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BUS:Hardware/Software/Networks (IT)

Life Skills:

  • Employability

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 45 minutes.


(1 IT Day) This PowerPoint covers types of computers, hardware/software, input/output/storage devices, displays a sample of HTML, and more.

Show the PowerPoint. *Students will need the Computer Basics worksheet.


Intended Learning Outcomes:
*Students will be able to identify the different types of computers. **Students will be able to identify the two basic parts of a computer. ***Students will be able to identify types of and give examples of hardware/software. ****Students will be able to give examples of input/output/storage devices.

Instructional Procedures:
Teacher dialogue and reinforcement is encouraged as the slide show is displayed by: 1) projection system 2) TV/VCR 3) run on student stations.

Assessment Plan:



Created Date :
Aug 05 2002 11:18 AM

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