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Inherited or Acquired Traits

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 60 minutes.

Group Size:


The students will learn the difference between inherited and acquired traits. They will fill out a chart of traits for their classmates and identify which of them are inherited.

Main Curriculum Tie:
SEEd - Grade 7 (2017)Strand 7.4: Reproduction and Inheritance
The great diversity of species on Earth is a result of genetic variation. Genetic traits are passed from parent to offspring. These traits affect the structure and behavior of organisms, which affect the organism's ability to survive and reproduce. Mutations can cause changes in traits that may affect an organism. As technology has developed, humans have been able to change the inherited traits in organisms which may impact society.



Student Prior Knowledge:
Inherited traits are characteristics that come from the parents. Acquired traits are learned and practiced since birth.

Instructional Procedures:

  1. Bring in a worn stuffed animal or pair of jeans. Ask the students to list the traits of the item. Discuss which traits are “inherited” and which are “acquired”.
  2. Hand out the papers and go over the instructions. If you are worried about students teasing one another, have them use a “code” name and write their own characteristics on their paper and collect the papers, then write on the board or overhead the traits of ten students, using their code name. See if the class can guess who they are. Hand back the paper so the students can copy the data and finish.
  3. Give students time to complete chart.
  4. Assign reading from your textbook and or discuss the differences between inherited and acquired traits.
  5. Complete the rest of the worksheet.

Assessment Plan:
Scoring Rubric:

1. Complete, best effort, used equipment correctly and safely……….…4
2. Complete, best effort, ……..…………………...3
3. Partially complete and lacking effort…………………………..2
4. Started lab and did not complete……………………………1

Lesson Design by Jordan School District Teachers and Staff.

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Oct 03 2014 14:16 PM

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