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BUS:Health Careers Planner - Health Informatics

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 45 minutes.

Group Size:
Large Groups


Students will explore the Health Informatics Career Pathway using articles in the Health Careers Planner (HCP).

Main Curriculum Tie:
Career and Technical Education Introduction
Standard 2 Objective 1

Students will explore education and training in the High School to College and Career Pathways.


  • Classroom set of American Careers--Health Careers Planner (HCP)
  • Attached worksheet "Exploring Informatics"
  • Optional: Copies of Crossword Puzzle, duplicated from page 31 in HCP and list of words to use as answers
  • The American Careers - Health Careers Planner can be purchased at Career Communications, Inc. 6701 West 64th Street Overland Park, KS 66202 (913) 362-7788


      Background For Teachers:
      Since you only have a classroom set of the HCP, you may want to run copies of the crossword puzzle so they can be consumed by the students. Also the answers wouldn't be so readily available to the students as they are in the HCP.

      There is an America Careers - HCP Teaching Guide, but it is better suited for the high school level not 7-8th grade level. There are two good surveys included that could be revised and used if wanted: “General Attitude Survey” and “Performance Assessments”. Also the glossary could be of use for you and/or your students.

      Intended Learning Outcomes:
      Students will review various careers in Health Informatics pathway and the requirements necessary to pursue these careers.

      Instructional Procedures:
      Students will:

      1. Read pages 25-30 in Health Careers Planner.
      2. Complete the attached worksheet titled "Exploring Informatics" using the articles included in pages 25-30--"Admitting Clerk", "Behind-the-Scenes", "Certified Medical Assistant" and "Medical Librarian."
      3. Optional: complete the crossword puzzle (copied from page 31). Answers to the crossword puzzle are located on page 32 of the HCP.


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        Sep 01 2004 19:18 PM

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