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3-6 Student Interactives

Language Arts for Grades 3-6

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  • Spell That City!Spell That City!
    Can you spell these U.S. centers?
  • Get FlashWord StripsWord Strips
    Move the tiles into place to spell a word.
  • SpellarooSpellaroo
    Spellaroo can hop better than he can spell. Help him out.
  • Scramble-SaurusScramble-Saurus
    See if you can help Scramble-Saurus out by unscrambling the words.
  • Spell CheckSpell Check
    Identify the misspelled word.
  • Get FlashShort CircuitShort Circuit
    Help Maggie fix a short circuit by matching prefixes and suffixes.
  • Get FlashFish 'Em UpFish 'Em Up
    Use your fishing rods to catch the correct words.
  • Get FlashMad LibsMad Libs
    Have fun reading the wacky tales that you create.
  • Stay AfloatStay Afloat
    Guess the word before all the objects are loaded and the boat sinks!
  • Get FlashStory MakerStory Maker
    Use the Story Maker to create a fantastic story.
  • Paint by IdiomsPaint by Idioms
    Help Salvabear Dali finish his paintings by identifying the correct idioms.
  • Get Flash Quiet Quest for OppositesQuiet Quest for Opposites
    Help Squanky find antonyms or opposites.
  • Get FlashHuggy Freeze DanceHuggy Freeze Dance
    Identify vocabulary words that match the video as it plays.
  • Get FlashPower WordsPower Words
    Explore the meaning of words to help Word Girl save the day!
Reading / Grammar
Required Plug-ins
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