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Art Connection

art connection
Every week meet fascinating artists and hear their stories about how a hobby became a passion.

Airs Sundays at 7:00 p.m on UEN-TV Channel 9.

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7:00 PM on August 25th, 2019
1:00 AM on September 1st, 2019

Meet a Houston wood-turner with an emotional connection to his craft. Katherine Reynolds is a neon glass artist in Oklahoma City. She is the founder of Reynolds and Son Neon where she and her son Dustin create stunning signs that light up the city. This short profile features Baltimore-based filmmaker and curator Margaret Rorison’s emotional film about her Grandmother, who is failing due to Alheizmer’s Disease. Filmmaker Caleb Oosterling teamed up with local musician Johnny Maio to create a fun, catchy music video that highlights all that's special about living in Tampa Bay.


7:00 PM on September 1st, 2019
1:00 AM on September 8th, 2019

The end of the 19th century in France (a period known as Din de Siecle) was a time of major political unrest and cultural transformation. And responding to all of this were, of course, the artists. Ayad Akhtar is a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and author. Raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he has partnered with his hometown theater--the Milwaukee Rep--to produce all of his works. Go behind the scenes at the Hermitage Museum and Gardens to see what went into creating their Burning Man exhibit. Artist Donna Jackson's bodies of work are the results of what she’s learned from womanhood and what she wants to share from her hometown.

Past Episodes

Giving Opportunities

Steve Kolpacke recently discovered his passion for woodturning. We caught up with him in his studio in Detroit. Art + Practice not only provides world class arts experiences but in partnership with first place for youth, local foster youth receive access to housing, individualized education and employment support. Kenneth Young is a talented painter that enjoys exploring many different styles. We visited the artist at his home in Ghent, New York. We take a look at Fannie Mae Duncan’s Cotton Club, celebrating inclusion, desegregation, and the history of Colorado Springs Jazz.

Past & Present

Potter Jim McDowell preserves history & tradition with his "face jugs." The largest mural festival on the west coast creates an opportunity of art for all. It lasted only 14 years, but the Bauhaus, a German art school, became a force in 20th century art, architecture and design. The Bauhaus gained a foothold in the US through Harvard University. Bringing light from the midst of war encapsulates the essence of the “Remembered Light” stained glass art exhibit in Salt Lake City, UT in December of 2018.

One of a Kind

The Michigan Philharmonic is a professional orchestra in Detroit, celebrating their Conductor’s 20th Anniversary. Cincinnati artist Nancy Hopkins offers a whimsical take on ceramics. Her unusual technique of combining glaze, underglaze, and acrylic paint ensures that each piece is one of-a-kind. A Pointe Coupee Parish artist uses a mallet, a chisel and a block of cypress to create phenomenal 3-diminensional depictions of the rural cabins and plantation homes he grew up around. A group of artists at the 78th Street Studios in Cleveland is staging a monthly event, known as "Watch It Wednesdays," where the public is invited to see how they work, ask questions and provide instant feedback.

Breaking Barriers

A family-owned business turns whiskey barrels into beautiful pieces of furniture. Cordell Cordaro's style has been compared to Toulouse Letrec. Every fall in Columbus, Ohio, dozens of artists and performance venues open up their studios for one epic weekend tour. Fiber artists are often on the fringe of the art scene perhaps not always getting the respect they deserve. Dayton artist Jackie Wetherly is trying to change that one silk dye at a time. 

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