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FACS:Smart Homes and Appliances (IT)

Life Skills:

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Communication
  • Employability

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 45 minutes.

Group Size:
Large Groups


(1 IT day) Technology is making inroads into the very homes we live in. “Smart”, automated, energy-efficient homes and “smart”, web-enabled appliances and are making their way into the consumer market. Advances in information technology is the driving force behind making this happen. Revised 10/21/2003

Career Connections:

  • Technical
  • Scientific
  • Artistic

1. “Life in a Very Cool Lab” Article - See link below

2. Copies of the student worksheet for each student - See link below

3. Optional: A demonstration computer connected to the Internet and an LCD projector.

Student Prior Knowledge:

Intended Learning Outcomes:
Recognize the use of information technology systems in all facets of society and business.

Understand how the issues of ethics, privacy, security, and copyright law apply to the use of information technology.

Instructional Procedures:
I. Motivator:
1) Ask the students what technology they have in their home that would not have existed 50 years answering machine, cordless telephone, cell phone, computer, microwave, DVD player, CD player etc...
2) Technology has come a long way in the last 50 years. Today you will glimpse into the future of where we could end up in the next 50 years.
3) The term "Smart Homes and Appliances" is used to describe many of the new technologies being introduced for your home.

II. Activity #1 - "Life in a Cool Lab" Worksheet and Article
1) Hand out the "Life in a Very Cool Lab" worksheets to students.(Use worksheet 2 if you will be using the PowerPoint presentation)
2) Read the instructions to the students before you begin the story.
3) Have the students complete the worksheet while you read the article out loud or you review and read the PowerPoint Presentation (see attachments).
4) Review the worksheet with the students and discuss some of the features of the "smart" home.

III. Activity #2 - View on-line Animations
1) If you have access to an LCD projector and a computer connected to the Internet with speakers, you could show the students the animated clips on smart homes. They are funny and explain some of the great features in a smart home.

IV. Activity III - Design a "Smart" Gadget for the home
1) Share the “Wow” examples with the class.
2) Explain to the students that they will be divided into groups of three to come up a new "Smart" gadget for the home.
3) They will be sharing their project with the class and explaining how it will benefit the user.
4) This activity can be as short or as extensive as you wish. From a verbal explanation from the student's seats to an actual drawing and oral presentation from each group.


Web Sites

  • Electronic House Magazine
    EH, the information leader and resource for the connected home industry, provides an unparelleled home technology resource for professionals and consumer worldwide.
    To use pdf files, download the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader program.
  • The Utah House
    The Utah House Project - The mission of the Utah House is to educate the public about new ways of building homes and creating landscapes that promote the principles of sustainability, energy and water efficiency, healthy indoor environments, universal design principles, and economic development.
  • Lets Automate Web Site
    Lets Automate Animations
  • Information Technology TLC Resources
    For more IT TLC Resources including the Cyber Career Video
  • Control4
    A Utah based home automation company. Go to their web site to see their products.

Additional Activities:
1) Field Trip Tour of the Utah House located at the Utah Botanical Center in Davis county near Farmington, Utah, just off of Interstate 15. For more information see web site above.

2) Have students find examples of new “smart” technology on the Internet to share with the class. See the "Smart Sofa" article below as an example.

3) Explore IT Career Options. See the Tech Career Compass Web Site at the link below.

Web Sites

Assessment Plan:
Grade student worksheets and group appliance design activity.

Carl Lyman

Created Date :
Jul 29 2002 11:12 AM

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