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Heat, Light and Sound - Changing Colors

When white light passes through things such as water and prisms, the light rays are refracted or bent into the various colors of the spectrum. These colors always appear in the same order. Do you know the order of these colors? Drag your mouse over the different light rays to reveal the order of spectrum colors. A great way to remember the colors of the spectrum is to remember ROY G. BIV - see if you can tell what it stands for.

Investigation: Discover ways that you can use the following materials (or anything else you can find) to make light refract and show the colors of the spectrum.


  • Flashlight
  • Prism
  • Prepared clear gelatin
  • Clear cup
  • Water
  • Dark room
  • Light colored backdrop
  • Various clear liquids


  • Which materials did you find best worked to reflect light?
  • Did the angle of light make a difference?
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