose canvas is the face.

Creole Jamboree
Cedric Watson shares his love of Creole music and reveals some of the struggles that come with being a full-time musician, despite four Grammy nomination. We take a look at the first war to be fought and represented by contemporary artists, World War I. Anna Skibska describes her work with glass as storytelling. We learn more about her approach in an exhibit titled Reveries at the Loveland Museum. And we visit the Bowne & Co. printing company in New York City.

Cross Currents
We stop by the “Cross Currents” exhibit in Denver, where Native American artists address the conflict of safeguarding tradition in the face of change. We meet Lisa Frasier, a newsroom illustrator that is looking for a change in pace. We drop by Portland, Oregon, where a young painter is making a name for herself and we chase down mystery and intrigue with the legendary Sherlock Holmes.

We head to the Denver Art Museum to explore an exhibition celebrating the work of Mark Rothko and other abstract expressionists called Figure to Field: Mark Rothko in the 1940s. We learn more about a legend in the music business, Henry Stone, who co-founded the indie giant “TK Records.” If you think disco is his only success story, think again. Screenwriter Matthew McDuffie shares the importance of storytelling. And we visit The Rockwell Museum in New York, which holds one of the largest collections of Western American and Native American art in the eastern part of the United States.

Culture Behind The Arts
Today we follow Grammy winning composer Gabriela Frank, tour the set and meet the actors and directors behind the mini-series The Hollow Crown. Meet the Northeast Ohio painter, Don Harvey and discuss his painting principles. Finally we'll introduce a unique partnership that brings farmers and artist together.

Cultural Dance
Traditional dance is an important part of Native American culture. In this episode, we explore the meaning, history, and regalia of three unique Native American dances. We travel through an exhibition of women’s work uniforms from the last century, showcasing the changes in costume. We visit a family in Detroit that’s taking on urban gardening. And we see how body painting artist, Sandra Artist, breathes life into her imaginative creations.

Cuppa Joe
Veteran journalist Carl Hoffman believes he's solved one of the great mysteries of the 20th century, and it all began with a love for art. Learn the artistic process that goes into creating the perfect cup of coffee from the craft roasters and baristas of Buddy Brew Coffee. When Kathy Barnard turned her attentions from wood to glass, the results were amazing and now where work can be seen around the world. And take a look inside the studio of cartoonist Mason Mastroianni and his touching family story.

Dance for Health
Meet Beryl Colbert, a dancer and business owner of St. Petersburg, Florida, who is aiming to inspire children to live a healthy and active lifestyle through dance. A Sacramento photographer captures fellow artists in a new light. The Boston Symphony Orchestra is now under the reign of Andris Nelsons as he presided over a concert built around his identity. And Bill Cohen, a journalist and musician, spent more than 40 years reporting for Ohio's public radio and television stations. Today he uses his voice through music and song.

Dancin' Shoes
It’s been thirty-five years since the Pulitzer Prize winning comic novel “A Confederacy of Dunces” was published. We take a look at the journey the book has been through during its long publication. We visit The Broadway Dance Lab in NYC, a place where choreographers can test different styles with the resources they need to bring their visions to life. We go inside artist Kurt Seaberg’s studio to see how he uses lithography to transform landscapes into works of art. And several graffiti artists turned muralists are transforming the face of Reno, Nevada’s Midtown district.

Defy Expectations
Neo-classical rock star organist Cameron Carpenter, made his own instrument and when he performs he defies the traditional views of organ players. Central Florida's Chris Scala likes to break rules. He expresses his creativity through many different art forms...From stone sculptures to underwater art. Several of the nation's top muralists descend upon the walls of Circus Circus Casino in Downtown Reno to slug it out in a 24-hour mural marathon. Throughout her life, Russian-born Cincinnati artist Ivanka Lempitsky collected small knick-knacks. Today she is turning those found objects into fine jewelry.

Designer Label
Watch as an animal shelter is transformed into a gallery space. Paws N' Claws for Art is a regular collaboration in which artworks sold will benefit the two participating non-profits. The makers of HE'BREW craft beer find art in beer labels and craft in the brews at Shmaltz Brewing Company. Meet Sacramento-based fashion designer Maisha Bahati, who is creating timeless pieces for today's fashionistas. And see how the finest fabrics and embroidery from years passed find another chance by being transformed by designer Rebecca Vizard.

Colombia native and Tampa Bay magician Cesar Domico shares his path to mastering the art of magic through humor and illusion. The city of Columbus, Ohio recently commissioned Santa Fe artist Terry Allen to create and install a couple of whimsical human-like deer sculptures along the banks of the downtown riverfront. Vi Tran's autobiographical play tells the story of his family’s journey from Vietnam to Western Kansas and how Vi has used the opportunity to contribute significantly to our music and theater scenes. Discover the healing power of hearing and creating music.

Maps may be a victim to digital advancements but Ed Fairburn makes them into something outstanding once more. We get a sneak peek at choreographer Justin Peck's work, "Heatscape," part of the Miami City Ballet's Open Barre series. Peck discusses the South Florida connections with the piece. Stephen Locke knows exactly where and when he got the storm chasing bug. Locke spends more than six months a year pursuing super cells, from which he creates magnificent time-lapse videos. For more than four decades, an organization known as "Tuba Christmas," led by Professor Tucker Jolly, has been serenading audiences around the world with holiday classics.

The Discarded and The Dreams
Reporter Rob Stewart takes us backstage and underground at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium to see what brings a historic pipe organ to life. Baltimore-based photographer and visual artist, Lynne Parks, finds the beauty in random design and juxtapositions. We take a look at art prints of Ray Maseman that were hatched from dreams, myths, children’s stories and observations and we get the inside scoop on Ohio-based indie band, Dave Buker & the Historians.

Discover Your Path
Bluesman Kenny Neal and his band play the blues for us. Kenny Neal started out following in the footsteps of his father Raful Neal, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but is now a success in his own right. Cedarburg, Wisconsin, architect Tom Kubala finds balance in his life through watercolor paintings. He's not afraid to step outside the boundaries for his art. With a repertory that includes powerful, athletic dances and whimsical, humorous glimpses at the human experience, Jennifer Backhaus of Backhausdance wants audiences to discover the beauty of contemporary dance. Rochester Contemporary Art Center holds an annual community art event called 6x6. They collected thousands of donated 6"x6" artworks from around the globe. This year they collected nearly 6000 artworks.

Discovering Your Craft
Meet James Gulliver Hancock, an artists attempting to draw all the buildings in New York City. Discover the golden age of Jazz music and it’s leap to Broadway. Witness a group of teachers taking art education into their own hands and Graham Nash introduces us to his love of photography.

Down the Rabbit Hole
In this episode, we visit the studio of Baton Rouge artist Mary Lee Eggart who uses artistic symbolism in her elaborate drawings of birds and nature. The Morgan Library & Museum in New York celebrates the 150th Anniversary of the first publication of Alice in Wonderland. We unravel artists Kim Matthew's journey from learning printmaking, which led to paper making, and then to creating sculptures. And we visit special effect artist Ben Peter and discover what it takes to make it in the special effect industry.

Dumpster Diving
A Sacramento, California neighborhood is turning dumpsters into canvases with the local artist exhibition, “Art of the Dumpster.” We hear the sounds of Classical greats such as Chopin and Mozart amidst the dance clubs in South Beach, Florida. Artist Amy Liebrand’s smartphone purchase in 2009 led her to merge her two passions: art and science and we visit Axle Contemporary, a mobile art studio and gallery.

This week, we talk with architect, Garrett Finney, who previously designed living quarters for NASA and is now applying his knowledge of “out of this world” living to a vehicle for exploration. Brazilian instillation artist, Lucia Koch, turns ordinary scenery into a place begging to be seen. Ceramic artist, Sara Swink’s, inner child and psyche help her create pieces of visual juxtaposition and Florida gallery owner, Helen Harrison, discovers materials and inspiration from her tropical home.

Elements of Design
Bestselling mystery writer, Laurie R. King, discusses her multiple series of historical fiction including her latest novel: The Bones of Paris. We take a look at Downton Abbey-era fashions. We travel to Palm Springs, California to discover the roots of Mid-century modern architecture and JW Johnston chats about his passion and focus for photography.

Exceptionally Ordinary
We visit with Bobbi Mastrangelo who is internationally known for her artwork based on the theme of manhole covers. Artist Joanne Barthelmes takes a walk on her land and explains how she finds inspiration. We take a look at how students from The National Dance Institute of New Mexico are making exciting moves both on the stage and in the classroom. And we meet up with two students at the Columbus College of Art Design who leave inspirational messages on a chalkboard.

Call it visual art 101, with a twist. Paint and sip studios school grown-ups on ways to create a simple painting. Vino in hand, optional. We visit one such location in Grand Junction, Colorado. Originally from Austin, Minnesota, acclaimed Americana rock band, Gear Daddies have been playing together since 1986. Band members return to First Avenue for the 25th Anniversary of the band’s record, “Billy’s Live Bait." We visit the Blue House Gallery and Studios in northwest Dayton, Ohio. Since 2014, this once-vacant property has blossomed into a contemporary arts center where artists can collaborate, create and exhibit. Political Cartoonist Dwane Powell looks back on a lifetime of covering the news.

Heidi Hoy’s expressive bronze sculptures render women with incredible strength and femininity. Wilmington, Ohio is often known for its antique shops. This small, sleepy town is home to a tattoo parlor which is anything but antique, it’s an art gallery. Photographer Steve McCurry tells us about his travels around the world which lead him to create iconic photographs of vanishing traditions, armed conflicts, and contemporary life. A hard-early life and eventual enlightenment influenced artist Forrest Prince in the creation of some striking multi-media art.

Eye Candy
The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood exhibit delves into the fads, trends, and contemporary influences of the Peanuts comic strip and shows us how those references have changed over the last 50 years. Museum curator Gvido Trepsa talks about the artistic inspiration and the hardships encountered by Roerich in his work. Zach Braff discusses his new crowd-funded film “Wish I Was Here.” And artist Charlotte Kruk explores the ideas of consumerism through fiber arts made of packaging from items she’s consumed.

Meet Houston artist Wiley Robertson who is using signs, buildings and more to spread his message of love around the city. Artist Gabriela Michanie shares how she found her passion for photography. Sculptor artist Greg Shochko attempts to capture people's attention as well as carbon monoxide fumes with his prototype scooter. And for anyone who has ever dreamed of turning a secret family recipe into a food product for sale in stores, there's a program giving hope and advice on how to do it.

The Fab Four
Take a look back at Beatlemania at The Beatles exhibit at History Miami and get a look into the legend of the popular band. Photographer Gordon Parks shot a series depicting the realities of life under segregation and this series was never published until the Museum of Fine Arts did. Beck & Orr Book Binders specialize in the repair and restoration of books that mean the most to us. And contemporary Native American artist Brent Learned takes us into his studio where he captures the essence of American Plains Indians.

Fiber of Being
The Fiber Arts are frequently associated with old-fashioned quilting and crochet, but we learn it’s making a name for itself in the contemporary art world. Love reveals its true face in Cyrano Mio, a Spanish adaptation of the French original. We follow the music to Denver, Colorado where world-class pianist Katie Mahan reveals her love of music and we visit the Roberson Museum in New York.

Film Minority
Meet a roofer whose passion for woodworking leads him to make handcrafted guitars from wood salvaged on the job site. We take a look at a film festival showcasing the voices and perspectives of women – both as subjects and storytellers. We take a look at photographer A.J. Meek's new book featuring clouds and poetry by children. And we have an immersive art experience at The (e)merge Art Fair in Washington D.C.

Finding Inspiration
We visit midtown Kansas City for the annual Chalk and Walk Festival. Every year the festival keeps getting bigger and better in its quest to prove chalk is a legitimate way to make incredible art pieces. Jessica Helen Lopez shares how identity inspires her poetry. Artist Julie Crews is not painting, she is co-parenting her five children with her husband, Neil. Julie says she mostly paints the people, places, and things that she encounters running errands for a family. Lastly, satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to Mmelo in the Arena District in Downtown Columbus. Owner Michelle Allen shows off her tasty confections, namely her signature marshmallows.

Flophouse Designs
We travel to The Piper’s Opera House in Virginia City, Nevada, which has been the centerpiece of the town’s arts and culture. Since opening in 1863, it has withstood two fires, financial hardship and over a century of the changing tastes in entertainment. Sir Winston Churchill, best known for being the leader of England during World Word II, but many don’t know him as a painter and a very skilled one at that. We have a look at Churchill’s artistic side though an exhibit at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum. We visit the world’s biggest alligator made out of a mosaic of tiles. And we meet a duo who dreams up and creates unique skateboard designs at The Flophouse.

This time on Art Connection, we take an in depth look at the glass art of Dale Chihuly at the Denver Botanical Gardens. We see how ASL interpreters and Angela Roth, who work closely with the deaf community, take singing to a new level. Meet Clint Holmes as he speaks on topics ranging from what it was like to grow up as a mixed race child and what inexplicable "thing" makes him so passionate about music. And self-taught artist, Debbie Loffing, shares her tactile, natural and at times humorous work.

We get an exclusive look at the life of musician Antsy McClain, who combines folk sounds with a little bit of country and a little bit of rock and roll. We meet contemporary painter Kevin Sloan who focuses on nature and its relationship with the modern, technological era. We sit down with non-fiction writer William Donati who is turning his attention to the past with an eye toward the world of fiction. And we visit a collection of artists that have come together to create, collaborate, and inspire.

Follow the Stars
We head to London, Ohio where fiber artist Karen Mulier is using her long-practiced sewing skills and love of alpacas to make the world a warmer place. We explore that land and skies with artist Bill Gilbert. Creole Jazz musician and composer Don Vappie performs and describes his love of music and we head to Sacramento to take a look at permanent display for local artists.

"The Art of Gaman" exhibit at Holocaust Museum Houston highlights art made by internees at the Japanese Internment Camps in the Western US during WWII. Learn how the Carmelite Sisters of Reno, Nevada design and create charming cards for every occasion from start to finish at their monastery, with help from their very own printmaking shop. Carl Peters was a WPA artist during the '30s and '40s working in Rochester, New York. The Memorial Art Gallery teams up with students at a local high school to study these murals and carry on the tradition. Sam Hundley adores junk and the rejected debris left behind when function is gone from an object. Scrap metal left outside to decay holds an artless beauty for him. No longer garbage, they now live to tell a new story.

The French Quarter
Meet Juan Trujillo and his wife Stefani Schrimpf, owners of the Kansas School for Classical Ballet, where young dancers don’t just learn the steps, but the hard work and discipline ballet requires. New Orleans artist Rolland Golden shares with us where he finds his inspiration. We visit Helen Harrison’s studio where working with organic material such as fruits and palms is artist her specialty. And we visit the RedLine Gallery where we explore play through art, which challenges traditional ideas and interactions with familiar spaces and objects.

From the Ashes
Meet the two artists who wish to revitalize an area once thriving with a wealth of African American culture in Houston, Texas. Take a look at the glitz and glamour of the upper crust society of New York during the time of Downton Abbey. We’ll talk with Michael Cina, an award-winning graphic designer and we take an in-depth look at Heimrad Backer’s body of work documenting the remnants of Nazism and the Holocaust.

From The Page to the Stage
Owner and lead sculptor of Sculpted Ice Works, Mark Crouthamel, shows off his ice carving skills. We speak with Phyllis Magidson about the attire of the elite of the Gilded Age and what it takes to design period costume pieces. Get to know the touring company of Wicked and we follow Zeb Andrews, a man who likes the bare basics of photography.

From Traditional to Digital
We visit the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum and travel through its grand opening. Multi-media artist Tony Carosella embeds QR codes into portraits to combine traditional photography with digital media. We talk with the sculptor who brought the creatures to life on Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway carousel and we explore the International quilt festival.

In this episode of Art Connection we sit down with Bonnie Gale, a New York artist, who uses willows to create her living outdoor sculptures. We catch up with Grammy award winning pianist, Billy Childs, who merges classical music with smooth jazz. We go behind the scenes with the creators of a spell bounding adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest and we check out “To The Brink,” an ongoing exhibit at the JFK Library that sheds light on U.S-Soviet Relations during Kennedy’s Administration.

A Gathering
In 2012, Trinidad, Colorado began hosting its Art-o-Cade, transforming the otherwise quiet community into a sculpture gallery on wheels. In Dayton, Ohio, a group of gay men attract sold out crowds to their charity driven comedic drag performances. They've has been performing since the late 1980’s. We follow Illustrator Tom Richmond, regular contributor to MAD Magazine, from his home studio to his caricature booth at The Mall of America, where he makes a rare appearance of drawing a few lucky fans caricatures. The Toast of Tampa, a Sweet Adeline chorus has been competing internationally for more than 25 years. With the dedication of over 100 women of all ages they are guaranteed to get those toes tapping and hands clapping.

An arts nonprofit in Washington, D.C. builds community through the art of storytelling. “Mona Hatoum: Terra Infirma” showcases some of the major sculptures from this world-renowned artist. The Filomen M. D’Agostino Greenberg Music School is the official music school of The Lighthouse Guild, a nonprofit healthcare and service organization for the blind and visually impaired. Cincinnati artist, Terrence Burke, developed an interest in puppets when he was growing up. But it took special encouragement from his daughter to help him realize his childhood dream.

Glass Hieroglyphs
We take a look at the places and the people that keep the regional Capital Repertory Theatre vibrant. Gerardo Pereda-Rosas demonstrates the time and love that goes into his glass-etching pieces, which showcase his Latin-American heritage. The Live in Color Dance Company provides a place where dancers can perfect urban funk hip-hop choreography and form a lasting community. And a father and son show their work together in a light and sculpture exhibition connected by the theme of continuance.

Glass Memorials
Meet Dan Dunn, an artist that creates paintings with rapid strokes at a breathtaking speed. We visit “Magritte,” an exhibit highlighting Belgian surrealist René Magritte at The Museum of Modern Art. Glassblower Michelle Kaptur shares the emotion that goes into each of her creates titled “Soulbursts” and we visit the recently refurbished tapestry room in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

The Green Carpet
Bollywood and Indian culture come to the U.S. as IIFA hosts its annual show in Tampa, Florida. We meet an artist that helped fill the empty frames at a historic Boston Museum. Designer Kenji Kondo is changing the game when it comes to manufacturing goods. His blueprints can be shared electronically and created wherever Kondo has customers and finally, we talk with artist Steve Slaske about his fascination with architecture and city skylines.

Groovy Beats
After 11 p.m. on the Las Vegas strip, musicians congregate at bar for an improvisational jam session like no other. The Harvard Art Museum officially re-opens and we're invited inside for a closer look. For the first time, Opera Colorado has commissioned the creation of a new opera, The Scarlet Letter, and we receive a behind the scenes look. And a painter who is also a criminal law attorney tells us how he balances his day job with his passion for painting.

Haitian Art
We visit The Korean American Youth Performing Artist, a non-profit group sparking excitement about the arts and Korean culture in a unique way. We explore The Milwaukee Art Museum, which houses one of the world’s foremost collections of the 20th Century Haitian Art. Meet Craig Mitchell Smith, an unconventional artist who is a self-taught glassmaker. And we join photographer Roy Inman on a photo shoot to see how he works with flash bulbs.

Happy Uke
Get a look at the play Fear Up Harsh, which depicts some of the harsh realities a soldier must face when returning home from war. After Cincinnati artist Dawn B. Dyer retired she returned to her true passion of painting and found true inspiration in animals. Bettina Burr has found a new home for some of her family's collection that was stolen by the Nazis and scattered throughout the world. And Grammy-winning musician Daniel Ho shares his unique worldview and takes a refreshing approach to all aspects of his successful career.

Hand Made
Meet the performers of the Boulder, Colorado Dance Company, Frequent Flyer Productions. We get a first-hand look at how Jason Wolff creates beautiful and functional hand-crafted pottery pieces. Designer Ann Williamson creates “wearable art,” from Japanese kimono silk and we visit “Barkitecture,” a competition that challenges top design firms to create artsy abodes for our four legged friends.

Hands That Create
Alaskan Tlingit artist Clarissa Rizal creates Chilkat weavings and button blankets highly regarded for their unique beauty and the stories they hold. We sit down with artist Chuck U who morphed his childhood dream of illustrating comic books into a successful career as a graphic designer. We visit Dayton artist Willis “Bing” Davis who is well known for his distinctive, mixed media work that pays tribute to his African-American heritage and culture. Lastly, we watch as artist Jera Rose Petal Lodge melds metal into wearable art.

Hard Work
Reporter Jared Bowen goes one-on-one with the director of Cirque du Soleil Amaluna, an acrobatic production that tells the story of a world made up of only women. Take a trip into the field on an outdoor lifestyle photo shoot with Reno, Nevada photographer Mike Okimoto. A musician in Tampa, Florida, uses radio waves and instruments to encourage social change. Everyone who makes their living in the fashion industry knows there’s more to the job than glamour. We go to Kansas City, Missouri, to see a prime example of hard work in the industry, designer Nataliya Meyer.

Healing Arts
Experience the healing power of art with Artisan Mind, an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia through art. We go inside artist Colleen McCulla’s studio and see how collage making has opened up her life. Fiber artist Inna Schoeler shows off her wearable art that is inspired by nature and design. And photographer James Meyer captures pictures of the beauty of Wisconsin that often goes unnoticed.

A Hidden Message
We take a look at the Italian ideal of “La dolce vita,” present in full force at a new exhibit in Houston, Texas, celebrating 130 years of famed Italian jewelry house Bulgari. We go inside the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall with David Allan Miller, conductor of the recent Grammy Award winning Albany Symphony Orchestra. We visit Missing Peace Art Space, which uses art to promote peace. And we look at former U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright’s historic collection of unique brooches.

Historic Murals
We take a look behind the curtain at the Arizona Opera Costume shop, where we meet shop manager Kathleen Trott, who guides us through the costume creation process. We see how The Walldogs movement of sign painters and muralists revitalize towns. We visit The Guggenheim Museum and go inside the “Italian Futurism, 1909-1944: Reconstructing the Universe” exhibit. And musician Matt Saunders combines Celtic music with the electronic dance genre, creating music that is loved by a variety of audiences.

Holiday Cheer
Take a look as the Kansas City Ballet mount their production of The Nutcracker. From costumes to lighting the sets to opening night. Erin Simmons shares the practices of the traditional art of blacksmithing. We visit artist Philip Worthington’s newest exhibit where graphic design combines with technology to make shadow monsters. And we visit an exhibit showcasing the enormous art collection amassed by Ruth and Marvin Sackner.

Holiday Gala
In this edition of Art Connection, we meet the faculty and students of the Festival of Fine Arts as they prepare for the perfect concert to celebrate the holidays. We go behind the scenes with Kansas City Ballet's Artistic Director as the troupe prepare to put on the holiday favorite, the Nutcracker. We meet a Sacramento artist who is creating sweet designs from clay. And we meet a photographer who hand etches all of her images with a needle to create depth.

We get an inside look at Milwaukee’s “Present Music,” an ensemble devoted to commissioning, creating, and recording contemporary music. We talk with dancer Sheri “Sparkle” Williams who has danced with the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company for 40 years. We get a look inside the strong, charming, creative, and courageous soul that was artist Maria Lowenstein. And we visit artist Harumi Abe, who is working in South Florida as part of the AIRIE (Artist In Residence in the Everglades) program.

Critically-acclaimed artist Ai Weiwei visted the Newseum in Washington, D.C., to discuss artistic freedom of speech and his new documentary on the global refugee crisis, Human Flow. Jamie Hevener of Hilliard, Ohio believes "sewing is growing." She takes her craft – namely her sewing cart – on the road to remind us that some skills can last us a lifetime. In April 2017 Harold Holden became the first Oklahoma artist to be inducted into the Hall of Great Westerners at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. We watch him work on his art in his private studio in Enid. From France, a violin worthy of a concert stage created by a 3-D printer… 3Dvarius.

Human Bond
We visit the Museum of Fine Art in Houston, Texas where a unique exhibit is sparking curiosity and encouraging interaction with art. The Museum of Jewish Heritage reveals their core exhibit that gives insight into the lives and talents of Jews living in Nazi concentration camps. Sculptural landscape artist, Adam Kuby, brings a touch of natural to his urban art pieces and artist Jeff Suntala shares why he loves to create art without a computer.

A platypus meets an overhead projector, and mayhem ensues. We shine light on General Electric's advertising plan to convince the country to give the light bulbs a try. We visit metal sculptor and painter Bill Reid and take a look at his moveable, whimsical art that delights. And we talk with Steve Piscitelli, a sculptor and Vietnam veteran, about how his art helps him heal emotionally from the images of combat.

Images of Life
See a living history art project that pays tribute to African American veterans with first-hand narratives of World War II. We sit down with Suzanne Heintz and get an inside look at her photography as she creates Kodak moments with her manufactured-mannequin family. Travel to Tampa, FL. for the annual Conga Caliente festival that invites the community to experience the art and music of Latino culture. And we talk to artists Katha Seidman and Laurie Kaplowitz, the creators of “Once There Was a House.” An art installation in Cohasset, MA. inspired by the destruction of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

With charcoal in hand, 84 year-old Jim Seigler looks back at a long and magical career designing prints for the Barnum and Bailey Circus. Choreographer Mark Morris discusses his landmark work "L'Allegro, il Penseroso, ed il Moderato." Sculptor Mark Rice uses power tools to sculpt his distinctive wooden statues and with such finesse, we had to take a closer look. And we sit down with experts at Ohio's Canton Museum of Art as they take a look at the long and profitable history of art counterfeiting.

In this episode, we tour an exhibition of celebrated Tarpon Springs painter, George Inness, Jr. We visit Ten Chimneys historic summer home of Broadway acting legends Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne. Poet, author, screenwriter, and educator Terry O’Neal shares her heart and soul with the world, so with every word, she hopes to encourage others. And The Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center hosts cutting edge arts, artists and performances.

In Another's Shoes
Identical twin brothers Eric and Anthony McGriff discuss their musical influences, their compositions and how they are helping their community with their music. We take a private tour of the late Laureen Landau’s studio with curator D. Neath. Animator David Tart gives us some tips and tricks on how to bring an animated character to life and we take a look at Christopher Steele’s extensive penny scale collection.

In Motion
After years of working with the camera, artist David Hockney, creates a work that is referred to as “The Haiku” of chemical photography and is now experimenting with digital photography. Steve Gettle is a photographer who captures his love for wildlife and the wilderness in his images. Cassie Lackey, a senior in high school, shares her story of how her artistic adventures all began with a simple Christmas gift. And we meet Beau Bledsoe, a musician fascinated with music from the Iberian Peninsula.

In The Moment
We visit an inspiring eco-friendly artist. Brent Naughton is a painter whose goal is to evoke memories of sports seasons past and celebrate the greatness of sports legends of every era. William Souder is a renowned writer, whose biography of John James Audubon, Under a Wild Sky, was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize. His biography of John Steinbeck expected to be published in 2019. MOMENTS was a one-night experimental art event on historic 25th Street in Ogden, Utah. The event showcased many temporary art pieces activating traditional and nontraditional areas.

We visit artist Barbara Sorensen whose main artistic focus is the relationship between humans, nature, and the growth that happens within ourselves and in the world around us. We explore over sixty years of Jewish influence in rock and roll music at the “Jew Who Rock” exhibit. Iraqi-born poet, Dunya Mikhail discusses how her past and new life in America has impacted her work and a daytime super couple recast themselves as authors.

Inner Creativity
Fashion designer Christian Micheal Shuster draws inspiration from military history, sometimes even from the battlefield itself. We sit down with Marie Romero Cash as she expands on traditional Hispanic arts in New Mexico. We go inside some classrooms in Cleveland, Ohio where teachers have added a fourth “R” to the traditional curriculum of reading, writing and arithmetic. The Rumba! And Eddie Osborne delivers lectures on African Linguistic Retention and composes music using his own handcrafted African instruments.

Meet Melissa Janda whose has a passion for glass and painting have lead to a true love of glass artistry. We discover how an artist creates her own little worlds within our own. We take a tour of the Atwater Brewery in Detroit, Michigan and learn how endless the possibilities of a good brew really are and we watch performance painter, Brian Olsen, use his fingers, arms and elbows to bring portraits to life right before our eyes.

Inspirations from the Past
Gary Hovey didn’t let life’s hardships get in the way of his true passion, welding. He takes everyday kitchen utensils and creates fascinating sculptures based on the things he enjoys most: wildlife, welding, and humor. Gadu Doushin moved from his native Japan to study engineering at the University of Minnesota in the early 1990s. But his true passion was dance. He now performs Butoh, a Japanese performance art born in the 1950s. Andrea Durfee is a watercolor artist based in Rochester, NY. She incorporates figures in her landscapes and channels stories of mythology as her inspiration. Lastly, we visit a mathematical optical illusion artist.

The Heckscher Museum of Art is a Long Island gem. The institution showcases an extraordinary work by dada artist George Grosz and its annual 'Long Island's Best Young Artists' exhibit. John F. Emery draws his inspiration from his childhood, where exploring his grandparents long forgotten trunks inspired a passion for creating watercolor on three-dimensional formed paper. In a collaborative space in downtown San Antonio, musicians, producers and music entrepreneurs are gathering to build the San Antonio music scene. Although milliner Karen Morris uses the motto “simple is good” to guide her work, the making of her hats is anything but.

Inspired Drive
The Nevada Ballet Theatre gives us a sneak peek at their "studio series," where the audience can interact with the dancers themselves. Meet August Powers, a copper sculptor from the Florida Keys who combines fire and metal to create sculptures inspired by the wilderness that surrounds him. Writer and filmmaker, Mark Bailey, shares true tales of celebrity hijinks, Hollywood history, and movie-star mayhem. And season two Project Runway winner, Chloe Dao, discusses the art of her designs and what it takes to put together a fashion show.

Inspiring Moments
We sit down with a band who is thriving in the Cuban Music scene, with a style that has a west coast flair. Meet artist Jeremy Johnson who uses remains from humane sources, to explore the natural world with techniques of taxidermy. Visit a one-night experimental art event on Historic 25th Street in Ogden, Utah. Students from Weber State University created sculptures which incorporated light as a central design element. Also, over the span of her lifetime, Maya Angelou inspired others to think about and share their stories and history. In that same spirit, literary organizations Gemini Ink and Second Verse are working with local students to learn life lessons from poetry.

This week, we talk with The Heart Gallery of America about how their use of evocative photos helps with adoptions. We meet an Arizona Recycle artist who is helping his community while turning tin cans into art. We visit the K12 Gallery & TEJAS, an artist studio that encourages community involvement and we see a man build a sculptor from twigs.

The Tintabulations is a hand-bell ensemble with a set list as varied as you could imagine, keeping audiences entranced with sound and style. Get a look into The Cape Playhouse where we go behind the scenes to experience the production of Cabaret. The Pop Up Art Studio “Artspace” is providing artist in Louisiana with a place to do business, get exposure and meet local art enthusiast. And we visit The Jewish Ensemble Theatre where their new production is breaking down barriers.

Jail Guitar Doors
A tough time behind bars inspired musician Wayne Kramer to offer inmates guitars to help them pick up the pieces of their broken lives with the program "Jail Guitar Doors." Dancers at the Houston Metropolitan Dance Center, express their thoughts of Dance and what it means to them. Doll artist Amber Groome takes us along on her journey of creation. And we visit Bush-Holley House in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Jam Session
We explore the 125-year-old Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, California. Feast our eyes on the stunning gowns and furnishings of designer Charles James. We learn that behind every good guitar player is a skilled craftsman and we touch down in Miami, Florida, where one Brazilian transplant is shaking things up.

Jazz Scale
Meet artist Dan Bentley, who has a deep appreciation for product design and a unique way of breathing new life into household items. We meet internationally recognized Jazz pianist, Khalid Moss, who has played along some of the finest jazz musicians in history. A lifetime of real world experience take shape each day in cartoonist Mike Peters’ editorials. And we explore a website that is helping to streamline fashion design.

Jerri Cans
John King works as a reenactor out of the blacksmith shop at the Ohio History Center in Columbus, where he makes the most common tasks into works of art. A Houston designer makes a statement at New York Fashion Week. Artist Erin Currier searches for spiritual iconography in everyday life. And learn how photojournalist Laura Watilo Blake is advocating change for clean water in Uganda.

The Joseph
Writer Daisy Goodman shows us a young, passionate, fiery Queen Victoria. We visit Columbus, Ohio’s boutique hotel, “The Joseph” that’s filled with art. The Guadalupe Dance Company shares their wide range of arts and educational programming focused on San Antonio’s rich history. And we see how multimedia artist Philip Noyed’s work is constantly evolving.

Kokeshi Dolls
Artist Craig Galentine puts an American spin on the classic eastern art form of Kokeshi dolls. The Russian Nutcracker ballet is traveling to more than one hundred American cities allowing young ballet students to perform and learn alongside them. We visit and exhibit that simulates what life is like in the USA for undocumented immigrants. And we take a look at the American opera, Elmer Gantry.

Layers of Color
Artist Michael Hudock finds inspiration in the surfaces the surround him. We translate the colors and textures of these surfaces to his work on canvas. We go into Heather Swenson’s screen printing studio where she shares her techniques. Photographer and filmmaker Emily Peacock cast herself and members of her family as subjects in her works. And artist Caitlin Warner has created a unique way to get her work into the hands of the public.

Learning Through Art
The Kohl's Color Wheels is the Milwaukee Art Museum's offsite mobile art experience, which creates free art activities for families with children ages 12 and under. We take a look at how British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill picked up the paintbrush to relax and help lift his spirits. We visit Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford as the Liberty Craftworks corner takes center stage showcasing many different type of old-world art. Lastly, Ballet San Antonio dancers speak about their experiences learning and performing "Sleeping Beauty."

Life's Routes
Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues reflects on the band’s decades of pop music stardom. We get an inside look at the life of a ballet dancer, both on stage and off, with BalletMet dancer Samantha Lewis. Four teenage girls get an unexpected lesson in compassion and humility in the film “Gift of Gravity.” And retired advertising photographer, Tom Ferderbar, enlightens us about his passion for the West.

Light & Screen
Take off that Instagram filter! We sit down with food photographer and prop stylist Grace Natoli Sheldon whose commercial works have graced the covers of many popular magazines. We take a look inside The Laguna College of Arts and Design which includes majors in game art, design and digital media, textile, and action sports design. We visit prolific printmaker Lou Stovall in his studio and get an inside look at his creative process. And we meet the woman behind a Houston's theatre's series of semi-autobiographical musical extravaganzas.

We travel along with The Heartland Men’s Chorus as they take their show on the road. Stage and screen legend Ben Vereen is working to bring theatrical and emotional education to young people. The printing museum in Houston, Texas has a new paint job thanks to graffiti artist “DUEL.” And we visit the exhibition Techspressionism in Key West, Florida.

Living On
A South Korean native, Sohyung Choi moved to the U.S. to study art. Now, she is pursuing her lifelong passion and impacting others. Artist Jenny Fine helps her grandmother’s legacy and spirit live on through images she captured in the last ten years of her life. Photojournalist Darrin Bush shares some of his favorite shots and takes us into the image archives of the ever-changing city of Las Vegas and we visit the exhibit “Our Body: The Universe Within.”

Lose Yourself
Edward Hopper was a prominent American artist and a curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art discusses his creative process and Hopper’s connection between his most iconic works and the New York he knew so well. We become a part of the interactive play, “Inanna and the Huluppu Tree.” Filmmaker Dyanna Taylor shares her experiences and what inspired her to create a film about her grandmother, Dorothea Lange and we talk with the principal cellist of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Dariusz Skoraczewski.

Making Rainbows
Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde has teamed up with an optics scientist to develop a large scale prism in order to make his own rainbow art. We visit Louisiana artist Mary Ann Caffery’s gallery which houses her large collection of work which includes sculpture, stained glass, mosaics, and photography. We go inside a woodturner’s studio where he makes beautiful bowls that represent family, the breaking of bread, community, and craftsmanship. And we sit down with photographer William Fields to discuss how he finds his inspiration in varied landscapes.

Mile High Art
We meet a second-generation sculptor who finds peace in constructing elegant metal structures. We tour The Bush-Holley House, an American historical gem. Take a walk through the new Aspen Art Museum in Colorado an architectural space that merits equal - appreciations as the art collection it houses. And we take a look at award-winning playwright August Wilson's life through the making of American Masters "August Wilson: The Ground on Which I Stand."

Oil painter, Mike Welton, uses his paintings to show a slice of urban areas throughout the Midwest and views them as architectural preservation. We visit The Musical Instrument Museum, which is the only museum in the world devoted to global musical instruments. We visit one of the only glass studios in Houston, Texas. And the Daytona Beach Symphony exposes at-risk students through the “Youth Experiencing Symphony” program that helps students broaden their horizons.

Meet Austen Brantley, an artist who has molded a hobby of sculpture making into a passion. We get a look inside Greater Orlando C.A.R.E.S. an organization investigating the impact music has on developing minds. We check out a giant inflatable art piece called “Wiggle Giggle Juggle.” And we meet a Nevada based artist with cerebral palsy whose work is an inspiration through perseverance.

Minute to Monumental
We take a tour of St. Louis Art Museum’s new addition with museum director, Brent Benjamin. We check out the recently transformed Sky Train at the Phoenix Airport. Nevada artist, Steve Liguori, gives us a tour of his studio where he mastered sculpting and we take a step into the light-scapes of British artist Bruce Munro.

Mixed Art
Renowned musician, Bela Fleck, talks about the history of the banjo and his influence on its perception in the general public. Milwaukee artist Jesse Meyer is a self-taught metal sculptor. With a background in metal fabrication, he shifted his artistic focus from industrial to more accessible art. The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables has once again commissioned artist Dale Chihuly to create stunning installations. In Sacramento, CA, an artist is mixing his visual and musical art forms to create unique works of art.

New Mexico artist, Nick Abdalla, creates his works of art like it's a journey with no destination in mind. Creating art that has a certain identification to him, but another to another individual. The students that form The Empire State Youth Orchestra share their thoughts and feelings about how performing in an orchestra shapes them into better human beings. Print artist Jack Pachuta combines ink and colored pencils to create "monoprints" with distinct foregrounds and backgrounds that help him images leap from the page. And we meet artist Sibylle Szaggers Redford who creates multimedia art performances that pay homage to planet Earth.

Moving Pictures
Ever wonder how painstakingly precise the art of claymation is? Artist and animator Seth Mittag gives us a closer look. We travel to New York to see the Chagall: Love, War, and Exile exhibit at The Jewish Museum. We get in touch with our inner child with the improv comedy group Go Comedy! and we head to one of the oldest operating cinemas in the United States and learn a thing or two about the days of reel-to-reel projection.

Musical Connection
Mandi Anderson’s love for music opened up a world she and her family never imagined possible, rewriting the harsh notes that came with a label of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Pastry chef Alon Gontowski of Tampa’s Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, creates confections that look as good as they taste. We go inside artist Toni Lipsey’s home where she turns strands of yard into whimsical creations. And jazz violinist, Jairus Daigle, shares his influences from some of the finest music minds in the world.

Myths & Legends
The Denver Museum of Nature and Science points out that mythic creatures like dragons, mermaids, and chupacabras cultivate conjecture as well as inspire art and culture. Alastair Bruce of Crionaich, the historical advisor for “Downton Abby” on MASTERPIECE, shares how he became involved with films and television. A professional belly dancer shares her passion for dance and her deep desire for belly dance to be more widely accepted. And artist Brian Frederick used salvaged and reclaimed wood to sculpt fish.

Nature Performs
Artist David Adickes talks about his series of mega-heads of state. We meet a multimedia specialist creating an extraordinary view of the world through time lapses. Howard Solomon invites us into his home and gallery, a unique building reminiscent of a medieval castle. And Wisconsin painter Lynn Casper combines realism, detail, and impressionistic touches to her cityscapes, landscapes and historic scenes.

Neon Streets
In this edition of Art Connection, see how the phenomenon of Downton Abbey, the pageantry of the Rose Parade and the hard work of hundreds of volunteers came together as one of the Rose Parade’s yearly floats. We visit the American Sign Museum where hundreds of signs are on display year round. Discover how artist Timothy Raines produces stunning works with his unconventional process. And we see how an artist’s past career as a doctor and her present career as an artist is helping to make a world a better place.

A New Language
We visit The Note-Ables, a Reno-based music therapy group that provides band, music, and dance lessons for the region’s disabled population. We take a look at a collaboration between internationally renowned Columbus visual artist, Ann Hamilton, and SITI, an experimental theater company. We sit down with renowned artist, Xu Bing who outlines his artistic practice and highlights his innovative twist to traditional Chinese calligraphy. And the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston celebrates the tenth anniversary of its waterfront museum.

On Pointe
We get a glimpse of mixed media sculptor Richard Feese’s beautiful creations that are made from recycled and discarded objects. We visit the largest collection of Russian icons housed in Massachusetts. We go inside a glass blowing shop where skilled artisans melt glass into various designs of glassware. And we take a look at the making of ballet shoes and how important they are to the dancer and performance.

The Originals
We visit The Origin KC Theater in Kansas City, where a vast catalogue of original work has been mounting since Artistic Director, Eric Rosen, took the reins eight years ago. We take a look at environmental sculptor Roy Staab’s newest installation and how it’s designed to go up and then decay into its surroundings. Two wonderful and unique collections from Mexican modern art masters have taken up residence at the NSU Art Museum. And the Colorado Symphony takes the work of an American poet and sets out to create something new.

Paint & Wool
Meet Boy Kong, an artist who wants to spark curiosity in people who come across his work on the streets. Discover an eco-friendly fashion line with couture fashion designer, Celeste Malvar-Stewart, who works with sustainable materials and weaves her love of Columbus, Ohio into her recent collection. We visit the “American Tropical” mural, a politically-charged mural in Los Angeles created by David Siqueiros. And we meet photographer, Dan Fong, who captured intimate glimpses of history’s greatest musicians.

Painting History
Thirty years after the "Miami Generation" exhibition debuted in South Florida the NSU Art Museum in Fort Lauderdale is looking back at the works by these Cuban-born artists. We look at the story of activist photographers who documented the Civil Rights Movement. We visit the Glass Studio where artist Debbie Howell and her team create a variety of colorful glass. Lastly, we talk with painter Laura Nugent about her geometric paintings, her process and how she has learned to embrace accidents to create art.

Paper Ducks
Critically acclaimed actor Matthew Arkin tackles a new way to showcase his talent in his debut novel “In the Country of the Blind.” As a way to wish newlyweds prosperity, wealth and long-life together, a Korean tradition has inspired paper artist Aimee Lee to begin creating a traditional form of art. Influenced by both religions and a love of contemporary art, painter Salma Arastu, creates calligraphy paintings. And we discover how artist Emily Stover became interested in the space between art.

Passing the Torch
Artist Mindy Colton developed a love for horses at a young age, now a sculptor, she creates art paying homage to horses and the experiences that shaped her love for them. We visit glass blower Mark Sudduth's studio as he creates a few large glass sculptures. We take a look at how analog and digital technologies collide to create hybrid arts practices with artist Nathan Meltz. Painter Philomene Bennett has a long history of supporting other artists and at 80 she's still making strong, vital art and sharing her passion with the younger generation.

A group of artists connects professionally in a southern California art club. Local poets share their stories during the annual Hemingway Story Contest in Miami, Florida. Milwaukee artist Julie VonDerVellen is a master paper weaver. She finds a way to incorporate stories into the weaved 3D works she creates. “The Making of a Maestro, from Castelfranco to Carnegie Hall,” documents the Italian roots of musical director Antonio Pappano.

Join us as we visit Little Free Libraries where the mission of “take a book, leave a book,” hopes to expand literacy opportunities in Ohio neighborhoods. The big questions in life, the irrational, the unconscious, and the intangible are reshaped by sculptor Ed Haddaway. Detroit quilter Carole Harris, reveals tales of Detroit’s architectural history and her personal past through fiber art. And we stop by to see a performance by the Florida theater troupe, Phantasmagoria.

Pieces of a Whole
Urban photographer Miki Lansdowne examines how her photos link the past and the present day. We groove with the Detroit band, The Third Coast Kings, who mix funk, jazz and Motown to create a new take on an old sound. Mark Bradford a.k.a. “Scrapdaddy” takes others “junk” and creates magical mechanical beasts and we look at playwright Tarell Mccraney’s adaption of Shakespeare’s “Antony and Cleopatra.”

Play By Ear
Fabric artist Kate dePara demonstrates how she threads together her passion for textile creation with design to create a series of unique garments. Muralist and painter, Geeta Dave, who draws inspiration from her Indian heritage, brings a fierce passion to her art, her teaching, and her community. We sit down with violinist Regina Carter, who unlocks the past with every note she plays. And we visit "In Blank We Trust," an exhibit that addresses the complex nature of money and its relationship to art.

The Poet and The American
In this edition of Art Connection we visit a Korean art fair in the city of Houston. Declan Kiely, head of the Department of Literary and Historical Manuscripts at the Morgan Library and Museum discusses the “Edgar Allan Poe: Terror of the Soul” exhibit. We get an extensive lesson in animation from experienced cartoon animator Tim Decker and Jessica Fellows, author of the Chronicles of Downton Abbey, talks about Cora’s leading role as “the American.”

A woman who is passionate about life drawing and painting sees her art as a way to focus and re-direct her thoughts towards the positive appreciation of beauty. 4th Wall Theatre Company creates a safe space for people of all abilities to learn and practice performing arts…kids and adults sing, dance and act while gaining confidence and learning important social skills. Meet Gailmarie Pahmeier, one of 2016’s honorees into the Nevada Writers Hall of Fame. Experience the poetry and other works of this highly-recognized creative writer and teacher. The Orlando Museum of Art hosts a quarterly event, "Yoga in the Galleries" in collaboration with College Park Yoga. The couple that runs the studio discuss the impact of art on a yoga practice.

Powerful Words
Artist David Blondell combines his two passions, using his artistic skills to recreate some of sports most memorable moments. See how artist Jera Rose Petal Lodge melds metal into wearable art. Take a behind the scenes look at "Louis & Keely 'Live' at the Sahara," a musical play about the legendary music duo. And teacher Erin Gruwell shares "Stories from an Undeclared War" the real life chronicle of 150-at-risk students whose lives changed with the power of the written word.

Pumpkin Heads
Meet Mark Gunter, a Sacramento fashion photographer who is capturing "the look" on runways across the county. Follow filmmaker Alicia J. Rose as she rehearses and films her short film "A Gift of Gravity." Artist Catalina Delgado Trunk explores mythologies from pre-Colombian Mexico and shares her inspiration form its food, traditions, and language. And artist Deane Arnold creates fantastic 3D creations of fleshy faces on pumpkins.

The Puppet Masters
Ohio based Zoot Theater Company creates and uses puppets to entertain and stimulate the creative spirit. Screen-printing sensation Carlos Hernandez shares how he became obsessed with the medium. We take a look at the home of prolific female photographer Alice Austen. And the lead singer from Everclear inspires the next generation of musicians at the new Los Angeles College of Music.

Today we go inside the Milwaukee Art Museum and explore their gallery dedicated to light-based media and the featured exhibition of the work of late documentary photographer Larry Sultan. We dig deeper into the life of Italian immigrant Marino Auriti and his seven-foot high architectural model called "The Encyclopedic Palace." We travel to New Mexico to make artifacts with ceramicist Jami Porter Lara. And artist Julie Wiegand displays her devotion to capturing the beauty of the Missouri River landscape with oil paint and canvas.

Reaching New Heights
We sit down with a cabaret performer whose content is physics and other sciences. Author Richard Russo’s career reached new heights in 1993 with his third novel Nobody’s Fool. A film adaptation that starred Paul Newman a year later helped make the fictional town of North Bath, NY dear to many. Artist Lisa Scholder helps to heal the visible and emotional wounds of female cancer survivors through body paint. We talk with Kelsey Rose Young and Katherine Greene with the Detroit tap repertory. These tappers are keeping the beat with their feet while they perform around the city.

The Colorado Ballet troupe artistically represents one of the darkest periods in human history. In Texas, artist Dixie Friend Gay is making the airport a calmer place…one mosaic at a time. We learn how Renaissance man, Dougie Padilla, finds his inspiration and inner peace and we take a look at how artist Richard Birkett turns trash into treasures.

In this episode of Art Connection we will take a look at Dominque Martinez’s successful scrape sculpture company, visit with Ukrainian music professor and composer Virko Baley. We’ll get an in depth look at Gary Myers paintings and see the masterful refurbishments of the men behind Twenty1Five.

Cutting, bending and burnishing aluminum is how Jason Lebarnes creates sleek, holographic-like sculptures with reflective surfaces that mimic the sea. Musician John Covelli can easily do the difficult task of combining conducting with piano playing. Navajo Poet Laureate Luci Tapahonso shares how her poetry hones words. And we take a look at the Cosmopolitan’s “Too Much of a Good Thing is Wonderful” exhibit of famed Las Vegas performer Liberace’s costumes.

Robo Paint Strokes
Artist Bobby Zokaites embarked on a project that challenged the ideas about painting, human-technology collaboration, and creative expression when he began using a Roomba to create works of art. Physicians at the Washington University Medical School have teamed up with actors and set designers to create a theatre piece that explores the workings of the brain. Artist Robin Cass explores the idea of preservation though glass and metal work. And we sit down with operatic singer and Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor, Barbara Padilla.

Rock, Paper, Scissors
We take a look at how artist Andrew Spear's persistence and love for doodling allowed him to make a career out of his hobby. We visit the annual Loveland Sculpture Invitational, which hosts over 200 national and international artists each year. A senior living facility in Scottsdale, Arizona has created an exhibit dedicated to the brave men and women of the Greatest Generation. And paper couldn't be a more important medium to artist Christine Weigand who creates portraits and landscapes that look like fine paintings.

Rockin' It
We travel to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum's newest exhibition, which is all about sound. Editor Paul Barnes, who has collaborated with Ken Burns on some of PBS’ most celebrated documentaries, shares how editing impacts a film, his experience creating the Vietnam War and his love for storytelling. Immersed in a world of music growing up, Sunny Gicz had no choice but ride that wave of sound & see where it could take her. For more than 30 years, Voszi Douglas has been creating one-of-a-kind fashions in Columbus. Her garments are unstructured and notable in that they have no zippers, buttons or even patterns.

Sands of Time
Ever built a sandcastle? Well, grand master sand sculptor Suzanne Altamare shares how she builds masterpieces with simple tools and minimal water. The curators at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston provide us with a deeper understanding of the roles and functions of the artistry in Samurai uniforms and culture. The Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado enlightens its audience with the spirit and improvisation of the 17th and 18th centuries and we see artist comment on our current environment concerns…without language.

Science Prints
Discover the intriguing and sometimes dark world of "Sugar Rush" art with artist Jared Konopitski. We visit the Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office in Downtown D.C. and take a look at the joint effort between the National Museum of Civil War Medicine and local musicians to fully restore the space. We travel to the Pottery Capital of the world and get a look inside the Zanesville Prize for Contemporary Ceramics. And we visit artist Rachel Ignotofsky, who found her way into the public eye with her lifelong interest in science.

Season 2 Opener
We take a look at Wisconsin artist Gary Kandziora’s steel sculptures that are inspired by what is found in scrap heaps and junkyards. We take flight with aerial photographer Evan Anderman as he captures the western landscape. We discover “Masterworks: Jewels of the Collection,” a rotating exhibition at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York and we uncover what draws visitors to Orlando’s downtown area.

Second Chance
Meet photographer Jonah Gouin who captures the world in his panoramic photographs, but watch as he steps in front of his camera for the first time to produce a vibrant and personal portrait. We travel to Arizona to meet artist Robert Miley, whose sculpture “Release the Fear,” was made entirely from melted weapons used in violent crimes. We visit “The Character of Cloth” exhibit which reveals the creativity behind the Houston Grand Opera. And we see how large-scale kinetic sculptures dramatically transform spaces they occupy.

Kansas City's Belger Cartage Company started in 1919. Heavy hauling is their trade, but Chairman Dick Belger began collecting contemporary art in the 70s, and has been sharing it, at the Belger Craneyard Studios. “Poldark” captivated television audiences in the late 1970s and is currently filming its 4th season. We sat down with Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson just before the launch of Season One to find out how they landed their roles. Colorado Springs photographer Larry Hulst shows us his rock and roll portraits. Artist and designer, Blair Sligar, has a passion for creating furniture out of local wood. He started the company Hog Eat Hog because of his personal drive and strong support system.

Self Starter
Self-taught graffiti artist David Gerena grew up perfecting his craft on subway trains throughout New York City. Today, David is paying homage to those roots with a style that is anything but traditional. With confident recitations of poems by Henry Taylor, Cornelius Eady, and William Lisle Bowles, Tallwood High School senior Ahkei Togun of Virginia, won his way to the 2016 Poetry Out Loud National Championship. Cedra Wood interweaves human characters and natural environments. Her paintings and drawings are the result of ongoing investigation into human/ecological relationships. Architect-turned-artist Hal Koenig shares his great love of urban landscapes through his lush and vibrantly colored oil paintings.

Meet Suzy Taylor, a Houston photographer who pushes the boundaries of reality with photography. Escaping violence and fear, CalArts dramatizes the traumatic, but hopeful journey of unaccompanied minors seeking a new life in the U.S. through a student production. Mateo Blanco, an opera singer turned artist, explains why he loves to create art that fascinates, but also tastes good. And we join the students from the Kansas City Art Institute as they come together to show their community how steamrollers can be used to create art.

Shooting Stars
Jewelry artist, Kara Knack, has drawn inspiration from a combination of fond childhood memories and outer space to create a jewelry line targeted towards a different type of accessory lover. Artist Mary Mirabal has found a passion for acrylic painting and now devotes herself to re-creating the vibrant colors of the American Southwest. What’s normally described as a large fruit in the squash family, has become the main subject of Amy Knight’s art collection. And photographer Nancy Raven uses the old method of pinhole photography to photograph historical landmarks in Nevada.

In this episode, we preview the American Repertory Theater's production of Finding Neverland. Artist Virginia Krause opens up about her art during WWII. Photographer Patrick Nagatani shares his thoughts about fiction and the stories his collections tell. And charcoal artist Virginia Fifield's drawings appear bold and familiar at first, but on a closer examination, they encourage a deeper contemplation about man's relationship with nature.

Sister Cities
Meet Rebecca DiDomenico, an artist that has dabbled in art forms from sculpture, to prints, and all the way to the creation of a cave walk installation piece. Enjoy a behind the scenes look at Machine de Cirque, one of the newest entries in the circus renaissance around the world. We visit The Craftsman House in St. Petersburg, Florida, which features the work of local and national artists, including those who use natural and recycle materials in their creations. And the youth orchestra from Toyota City, Japan, visit Detroit, Michigan to collaborate with the Detroit Symphony Youth Orchestra.

Take a look inside The Generator, an inclusive art space in Nevada that invites all artist to make art and be part of their creative community. Rochester, New York based musical duo, Roses & Revolutions, perform. We sit down with a few of Slam ULIT’s members as they explain the fire needed to perform slam poetry. And we visit the ‘Through My Lens: Art is Life’ exhibit, where twenty-five teens were given the opportunity to make a statement, via photography.

Slip Trails
Come along as we stop by Chocolatier Annie Rupani’s shop to see how she creates her tiny and delicious works of art. Discover how a calendar from The Academy Graphic Communication celebrates the arts marked by each month of the year. We go inside the studio of The Pottery Shop in Dearborn, Michigan where beautiful plates, pots, and more are created. And we visit painter Dennis Larkins, who uses iconic imagery from the 50’s and 60’s to create retro-pop culture masterpieces.

International acclaimed photographer Alec Soth, exhibits his work at the Denver Art Museum and showcases the America we live in. We take a look at the life of Iranian born musician and philosopher Ostad Elahi. We go inside the family gelato business Gelazzi and discover the art of gelato making. And we take a look back at the life of Cecil B. Demille and the legacy he left behind.

Something from Nothing
Meet legendary Iranian sculptor Parviz Tanvoli whose latest show, at The Davis Museum at Wellesley College features the man considered the father of the modern Iranian sculpture. They may be young, but the kids from the L.A. Drama Club relish in the works and stories of Shakespeare. Artist Jeanne Cameron shares how she uses digital and fine art to tell stories on canvas. And we visit the University of Central Florida as they celebrate the merging of the arts and sciences and explore the link between the two.

Soul Grooves
We meet the members of The Utility Players, a well-known Reno, Nevada improv group, and find out what it takes to create great improv. We visit The Old Manse, a historical hub where early literary masters gathered to exchange ideas; today it is a public space to discuss and debate important issues. The Pink House Gallery is a dream come true for artist Luis Nunez. And we catch up with funk and R&B band The Infatuations.

Spark of Vision
Cuban-born artist Wilfredo Lam traveled the world, inhaled the works of the greats and steeped himself in the cultures that moved him. We take a look at his body of work at a Boston museum. Cincinnati stone sculptor, Karen Heyl, found her new career when she picked up her first chisel in her thirties. The art of Cartier and its jewelry line is examined at the Denver Art Museum. And meet the directors of the Tampa Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, who combine fun with musical training, and the dynamic music students learning their craft.

The Spice of Life
We talk with a music producer with a long and successful career playing and producing jazz music that now has a new mission, to turn a new generation onto jazz through education and performance. We stop by Houston’s historic Glenwood Cemetery. We examine the shift in Norman Rockwell’s paintings towards the end of career and chef Ingrid Hoffmann shares personal stories that inspired the latest cookbook, “Latin D’lite.”

A Stitch of Heritage
We visit Eatonville where two very patient quilters are creating wonderful works of art from scraps. Find the humor in Jeffu Warmouth’s art installation in the Fitchburg Art Museum in Massachusetts. We sit down with Ingvar Estrada who discusses his Italian heritage and the roots of his musical passion and we celebrate today’s evolving arts culture of the west at the Coors Western Art Exhibit.

Stone Rose
Textiles, music and a disarmed nuclear missile come together to form an exhibition from Miami artist Christy Gast. Join us as we visit Susan Zalkind, a pioneer of contemporary American abstract and functional alabaster sculpture who honors each and every stone. We sit down with Terry Doughty, a wildlife artist best known for his intricately detailed paintings depicting animals in their natural habitats. And we visit a nationally recognized arts education organization that is dedicated to changing the lives of young people through the arts.

Story Threads
Meet New Mexico, Tlingit weaver, Clarissa Rizal as she documents the history of an indigenous culture. We visit Dominican High School in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, where Timothy Haglund is using the walls as his canvas. Photographer Rick Buchanan shares how photography recharges his batteries. And we take a look at some unique seashell designs.

Strange Beauty
Curator Andrea Lipps talks about the exhibition “Beauty - Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial.” An Alexandria artist called on to expand the collections of presidents of nations. Santa Fe Santero, Arthur Lopez uses traditional iconography in a contemporary way. Gallery 2125 is a unique space located within the Lakeland Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens. Two local art agencies, Platform Art and Polk County Art Alliance, partnered together to open this calming space for the public.

Stripes and Lines
We fall into artist Bryce Widom’s vibrant and mystical portraits he creates using chalk. We go inside the Museum of Modern Arts in New York City, for a look at the sculptures of Pablo Picasso. Artist Charlotte Belland creates a miniature herd of zebras to fill a dollhouse-sized gallery. And we tour the murals of downtown St. Petersburg, Florida and meet the artist behind the large-scale works that adorn building facades.

Surf & Sun
Inspired by riding the waves, Nick and Kelli Lambiase show us their one-of-a-kind custom skateboards. At We Care Arts in Kettering, Ohio, art instructors are teaching clients with various hardships art and life skills. New Mexico photographer Robert Christensen takes us around town to capture the portraits of the city and an artist turns his love of golf into works of art.

Swept Away
Ephemeral artist Basia Irland shares and discusses her work, which has a clear environmental message. When Dennis DeVendra decided to take up woodturning, he had a hard time finding mentors who would teach him. See how Dennis turned his immense challenge of blindness into beautiful wood pieces. A barbershop by day becomes a contemporary performance venue by night. And join us as we watch Buddhist monks create an intricate sand drawing and then sweep it away.

Talking Earth
Dutch artist Berndnaut Join us as we get a front row seat to pastel artist Rufus Chalmers’ performance of American jazz musicians. We meet a museum designer that is applying his craft to an unlikely pursuit of winemaking. We go inside the American Folk Art Museum and take a look at artist Ralph Fananella’s large-scale canvases celebrating working class neighborhoods. And we check out The Listening Room Festival, a unique festival where touring musicians provide an up close and personal performance for fans.

Native Nevadan Megan Berner is a visual artist who works with a variety of digital and experimental techniques to bring us dreamlike images that open our eyes to creative expression. Daniel Brown has a thing for burnouts, horsepower and loud exhaust. It seemed ideal to combine his love of art and his love of cars. Until he realized how hard it was for an automotive painter to be get respect. The Ballad of Baby Doe is the enduring American opera based on the true story of the Tabor love triangle during Colorado’s gold rush days, staged every ten years by the Central City Opera. John Tobin and his wife met in a clay art class. They traveled the world to pursue a career in art education with the Department of Defense Dependent Schools. Years later, several of the students found them online.

Technology and Art
Colin Matthes puts a creative spin on demolition derbies while incorporating his love for alternative energy. We go behind the scenes of one of the world’s most beloved holiday classics, “The Nutcracker.” Experience the upper crust society in the U.S. during the period of Downton Abbey and multimedia artist Sheila Elias demonstrates her digital skills.

A coffee shop in Tampa combines job training and art for individuals on the autism spectrum, in an effort to provide real world work experience and an avenue for art. We chat with a video artist and photographer who makes 18th century-looking videos and builds machines he calls ‘televisors’ to watch them on. Discover how a dance program’s discipline and rigor helps gear students toward academic success. And we sit down with actor and 50’s teen heartthrob, Tab Hunter.

Three Kings
Meet Terri Kern, an artist who pours her passion for archeology into the clay sculptures she dreams up. We sing the blues with Central Florida's Blues legend, Daniel Heitz. Discover the power of language as we tour the Ian Hamilton Finaly and Lesley Dill exhibit at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum. And we sit down with award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns as he shares how he got into the business of making documentaries and his thoughts behind his recent project "American Ballet Theater, A History."

Through the Eras
Get an up close look at an art exhibit that features the lost city of Pompeii. Jared Bowen talks with Phyllis Logan, Lesley Nicol and Allen Leech of Downton Abbey. A craftsman in Magnolia, Texas keeps the traditional methods of blacksmithing alive and a selection of mid-century textiles are featured.

Today we check out the Cirio Collective, a salon where dancers have the freedom to create and push themselves with no restrictions. Artist Michael Roque Collins shares his activity in the Houston art scene and a bit of family history. We learn about the production Birds of a Feather at Stageworks in Tampa, Florida. And we visit the Toytisserie exhibit at the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures.

Train of Thought
We get an inside look at The Copley Society’s painted works based on the music performed by the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Professional photographer S. Kay gives adults with disabilities the opportunity to photograph and experience nature. Abstract artists Mike Elsass uses his passion and unique vision to work with steel and natural color sources. And we visit the SPUN: Adventures in Textile exhibit at the Denver Art Museum that demonstrates the vastness of what fiber art can encompass.

The Tranquility of Art
In this episode of Art Connection, we check out a unique approach to calligraphy by the Japanese performance artist, Setsuhi Shiraish. Artist Sharon Gainsburg shares what she knows about her art, as well as what she knows about how to unlock the creative artist in all of us. Curator Alicia G. Longwell discusses the permanent collection of works by American impressionist William Merritt Chase at the Parrish Art Museum. And we see how the Frei family continues to apply medieval techniques to the craft of stained glass windows.

Trumpet Perfection
Jason Harrelson is a master of trumpet creation. We visit his Denver workshop where lovely sounds fill the air. Houston architect Brett Zamore puts a modern take on old kit homes of the past. Photographer Craig Royal creates beautiful pieces of abstract art from a unique perspective and artist Brian Kuether shares his love of painting and Wisconsin’s wildlife.

Tunnel Vision
Tampa Bay substitute teacher Francis Edwards has found a way to capture the imagination of his students through his unique three dimensional creations called tunnel books. World-renowned violinist, Midori, gives a special performance and discusses her passion for music. Artist Melissa Loop paint landscapes that challenge the collective conscience of some of the world’s most iconic places. And we have a conversation with actor and Broadway legend, Joel Grey.

Turning Heads
A visit to the historic Edgar Allan Poe Cottage, located in the Bronx. Angel Hernandez of The Bronx County Historical Society guides NYC-ARTS back to the days when the writer lived and worked here. The Philippine Performing Arts Company helps Filipino-Americans in the Tampa Bay Area connect with their heritage and their cultural identity through traditional Filipino dance. Local painters and photographers have partnered with Nevada Land Trust to help conserve Nevada's wilderness through the sales of their artistry. Josie Pace is a newcomer on the Detroit music scene. Her captivating lyrics and down-tempo post-industrial beats are sure to turn heads.

Twists & Turns
Near Houston, a neighborhood takes pride in a strange new structure called the Funnel Tunnel. Fine arts photographer JoAnn O’Hare shares her secrets on what makes a great photographer. Curator Simon Kelly takes us on a tour of the Max Beckmann gallery of the Saint Louis Art Museum and we talk with the creative minds behind the new stage adaptation of The Jungle Book.

Unexpected Talents
We visit the “Sight Unseen” art exhibit where you can look and touch all of the art installations. Travel with artist Phyllis Shafer of South Lake Tahoe, California as she ventures outdoors to paint the rocky landscapes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. World Champion ice sculptor Tajana Raukar takes us into her chilly creative space to see how her beautiful ice sculptures are made. Lastly Connie Richards and Olivia Midnight of Worthington, Ohio are the teenage hosts behind the blog, "Kids Interview Bands.” with video help from their dads, they've interviewed more than 100 musicians from bands like The Pixies, Imagine Dragons and Garbage.

Unique Visions
Visit artist Tia Flores and her unique Calabaza art that is influenced by her cultural heritage and the vast beauty of the Nevada desert. Travel to St. Louis and talk to artist Barry Leibman who creates abstract works of art layered with oil paint and a variety of other materials. Giselle Bellas makes her mark in the world of opera and talks about how she’s launching her career in new directions. And, David Rogers’ Big Bugs have landed at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus for summer (2015)!

We check in with the Houston Symphony, which is welcoming their new music director, Andres Orozco-Estrada. Bruce Lowney explains the inspiration for his New Mexico landscapes combined with mythological overtones. We see how artist Noah Deledda spends his days, pushing dents and geometric shapes into aluminum cans. And we meet up with artist Dorothy Tanner at her Denver studio.

Jaden Christopher-Meunch is a Senior at West Orange High School in Winter Garden, Florida. He uses his talent for playing the clarinet to perform both classical and jazz music. Mary Giles has been working with textiles for more than 30 years. Rooted in the traditions of basket making, her work combines traditional and non-traditional materials and found objects. Woody Gwyn travels miles to paint expansive landscapes. Soundsuit creator Nick Cave, a former student of the Cranbrook Academy of Arts in Michigan heads back to the academy with a project that includes Detroit public school students.

Using Your Surroundings
Pairing instruments with education to keep kids engaged and excited in Los Angeles, California. Rick Brunner has turned his love of nature and the beauty of natural wood into a thriving career as a sculptor. A new play at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater about Marquette basketball coach McGuire's life and wisdom, written by his friend and broadcast partner Dick Enberg, stars Marquette alumnus Anthony Crivello. Wolfgang Parker is a fixture in the Columbus, Ohio music scene. He also writes and illustrates books for young readers including a recently-released book in his "Crime Cats" series, which features an 8-year-old superhero.

In this episode of Art Connection we visit an exhibit in Houston that highlights contemporary Arab photography. Artist Amy Kollar Anderson depicts narratives about obsession, duality, and containment in order to explore the differences between being in and out of control. Pamela Glose is a Central Florida artist who is constantly inspired by the bright colors she finds in nature around her. And author Nikki Giovanni’s book takes us on a journey into her past and provides insights into the people, places, and events that have shaped her.

Vibrant Art
We sit down with internationally known designer Tim Harding makes large-scale textiles out of colorful Chinese silks and other vibrant materials. Travel to the Dayton Art Institute to see how the Curator of Collections is continually changing up their permanent collection. Painter Candice Alexander has discovered that Louisiana residents love her pieces of art featuring crawfish, the Fleur de Lis, migratory birds and the Brown Pelican. Lastly, the Ghana Fantasy Coffins at Houston's National Museum of Funeral History show the relationship between art and the afterlife.

Through his imagining of the life of medieval visionary Hildegard von Bingen, playwright Tim Slover has posited the notion of a personal experience of the divine against the practicalities of sustaining a religious community. We visit The Screening Room, an exhibition space in Miami’s hip Wynwood neighborhood. Carola Bravo, an artist known for immersive, site-specific installations challenges the viewer's idea of time and space. A prodigy pianist from Uzbekistan, Behzod is the first artist in-residence at Park University’s International Center for Music in Kansas City, Missouri. The National Bottle Museum, located in Ballston Spa, New York, strives to preserve the history of our nation’s first major industry: bottle making. View more on arts and religion at

Cake artist Tennille Finnegan Saldivar discusses all the preparation, technique, and creativity that go into her cake masterpieces. We meet Ted White, the “Song Peddler” of Florida, who travels around with his unique piano contraption. National Heritage Fellow of Santa Fe, Ramon Jose Lopez, shares how his rich heritage influences his artwork. And we travel to Las Vegas to meet teen film and television actor Sean Kyle who recounts his life-altering tale of surviving a rare form of cancer.

Visual Sound
Seventh generation Chimayo New Mexican weaver Irvin Trujillo shares the practices of his forefathers, while finding ways to carry the art of weaving into the modern age. “Bass Structures: The Mark of Sound” is a multi-dimensional art, music, and science experience that showcases the visual state of sound pioneered by artistic partners Emmanuel Fritz and Collin Schipper. Photographer Sarah Beth Ernhart captures the personalities of her client’s four-legged friends. And ceramicist and craftswoman Rachel Sevier incorporates natural beauty into her creations, transforming clay into detailed works of art.

Vivid Lives
Theater director, Stephen Svoboda, interprets the human condition through his unique mental lens and transforms the world we live in by using art. We meet Sacramento, California artist Kevin Mount whose art not only inspires him, but everyone around him. We visit our nation's capital and attend the first annual Uprising Festival. And we go inside the Jewish Museum Milwaukee and see how they re-create the designs of an individual who perished in the Holocaust.

Warhol & Lynch
In collaboration with the Rodger and Hammerstein Estate, a Florida theater and Broadway director create new orchestrations for the wartime classic South Pacific. Tarissa Tiberti, Executive Director of Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art discusses the Gallery's current landmark exhibit of Andy Warhol's work called "Warhol Out West." A converted diesel bus becomes a mobile artist residency program called The Cargo Space. And we meet critically acclaimed film director David Lynch, and we learn how his background in painting informs his illustrious career in cinema.

Weaving History
See how parent, Jack Little, gets creative with Legos by designing a new Lego project that commemorates one of the most important events in railroad history, thereby blending art and design with history. Wisconsin artists and architect Harry Wirth shares his philosophy of simplicity that has encompassed is life. We take a look inside the Aspen Music Festival and School in Aspen, Colorado where student and violinist Usha Kapoor studies and preforms. And we visit master weaver Porfirio Guiterrez as he expresses his appreciation for an art that's not only beautiful, but historically significant.

Wire Illusion
Jim Stevens has been creating art for over 30 years when in 1993 an old war injury, thought to be benign, left him legally blind. From then life became a series of re-discovery and methods of art. We meet a speed painter that makes his act more dynamic than simply painting. Sculptor Lawrence Schloss observes the world around him and shapes it into his abstract Judaic sculptures. And author Kimberly Willis Holt helps to inspire the next generation of great writers.

Wisconsin’s Treasures
Take a unique look at some iconic Wisconsin breweries with Wisconsin based photographer, Paul Bialas. Installation artist, Jonathan Latiano, creates works that lunge out of the floor or emerge from the ground and play with temporary themes. We visit the Harley-Davidson Museum for its 110th anniversary celebration and we chat with Mark Simon, an innovative storyboard artist.

Visit Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Garden, which features the stunning blown-glass artwork of Dale Chihuly. Painter and illustrator Joseph Watson discusses how he believes creating works that entertain and put forth a positive message is the highest form of art. Musician Myles Harlan shares how he found the oboe and The Orlando Philharmonic teams up with local schools to give the third, fourth and fifth graders a taste of classical music.

Wool Fashion
Join us as we visit Troy, New York, home to the Art Center of the Capital Region. This Art Center has provided a vibrate space for artist and community members to explore their creativity. We take a look at international fashion designer Anna Cohen's new collection of sustainable apparel. We stop by Gotham City FX, a full service costume, prop, and special effects shop to see how the talented team creates impressive pieces of art. And painter Judy Curducci discusses how she found inspiration in her subjects' body language and how that helps capture the true essence of the people she observes.

Working Hands
Ceramic artist, Gary Dudley, takes his memories, turns them into sculpture and then casts them in bronze. Abstract artist, Jason Rolf, draws inspiration from his surroundings and then challenges his viewers to navigate through his work. Rawhide braiding is dying out, but Tim George is a master of the craft and we take a look at this highly detailed oriented work and we discover the limits in the time sensitive art of glass blowing with Steven Monser.

The Works of Art
University of Tampa's Haig Mardirosian provides an inside look at the grand 21st century pipe organ housed inside Sykes Chapel at the University of Tampa. Laura Leigh Lanchantin is a fine artist and instructor focused in oils and watercolors. Inspired by nature, Laura completes her work layering stone pigments she creates from Catskill Mountain sedimentary rock. The Cedarburg Artists Guild collaborated with the Grohmann Museum at the Milwaukee School of Engineering for an exhibition called "Artists at Work". Lastly, self-taught Reno glass blower and lamp worker Nicole Seaton started out her artistic journey as a jewelry maker who wanted to create her own centerpieces for her work.

Works of Passion
Richard Sherman, one of the songwriters behind the cherished film, Mary Poppins, gives us a behind the scenes take of the recent film Saving Mr. Banks. Actor Steve Martin shares how he developed a passion and skill for playing the banjo. Christie’s tells us what to look for when buying vintage wines and dancer David Ward helps describe the physics behind a dancer’s leap.

Yo-Yo Champ
Artist Patricia Moses finds her craft in the balance between teaching and learning. She finds joy in instruction her students on how to problem solve though their craft. Sixth grader Emma Brandenburg and her violin are the perfect match, as the music is a testament to the practice and study behind her considerable talent. We uncover the story of Steve Brown, a competitive yo-yo who watched the yo-yo movement of the 90s grow into the international phenomenon it is today. And discover the history of Kansas in a quilt.