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Art Connection

art connection
Every week meet fascinating artists and hear their stories about how a hobby became a passion.

Airs Sundays at 7:00 p.m on UEN-TV Channel 9.

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A Photographic Journey

MacNeal Crank is a photographer from Monument Valley, Utah.


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7:00 PM on May 26th, 2019
1:00 AM on June 2nd, 2019

Artist Cora Marshall focuses her work on issues of identity, history and community with her colorful portrait paintings that she creates in her home studio in Gulfport, Florida. For almost 70 years, the Wisconsin Philharmonic has provided cultural and educational experiences to Wisconsin audiences through music. In this segment, audiences experience how "music paints a picture. Mass media has often portrayed Native Americans as sidekicks or villains, and comic books are no exception. Lee Francis helps launch INC Comics, the first all-Native comic book publishing company. The Eustis Mansion in Milton, MA was constructed in 1870s. More than 18-thousand square feet, it sits atop 80 rolling acres. And thanks to Historic New England, it recently opened to the public as a new museum.

Instruments of Art

7:00 PM on June 2nd, 2019
1:00 AM on June 9th, 2019

Painter Robert Freeman’s newest body of work takes us to the colorful parades of the Mardi Gras Indians in New Orleans. As he’s done for decades in front of a canvas, he lets the brush guide him.  African textiles and natural fabrics are the inspiration for Dayton, Ohio, fiber artist Frances M. Turner, who makes dolls entirely from scratch, crafting everything from the hats on their heads to the shoes on their feet. The tools of a musical trade… the instrument… sharing and exploring the remarkable variety of makers, their means, apparatus and innovations across the world of sound. The Museum of Making Music. How NASA's Johnson Space Center influenced the stained-glass windows at a local church.

Past Episodes


Chef Jose Salazar opened Mita’s restaurant in Cincinnati in 2015. The menu features traditional and modern dishes of Spain and Latin America, and pays tribute to the food created by his grandmother. Rob Rogalski is a local artist whose whimsical art enraptures those who visit his studio. His miniature movie sets, his puppets and his sculptures transport you to a fantasy world that seems so real. At the Sacramento Zoo, animals get the opportunity to create works of art. It’s all part of a program that helps build stronger relationships with the animals and their trainers. Villa Conroy is the home of Connie and Roy Brand. Each month they open their home for a concert, bringing together folk musicians and fans.


This segment takes us behind the scenes during the production of a recent Maryland Public Television musical extravaganza called, Young Artists of America: The Songs of Tim Rice. As you step inside Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms, reflections of dots, colors and light bend reality. Theater students throughout the Reno/Tahoe region learn the finer things of Shakespeare while performing on the beautiful shores of Lake Tahoe. Bernalillo painter Scott Greene examines the impact humans have on the natural world.


Lafayette, LA painter Jeromy Young has studied the work of many artists, but, there is only one that he idolizes, Rembrandt. “Music Under New York” is an integral part of the MTA’s Arts for Transit program. It began over 30 years ago as a way to bring art into everyday life.Utilizing movement, text and often original music, Shapiro and  Smith Dance is the resident company at the University of Minnesota and the group travels extensively. “The Glamour and Romance of Oscar de la Renta” highlights some of the most stunning works by the world renown designer – from ready to wear, to dresses created to clothe first ladies and fashion icons.


The Cultural Revolution in China lasted from 1966 until 1976. A new exhibition at MassArt looks at the Revolution by way of eight Chinese artists who either lived through it or were shaped by it. Hamilton, Missouri is the birthplace of J.C. Penney. But that isn’t why it's such a busy place these days. The town has become practically a vision quest for quilters, thanks to the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Artist Lauren Semivan uses a camera that dates back to the Model T era to create some very interesting prints. In the center of a diverse city stands a beautiful downtown venue that offers Angelenos a chance to enjoy an incredible array of cultural performances at no charge. 

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