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7-12 Student Interactives

The Arts for Grades 7-12

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Create Art
Compose Music
  • Get JavaChord HouseChord House
    Create playable piano and guitar scales.
  • Get ShockwaveDrumsteps6 Mixer
    Use the samples to make your very own music track.
  • Get FlashCompose MusicCompose Music
    Create your own musical score.
  • Get FlashStep Re-MixStep Re-mix
    Build complex rhythms with a dance form called stepping.
  • Get FlashString ThingString Thing
    Make your own string instrument. Write a song, add a beat, and play it back.
Art Activities
  • Get FlashArt DetectiveArt Detective
    Can you solve the case of the mysterious object?
  • Inside ArtInside Art
    Explore a painting as an art historian would.
  • Free Rice - Famous PaintingFree Rice - Famous Paintings
    Answer the questions about the famous paintings correctly and earn rice for the United Nations World Food Program.
Music Activities
Required Plug-ins
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