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AIH-19: French and Indian War

Group Size:


Students will know why major tribes were involved in the French and Indian War

Background For Teachers:
This is the last of three lessons in the Eleventh Grade American Indian History Lesson Plan Unit:

Instructional Procedures:

Essential Question 1: What were the causes of the French and Indian War?

Lecture and class discussion about causes of the war

  • The Conquest of Paradise: Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Legacy by Kirkpatrick Sale, 1991.
  • Through Indian Eyes by Readers Digest, 2003.
  • Encounters in the New World . A History in Documents by Jill Lepore,2000, Oxford University Press.
  • The French and Indian War
    Great background information

Essential Question 2: Why did the American Indians ally with the French against the British?

Teacher would begin with a quick overview of the French and Indian War. The Atlas of the North American Indian is a good resource. Reciprocal questioning, chunking and re-retext, on provided source.


  • Waldman, Carl. Atlas of the North American Indian. New York : Checkmark Books, 2000, pp. 124-26.
  • Recognize that the French & British brought their European war to the Americas.

Essential Question 3: How were the lives of American Indians changed as a result of the war?

With guidance from the teacher, students will perform research in the library, a computer lab, and at home using the following sites.

Assessment Plan:

Essential Question 1: Assessment
From a list, students will choose the correct causes and write a short paragraph about the causes.

Essential Question 2: Assessment
Students will answer an Essay question based on text and internet research, citing sources.

Essential Question 3: Assessment
Students will research text and internet sources and give an oral presentation or written presentation. They could use maps as visuals. National Geographic has a new map in September 2004 issue.

Utah State Office of Education
Social Studies Enhancement Committee
American Indian History

Lesson Plan Writers:

  • Loya Arrum - Ute
  • Don Mose - Navajo
  • Irene Silentman - Navajo Nation
  • Brenda Francis
  • Janice Schroeder - Lummbee
  • Lee Borup
  • Gary Tom - Paiute, Tribal Council (Kaibab Band)
  • Dolores M. Riley, Consultant
Under the Direction of the Indian Education Specialist, Shirlee Silversmith. Special thanks to Dolores Riley.

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