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Computer Technology -- Keyboarding Technique

Life Skills:

  • Communication
  • Employability

Curriculum Tie:

Time Frame:
10 class periods that run 15 minutes each.

Group Size:


Proper keyboarding technique improves speed and accuracy. These resources help students improve in all areas.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Computer Technology I
Strand 1 Standard 1

Demonstrate understanding of computer hardware, peripherals and troubleshooting (RST 11-12.3, 4, 10).

Career Connections:

  • Administrative

LCD Projector for PowerPoint presentation.


  • keyboarding_ppt.ppt
    PowerPoint presentation with pictures depicting correct keyboarding technique. I usually play this during technique evaluations as a reminder of what to practice. The presentation loops to play continuously.
  • Keyboarding_Accountability.pdf
    Worksheet that students use to track their progress in Word Processing Basics. Students keep this in their folder to become accountable for their grades. All warm ups, typing tests, and technique evaluations are recorded on this page. It is turned in weekly and grades are recorded.
  • Technique_Evaluation.pdf
    These quarter page sheets are used once a week to evaluate technique. Teacher individually evaluates each student, giving feedback for improvement.

Web Sites

  • Typing Master
    Wonderful site with a download for typing tests, warm up games, tutorials.

Intended Learning Outcomes:
It is fun to see students progress. After doing technique evaluations only a few times, students respond to verbal comments, such as "Be sure you are keeping your fingers on home row." The evaluations help them know exactly what needs to be worked on.

Assessment Plan:
The assessment is the technique evaluation. The teacher watches each student type using appropriate technique for about 2 minutes. The instructor fills out the rubric (see attachment) and gives immediate feedback to student. Grade is then recorded on Accountability sheet (see attachments). Student then chooses one technique component to work on, and fills it in on accountability.

Traquel Dayley

Created Date :
Aug 11 2003 16:17 PM